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 The 1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis: China's J-7 pilot repels the US aircraft carrier?

   date:2020-09-18 18:38:16     read:31   

The 1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis:

China's J-7 pilot repels the US aircraft carrier?

The outstanding wisdom of China is to defeat the enemy without fighting

-------Zhuge Changqing

(Xue Zhongfei) Lao Liu, my friend retired from the ground service of HNA in 2002

Once when we watched TV together, we saw "Taiwan independence elements clamoring... the United States Pacific War Zone..."

He laughed and said, "The losers still brag that the Americans don't have the guts."


He began to recall... a few words made me feel creepy

The content is roughly as follows:

"In 1996, I was on the ground service of HNA... I just changed to a sergeant... the Taiwan Strait crisis... all personnel were on standby 24 hours a day

Emergency liftoff orders the J-7 to take off... Our ground crew certainly do not know the specific combat content, but only know the preparation. I was a mechanic who was in charge of the aircraft body, and of course, the weapons were in charge of the ordnance division, only with auxiliary fuel tanks and combat missiles... take off and land dozens of times in turns

When the pilot came back, they were all excited and didn't say anything. It was like a big victory

Later when we had dinner together

They flew the plane and hit the US aircraft carrier formation!

Many planes are flying back and forth against the deck of the American aircraft carrier, and the radar alarm on the J-7 has been ringing... It has been locked by the other side's anti-air weapons, but the old American Leng did not dare to fire!!

Wang said that I could see the brown beard on the face of the man wearing a red jacket on the deck. Li said that I was only half a meter away from the A6 on the deck. How busy everyone was... The emergency takeoff lasted for several days, but it seemed that there was no "sequel" to "The Adventures of Aircraft Carriers". A few days later, the United States Navy team retreated XXX nautical miles... "

After listening to the story, I didn't speak for a long time

Lao Liu told me this story as an anecdote and sighed:

In 1996, China only equipped a small number of SU27 air-to-air priority fighter planes in the air force, namely fighter planes, which were designed for air combat and interceptor bombers. Airborne radars have little use for the sea and land, and they are all "Jingada", and more than a hundred later equipped SU30MKK are the following words

At that time, the only mature fighter plane in our army was the J-7, which was equipped with three 750-litre auxiliary tanks, and the flight radius should not exceed 800 kilometers. In addition, we had to stay over the enemy ship for about 20 minutes and make maneuvers. The airport that Lao Liu said was in the hinterland, at least 200 to 300 kilometers from the coastline. Can you imagine how close the US fleet has been?

There is a pending territorial sea here. 12 nautical miles from the coastline is the absolute territorial sea, 200 nautical miles is the exclusive economic zone, the Taiwan Strait is about 180 kilometers wide, that is, 100 nautical miles up and down. Taiwan is part of China, and the Taiwan Strait is of course China's territorial sea. Here is a concept of the inland sea. The strait between Honshu and Kyushu of Japan and the Taiwan Strait is similar in width, but Japan becomes the Seto inland sea, which is the absolute territorial sea, The question arises. What do you think is the nature of the US fleet entering the Taiwan Strait? Everyone has different opinions from legal experts

"It's really bully in the crotch!!" Lao Liu said, which was the mantra of their group instructor that month!! I guess it's a bit like the feeling of surrounding Iran now. The J-7 is too thin. However, the soldiers are wearing such thin fighter planes, defending our dignity along the coast of China!!

It was bragging that the US Navy did it at that time

You hate me more than you!! Let's see who starts first

At that time, Americans must have been laughing at the arrival of the Chinese version of mig21 at first... but it is estimated that they will "tremble" later,

The anti-ship missiles on the mainland are ready!!

He dares to fight, and the whole fleet will be covered by 200 anti-ship missiles within 5 minutes!!

China is sure to win in the 400 nautical miles off the coast. Far sea is not good, but China is not as weak as everyone said

It would be no use if the Allied Forces of the Eight countries came on land. China could mobilize more than 15 million men who had served as soldiers in the "basic militia" in a month, and about 80 million to 100 million people who had received primary military training. Each person issued a combat readiness rifle. It is estimated that the soldiers of the whole world can also cope with it.

China's combat readiness was the model of the Mao era, which was designed for a world-class nuclear war at that time. The war conceived at that time was the massive invasion of the Soviet Union and the landing of the United States in the southeast

If there is war, there will be profits. This is the purpose of the United States. Selling weapons to Taiwan is to make money without starting a war. Taiwan is the cash cow of the United States!!!

At the time of the Taiwan Strait crisis in 1996, the Americans predicted that China had no ocean-going capability

At that time, China's economy was undergoing a period of major adjustment, and the word "laid-off" had just appeared in the country, so it ventured into the war. The reform achievements of more than ten years will be destroyed

But the aircraft carrier fleet sent by the United States "has been bullied into the crotch of our Chinese people". At that time, the Chinese military did not do anything provocative to say that you thought the American fleet would retreat like a sheep!!!

Americans are not the graceful cowboys in Hollywood movies. Look at the current events of "going out of the army" but "not doing anything". Few "Cuban missile crisis" can be counted as one

Think about it: North Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Iran (the Persian Gulf ship attack war goes back to turn over the history book), Panama, Haiti, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan... They all fight on other people's land anyway. The result is not important. Let's ravage you first!

