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 Interpretation of Order 46 in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

   date:2020-09-18 18:57:50     read:34   

Interpretation of Order 46 in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

Wei Ling No. 46

——Liwei orders

A man of one person, millions of people, with his shoulders restrained and his feet bent, who dare not look up, is also due to the legal system. If there is no punishment at the top and no etiquette and justice at the bottom, those who are rich in the world and cannot escape from it, such as Jie and Zhou. Those who are punished by the punishment order of one man, but can't disobey their orders, such as Sun Wu and Rangju. Therefore, the order cannot be ignored and the potential cannot be communicated.

Rang ju


The generals and commanders can make the millions of troops under their command respectfully accept orders, hold their breath, be stable and orderly, and dare not relax, which is the result of strict laws and regulations. If the general can't punish his subordinates, and they don't know the etiquette and justice, they can't escape the fate of self-destruction even if they own the world and occupy all the wealth in the world, such as Xia Jie and Shang Zhou. However, if the general can take the law as the basis of reward and punishment when leading the army, his subordinates dare not violate the general's order, such as Sun Wu and Rangju, who are good at using the law. It can be seen that the decree cannot be despised, and the commanding power of the general born from the decree cannot be disobeyed.


This article discusses the issue of strict military management. The general is required to pay attention to the law and strict military discipline, and let the officers and men "restrain their shoulders, listen carefully, and dare not look up" in front of the military law. In a word, the order of authority is necessary to ensure the combat effectiveness of the army, while the love of the army is necessary to win the morale of the army. The two should complement each other, and one cannot be omitted, so as to truly build a steel force with unity of mind and unity of purpose.

Extension example

Zhuge Liang led the army with "faith"

Zhuge Liang was preparing to attack Longxi. Chang Shi Yang Yi reported that 40000 people in the army should go back to rest. Zhuge Liang immediately ordered these troops to pack up and prepare to go back. When the 40000 people were about to leave, Wei Jun suddenly called. Yang Yi suggested that the 40000 people stay and leave after the war. Zhuge Liang said that the ancients regretted the use of military force to command the generals, based on trust. No matter how tight the military situation is, we can't break our promise. Zhuge Liang asked everyone to leave on time and said, "Your parents, wife and children are all looking forward to the door. How can I leave you?". The soldiers were very excited and ordered several times, but they didn't want to leave. Zhuge Liang had to ask them to join the war. When Wei Jun came from afar, the Shu army won a complete victory.

Winning the trust of the soldiers is the treasure of victory. The wise generals cherish the trust of the soldiers. Once the trust of subordinates is lost, irreparable losses will be caused. The reason why Zhuge Liang made his soldiers fight bravely against the enemy and draw their swords to take the lead in the first battle. The key is that he won the trust of the army and won the trust of the soldiers.

 解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 威令第四十六








穰苴 rang ju








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