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 If you want to win the world, you must win first

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If you want to win the world, you must win first

Guan Guan said, "If a man wants to win the world, he must win first." Will Durant said, "Once human beings are fully motivated, they will become as great as gods." Many bosses surpass Ford and let their subordinates have more money than themselves, so employees will not leave. The first hand is generally in command of the people, and the second hand is in charge of specific affairs.

---------Zhuge Changqing (Lingyi)

A thousand taels of gold were given to buy a dead horse, so many thousands of thousands of miles of horses were sent in a continuous stream. Thousands of gold to buy a horse was the most wonderful silent advertisement to attract talents in ancient times. Guan Guan said, "If you want to win the world, you must win first."

Caesar was like a mirror to this. When he called the army to fight Pompey, he said that he had no money to pay for the army, but all the people on the scene were generous and donated money for him, because he was defending the freedom of the people. The leader of the company must be the person who wins the hearts of the people. Only by winning the hearts of the people can the hearts of all employees really beat for the company.

Great companies do not only make huge profits, but their ultimate goal is to cultivate and shape people. If it is unpopular, it will run counter to the reasons for the company's existence.

Those who can't play

In order to maintain a stable team, business leaders are sometimes wolves and sometimes rabbits.

Yuan Shikai died of unhappiness.

The world is already the Republic of China, but he chose to be the emperor. At last, Cai E launched an army in the border region of Yunnan, and the provinces responded in succession. Yuan was forced to give up the throne, which is known as the "stealing thief" in history. In fact, according to Sun Yat-sen's early evaluation, at that time, there was no second person to surpass Yuan Shikai in terms of leadership. He gave the presidency to Yuan, and at the beginning, there was a bit of heroic pity. According to historians, Yuan Shikai is the most popular among several leaders in modern times, and many celebrities are willing to use him. He returned to his hometown from the wild and fished on the river, but he was still able to rise again, relying on the loyalty of the old Beiyang. Yuan Shikai's gains and losses are typical.

There are also many presidents who can't play in the company, but the length of history books is limited, which can't accommodate them. Only those who are as brilliant as Gerstner and Ikeka are famous in the history. The premise of winning the hearts of people is to know the hearts of people and see through the weaknesses of human nature. Everyone is the electorate of God, but some people want money; Some people want face; Some people want everything; Some people can do nothing. To win the approval of the overwhelming majority of people, leaders have to adopt different strategies, break through each other and divide into groups. Jack Welch has a deep feeling: "In order to achieve the company's goals, I have to do everything rational and emotional." In the process, I naturally encountered many arrogance and prejudice.

Will Durant said, "Once human beings are fully motivated, they will become as great as gods."

Therefore, the first leader is generally in command of the people, and the second leader is in charge of specific affairs.

For example, Hong Xiuquan is like a tutor, who is high and sends a booklet every once in a while, while Yang Xiuqing is more pragmatic and is a big housekeeper. Unfortunately, after the capital of Nanjing was established, neither of the two heroes played their roles well. Hong Xiuquan was deeply imprisoned in the palace, which was very unpopular. Yang Xiuqing forced him to be granted the age of nine thousand years and blamed the king of heaven, causing internal strife. Both of them have a beautiful character in their names, but they certainly haven't studied the "Zizhi Tongjian" very much. To use a popular phrase, they haven't gone from excellent to excellent, so entrepreneurs love to learn to wipe out Zeng Guofan of the kingdom of heaven.

As the primate of all things, man's mind is highly developed, subtle and unpredictable. It is called evil intentions. The people below said that accompanying the king is like accompanying a tiger, while the people above said that the people can make use of it, not know it. Only relying on psychological measurement tools can not resolve company contradictions and conflicts. The vast majority of CEOs rely on their accumulated experience to manage the company. They all agree with Mencius's words - to get more help from others, and to lose less help from others. They know that getting the right way is to win the hearts of the people, but the people who have been carefully trained will soon change jobs with their competitors. In order to maintain a stable team, business leaders are sometimes wolves and sometimes rabbits.

Recruit talents with heart and money

Many senior executives will take special care of those temporarily vulnerable, and when the situation is calm, they will make a lot of good friends.

