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 Chinese submarines are approaching US aircraft carriers again Stunned Commander

   date:2020-09-18 18:38:32     read:25   

Chinese submarines are approaching US aircraft carriers again

Stunned Commander

China's Type 039 Song-class conventional submarine, the British newspaper said it uses electricity

The mute function of the motor is very good, and it is difficult to detect

After the Chinese submarine quietly appeared near the American aircraft carrier "Little Eagle" in the Pacific Ocean at the end of 2006, the aircraft carrier "Little Eagle" was approached by a Chinese submarine silently again during a military exercise in the Pacific Ocean a few days ago. At that time, the "Little Eagle" was within its range, which surprised the US Navy.

The Daily Mail of the UK revealed that the submarine of the Chinese navy suddenly appeared in the central sea area where the US navy was conducting military exercises in the Pacific Ocean, which has scared the US military prosecutor out of his mind. Because when the United States Navy deploys a fleet to conduct military exercises, the security of aircraft carriers is indeed very strict.

A senior NATO official said that this may be the second time that China's Song-class submarine has let the "Little Eagle" into its range. A year ago, the US media reported that a Chinese Song-class submarine had tracked the US aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" in the Pacific Ocean in October of that year, and was found within range.

China's submarine deterrence increased rapidly

It is reported that the US military has at least 12 warships and two submarines to provide strong protection to the aircraft carrier to prevent any invaders. However, a Chinese People's Liberation Army submarine suddenly appeared in the central area of the military exercise, near the aircraft carrier "Xiaoying" with 4500 people in the United States.

The article points out that Americans have no idea that China's rapidly growing submarine fleet has developed to such an advanced level, or that China's navy fleet has posed such a threat.

A senior NATO official said that the impact of the Chinese submarine's action was "as great as the shock caused by the first satellite launched by the former Soviet Union". In 1957, the former Soviet Union launched the first man-made satellite, marking the beginning of a space age.

There were two rumours that Chinese submarines were close to American aircraft carriers, and the protagonist was the retiring "Little Eagle". The picture shows the "Little Eagle" in the multinational maritime military exercise in September, which was attended by American and Indian aircraft carriers.

However, neither the Daily Mail nor NATO officials disclosed the specific time of the incident, but only said that it occurred in recent days, and its location was between southern Japan and Taiwan Island. According to analysis, the incident that the Chinese submarine approached the "Little Eagle" occurred in recent days.

Japanese media reported on October 21 that the Kitty Hawk left the Yokosuka US military base in Kanagawa Prefecture in the morning and began its last mission near Japan. The US military sources said that the Kitty Hawk conducted a joint exercise with the Maritime Self-Defense Force off the coast of Japan in early November, and then returned to Yokosuka in early December.

Send signals to warn foreign forces

The article pointed out that such an event in such a sensitive area would be a great embarrassment to the Pentagon.

Analysts believe that Beijing is sending a signal to the United States and the West that its rapidly growing military capability has posed a threat to those foreign forces that try to interfere in its "backyard". The Daily Mail said that the PLA now has at least two submarines capable of launching nuclear missiles. The advantage of Song-class submarine is that when it uses electric motor, its mute function is very good and it is difficult to detect.

Stephen Saunders, former Royal Navy anti-submarine expert and warship editor of Jane's Weekly, said that China seems to be trying to prevent Americans from interfering or operating in its backyard, especially when it comes to the Taiwan issue.

The US "Washington Times" reported on November 13, 2006 that a Chinese Song-class submarine had tracked the US aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" in the Pacific Ocean in October of that year, and was found within range.

Western media claimed that the Song-class submarine let the "Little Eagle" into its range for the second time. The picture shows the Song-class submarine loaded with guided torpedoes

Close-up photo of the aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk": the "Kitty Hawk" returned to the home port of Yokosuka recently


















     英国《简氏》周刊战舰编辑、前皇家海军反潜专家桑德斯(Stephen Saunders)说,中国似乎是为了阻止美国人在其后院进行干涉或操作,尤其是涉及到台湾问题。





(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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