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 Confucian wisdom: achieving career wealth must be based on morality

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Confucian wisdom: achieving career wealth must be based on morality

To achieve great things and have wealth, we must take virtue as the foundation.

... Zhuge Changqing

Confucian culture is also the wisdom of stabilizing the country.

Zhuge Changqing recommended that those who are destined to see the "University", "The Doctrine of the Mean", "The Analects of Confucius", "Mencius", "The Book of Changes" and so on, to gain insight into the wisdom of life.

For example, Chapter 11 of the University pointed out that the achievement of career wealth must be based on morality.

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The so-called "rule of the country" is based on the old and the people's filial piety, the long and the people's filial piety, and the lonely and the people's compassion.

Do not use the evil in the top, and do not use the evil in the bottom; What you hate is worse than what you hate; Don't be afraid of the past; Do not cross the right with the right; What you hate is on the left, not on the right; This is the way to make a good balance.

The poem says: "Happiness is only a gentleman, and the parents of the people." The people are good, and the people are evil. This is the parents of the people. "The poem" says: "The south mountain, the stone and rock, the famous teacher Yin, the people have a good outlook. The poem said: "Yan Zhi did not lose his teacher, and he was worthy of God. It was not easy to be in charge of Yin." If the Tao gained many people, he would gain the country, and if he lost many people, he would lose the country.

Therefore, a gentleman should be cautious and virtuous first. There are people who have virtue, people who have soil, people who have soil, people who have wealth, and people who have wealth are useful.

Virtue is the essence, and wealth is the end. Outside the original, inside the end, fight for the people to seize. Therefore, people gather when wealth is gathered, and people gather when wealth is scattered. Those who go out contrary to the old saying, also go in contrary; If goods enter contrary to one another, they also exit contrary.

Kanggao said, "Life is not the same as life." If you are good, you will get it. If you are not good, you will lose it.

"The Book of Chu" said: "The State of Chu does not think of treasure, but good people think of treasure." The uncle said: "The dead people do not think of treasure, but benevolent people think of treasure."

The Qin Swords said: "If there is a minister who can't be judged by other skills, his mind can rest, and he can't tolerate it. If he has skills, he can't tolerate it. If he has a sage, his heart is good, he can say it from his mouth. If he can tolerate it, he can protect my descendants and people, it is also beneficial! If he has skills, he can't be jealous of evil; if he violates it, he can't understand: if he can't tolerate it, he can't protect my descendants and people, it is also dangerous!" Only benevolent people let it go, It is not the same as China. This means that only benevolent people can love and evil people. If you can see the merit and can't lift it, you can't lift it first; You can't retreat when you see something bad, and you can't go far when you retreat. What a good man does evil and what a bad man does good is to brush the man's nature, and disaster will catch him. Therefore, a gentleman has a broad way, so he must be loyal and trustworthy to gain it, and proud and peaceful to lose it.

There is a way to generate wealth. People who produce it are numerous, and people who eat it are few. People who do it are ill, and people who use it are comfortable, and then wealth is always sufficient. Benevolent people get rich with their wealth, and those who are not benevolent get rich with their wealth. There is no good benevolence but no good righteousness. There is no good righteousness, and the matter will not end. There is no treasury wealth but its wealth. Meng Xianzi said, "The horses and horses do not observe the chickens and dolphins, the ice-collecting houses do not herd cattle and sheep, and the Baicheng houses do not collect officials. It is better to have officials who collect than to have officials who steal." This means that the country does not take advantage of interests, but also takes justice as advantage. Those who grow up in the country and make use of their money will be selfish. The other is good, the lesser is the country, and disasters come together. Although there are good people, there is nothing to be done! This means that the country does not take advantage of interests, but also takes righteousness as its advantage.
















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