The wealth scattered and the people gathered together, and the competitive treatment is naturally the universal magic weapon to win the hearts of the people. In the reign of Duke Qi Jing, the Tian family had ulterior motives. The small fight went in and the big fight went out in favor of the people, and finally won the regime established by Jiang Ziya. Being a company is certainly not likely to be as generous as politicians, but giving profits to employees has always been the choice of first-class presidents. Henry Ford announced in 1914 that the daily wage of workers would be raised to $5. The reporters attending the press conference heard that their hands were stiff and the pencil was in their hands. People who came to apply for jobs blocked Manchester Avenue in Detroit. In order to disperse the crowd, they had to use the high-pressure faucet of the fire engine.

Many bosses surpass Ford and let their subordinates have more money than themselves, so employees will not leave.

Now, the mechanism of equity and option has been very perfect. Huawei has already produced many millionaires through its internal equity, but there is also a ceiling to the effectiveness of these levers. Once enough equity is obtained, some people still relax. For such people, some presidents give space. Call him to formulate the overall work strategy; Give him the strategic decision of local work; The details of operation and the way to achieve profits are not interfered with, and he is encouraged to innovate. Share power with him as much as possible and help him realize himself, and he will linger. For special talents, they should be promoted and trained in use. The promoted person will feel that you are as grateful as a mountain. When you ask him to go up and down the mountain of fire, he will work hard and bear no blame. This makes a man die for his bosom friend. Zhuge Liang lived in seclusion in Nanyang. He was nothing. Liu Bei asked him to come out as prime minister. He worked hard and died. His "Graduation Table" often made heroes cry.

When you are in the most critical situation, you will be grateful to others for helping you. So many people believe in saving the poor instead of the urgent. Poverty is a normal state, and sending a lot of money is useless. Urgency is a temporary state. With money, you can see through the dark. Many senior executives will take special care of those temporarily vulnerable, and when things are calm, they will make good connections. Wan Gang, the minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, spent 11 years in Audi, Germany. From the basic engineer to the senior technical manager of the company's general planning department, he can spend more than 60 million marks of scientific research funds every year. When he was transferred to the paint workshop to preside over the workshop construction, he had more than 2000 employees. He wrote down the employee's birthday and took two bottles of beer to the workshop to have a drink with the person. Even after he returned home, Audi employees asked him for technical questions.

The same way of winning people's hearts determines the effect. The result of recruiting talents with heart is different from that with money. For example, Liu Bang tolerated Chen Ping, who had moral shortcomings. If he haggled, Chen Ping might go to Xiang Yu because he could not feel warmth. Adhere to the principles, but understand that compromise, tolerance and flexibility at the appropriate time, and only when people are convinced by virtue can they become attached. Li Guang, the general of the Han Dynasty, personally sucked pus and blood for the wounded soldiers, so the soldiers went to the enemy like tigers down the mountain. If we have to act vigorously, we should start from ourselves. In order to reduce the cost and save Chrysler, Ikoka reduced his salary to one dollar.

The most popular thing for business leaders is to understand the most urgent needs of employees and customers and meet them. Many companies have a poor start. One store and one basement have sprung up in a short period of time and become the mainstream rapidly because they have caught the rhythm of the people's heartbeat. Leaders of Fortune 500 companies spend a lot of time communicating with customers every year. In the final analysis, the direction of product improvement, the focus of service and the inclination of internal resources all come from the fickle heart of consumers. Under competitive conditions, if you don't provide what they want, others will provide it.

When Mr. Mengchang was in good shape, a doorman burned his tenant's bonds and gave them to the poor. When Mr. Mengchang was in trouble, it was the people who gave him a place to stay and support him to make a comeback. This is called water carrying boats. But the purpose of attracting people's attention is to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization, not to achieve its own power, scenery and retreat. If the subordinates really have a better way out or want to start a new life, they should open the road and let the birds fly. This is called the heart of heroes. This is the dividing line between politicians and politicians, as well as between entrepreneurs and money-making machines. Li Dongsheng said, "To be an enterprise requires a state of mind." If every CEO can fulfill the famous saying, "I am the son of the Chinese people, and I deeply love my motherland and people." That would really be universal.





                      --------- 诸葛长青(灵毅)























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