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 America's fear of China's power Surprise India!!!

   date:2020-09-18 17:09:53     read:32   

America's fear of China's power

Surprise India!!!

Singapore's Straits Times: India was shocked by the United States' fear of China's power (reporter Ravi Velur from New Delhi)

The Indian military delegation's exploratory procurement trip to the United States received an incredible welcome. They inspected all military equipment from fighter planes to early warning systems and ships. They visited various bases, saw the latest accessories sold and received a grand reception. They were told that the shortcut taken by the United States in institution-building would help Washington provide weapons to India through a rapid way.

Then, the briefing will begin.

At first, some people expressed regret that the 30-year sanctions imposed by the United States had not made General Motors, Lockheed and other military contractors the most profitable weapons traders in the world. But in a twinkling of an eye, whether in the State Department or the Pentagon, the topic of discussion turned to China without exception, "How do you plan to deal with China?"

India was shocked by the US terror against China

Senior Indian military officials said that the defense agencies of the whole United States clearly have a fear of China.

A senior military officer who participated in the formulation of India's strategic plan said: "We never expected the only superpower Congress to be so cautious. Perhaps it is more appropriate to say fear. What I want to say is that the United States seems to be more afraid of China than we are."

Indian military officials often feel at a loss when faced with such problems. First, China's economic scale is almost three times that of India. Second, despite the increase in defense spending this year. However, India is very clear that it cannot compete with the accelerated military modernization and constant defense expenditure of this huge neighboring country.

[Transferred from Tiexue Community http://bbs.tiexue.net/  ]

A retired admiral said that India has always understood that it cannot surpass China in the arms race, and should keep this in mind when formulating policies. He said: "Our military strategy against China is that we cannot make Beijing shake hands so strong that we can crush our wrists."


令印度感到震惊 !!!












[ 转自铁血社区 http://bbs.tiexue.net/ ]


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