In 1996, the slogan was "win the modern war based on existing equipment"

At that time, China had only a little money

Before fighting with Americans, we must let Americans understand a truth

"We Chinese people are not afraid of death when defending our country!! The Chinese people in the * * * era are not afraid of death, and our generation is also not afraid of death!!"

We Chinese are not afraid! The ground is not afraid! God and ghost are not afraid! Not afraid of death! Can you be afraid of a bunch of Americans who believe in God and Christ? make fun of!!!

Hail to HNA comrade, you are too bad!!! The above is just my faithful record of Lao Liu's dictation.

Postscript of Lao Liu

Lao Liu drove a taxi for a year after he retired from the army because of his good mechanical and electronic maintenance skills. He opened an auto repair shop the next year. Now he has two branches in a coastal city in the northeast. Although he is the boss, he always "operates the screwdriver himself" (screwdriver). I only know him because of car repair. He is very simple and has no shelf

Now life is very happy

At the beginning of the year, when the 10th Anniversary came out, I heard his sister-in-law say that he cried in front of a family in front of the TV. His father said that I was satisfied that he could cry so when I died. Later, when I asked him about himself, he said that when the Flying Leopard came out, he cried more than this time.









(雪中飞)老刘 我的朋友 2002年从海航地勤退役 士官 …… 

一次 我们一起看电视,演到“台独分子叫嚣……美太平洋战区……” 

他笑道 “手下败将 还出来吹牛 美国佬 没有那个胆子” 




“96年 我在海航地勤 ……刚转士官不久 …… 台海危机……所有人员战斗岗位24小时待命…… 

紧急升空命令 歼七起飞 ……我们地勤当然不知道具体的作战内容 只知道准备 当时我是机械师是管飞机机体的 当然还有军械师管武器的 只带副油箱和格斗导弹 ……轮番起降几十架次 

飞行员回来以后个个表情亢奋 什么也不说 就像是大了大胜仗一样…… 



 好多飞机都贴着美航母的甲板来回的飞 歼七上的雷达报警器一直在响……已经被对方的对空武器锁定了 但老美愣是没敢开火!! 

王某说 我都看清甲板上穿红夹克的人脸上的褐色胡子了 李某说 我还差半米就刮到甲板上的A6了 大家好不热闹 ……紧急起飞 又持续了几天 但好像没有“航母历险记”的“续集”了 几天以后 美海军编队后撤XXX海里……” 

听完讲述 我是半天没说出话来 

老刘把这个事当作趣闻给我说了一遍 感慨到: 

96年 中国只在空军装备了少量的 SU27对空优先型战斗机 就是歼击机 那个机型是为空战和截击轰炸机设计的,机载雷达对海、对陆几乎没有什么大用 而且都是“金嘎达”就百十来架 后来装备的SU30MKK是后话了…… 




说当时美国海军干动手 那是吹牛~~ 

你狠我比你更狠 !!看谁先动手 

美国人当时的感觉开始一定是在嘲笑中国版的mig21来了……但估计后来就该“肝儿颤了” 当时 美舰在中国领海,已经距离海岸很近了, 



他敢动手 5分钟之内 整个舰队就会被200枚反舰导弹的“弹雨”覆盖!! 

中国在沿岸400海里的海域内 还是有必胜的把握的。 远洋不行 但濒海地域中国没有大家传言的那么弱 

要是在陆地上 八国联军来了也没用, 中国能在一个月动员 当过兵的“基干民兵”男子一千五百万人以上 ,受过初级军事训练的人员 8千万到一亿左右, 一个人发一把战备步枪 ,估计 全世界的兵进来也能应付。 

中国的战备是毛时代的模式 当时是为了大世界级的核大战而设计的 当时构想的战争就是 苏联大举入侵 美国在东南登陆………… 

有战争就有利润 这是美国的宗旨 卖给台湾武器 就是不发动战争一样赚钱 台湾是美国的摇钱树 !!! 

96年 台海危机的时候 美国佬料定中国没有远洋能力 


但是美国派来的航母舰队“都欺负到我们中国人的裤裆里了” 当时中国军方不做点什么刺激性的表示 你以为美国舰队会像绵羊一样的乖乖的后撤嘛!!!  

美国人可不是好莱坞影片里的风度翩翩的牛仔,看看现在的 “出了兵” 却 “不动手”的事件很少 “古巴导弹危机”算一次 

想想:朝鲜 、越南 、利比亚、 伊拉克、 伊朗(波斯湾袭船战 回去翻翻历史书)、 巴拿马、 海地 、索马里、 南斯拉夫、 阿富汗 ………… 反正都是在别人的土地上打, 结果不重要 ,先蹂躏你一番再说! 






向 海航同志致敬 你们太牛差了!!! 以上只是我对老六口述的忠实记录而已。 




年初歼十出来的时候, 听嫂子说他在电视前当着一家老小结结实实地哭了一场,他老爹说,我死的时候他能这么哭,我就满意了,后来我问起他本人的时候他说,飞豹出来的时候他哭的比这次凶多。

(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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