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 Interpretation of the Forty-fourth Sentiment of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General's Court

   date:2020-09-18 19:02:58     read:42   

Interpretation of the Forty-fourth Sentiment of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General's Court

The Forty-fourth

——Observe the situation and anticipate the enemy

A man who rises and remains calm depends on his danger; Forced challengers want to advance; When trees move, cars come; If the dust is low and wide, it will only come; Those who speak forcefully and drive forward will retreat; The person who retreats half and half, lures; If you walk with a stick, you will be hungry; Those who see benefits but do not make progress are also tired; The bird gathers, the emptiness also; Those who call at night are afraid; Those who are harassed by the army will not be taken seriously; When flags are waved, chaos will ensue; If officials are angry, they will be tired; Those who count the rewards are embarrassed; Those who are punished several times will be trapped; Those who come to thank you want to rest; If the coin is heavy, it will be tempting.


Generals and commanders need to judge the real situation of the enemy according to some phenomena when they lead the army to fight. If the enemy does not move when fighting with our army, it must depend on the dangerous terrain; If the enemy continues to challenge our army, it must be to lure our army to attack first; Seeing the trees moving without wind, it must be the enemy's chariot coming quietly; Seeing the dust flying low and wide, it must be the enemy's infantry on the way; When the enemy speaks tough and makes an attack on our army, he must be preparing to retreat; When the enemy advances and retreats, it is tempting our army to attack; The enemy must have been hungry when he found that he was supporting the battle and was in a state of depression; If we find that the enemy does not take advantage of the favorable opportunity, the enemy must be quite tired and unable to advance any further; Birds flock to the enemy's position, indicating that the enemy camp has begun to empty; Hearing the noise of enemy positions at night indicates that the enemy is very afraid of war; The enemy's army is lax and disorderly because the enemy's chief general is losing his due prestige; The confusion of the enemy's flags indicates that there has been great disorder within the enemy; The constant anger of the enemy's generals and officials means that the development of the war situation makes them feel helpless and the enemy has lost confidence in winning; The enemy's reward is too frequent and the punishment is too complex, which means that the enemy commander has been unable to reverse his internal chaos and the soldiers do not obey the commander's order; When the enemy sends envoys to the enemy in a low voice, it means that the enemy wants to stop fighting; If the enemy sends valuables and talks sweetly, it means that the enemy wants to make peace in private.


This article discusses how to analyze the enemy situation. Zhuge Liang divided the enemy situation into 17 types, and explained the representation and judgment of each type of enemy situation one by one. Zhuge Liang's careful and accurate analysis must be the result of his years of painstaking research, the summary of his years of valuable experience in leading the army to fight, and the valuable wealth he left to future generations. The generals who are in command will benefit a lot from careful study.

Extension example

Zhao Kuangyin is good at his duties

Xu Xuan, a native of Guangling in the Southern Tang Dynasty, was famous in the Northern Song Dynasty for his profound knowledge, wide knowledge and understanding. Once, Jiangnan sent Xu Xuan to pay tribute, and the imperial court sent officials to accompany him as usual. Both civil and military officials in the Manchu Dynasty were afraid of winning the election because their eloquence was not as good as Xu Xuan. The prime minister, Zhao Pu, did not know who to choose, so he went to ask Song Taizu for instructions. Taizu ordered the court secretary to write the names of ten illiterate attendants in the hall. With a wave of his royal pen, Taizu casually circled the names of one of them and said, "This person is OK." This surprised the officials in the court. Zhao Pu did not dare to ask for instructions again, so he urged the man to start quickly.

The waiter in the hall did not know why he was sent as an envoy. Without any explanation, he had to go to execute the order. As soon as he boarded the boat, Xu Xuan was eloquent and eloquent. People around him were amazed at his eloquence. The waiter didn't know the big characters. Of course, he couldn't say anything. He just nodded and said yes. Xu Xuan became more and more talkative and tried to talk with him. For several days, the man never contacted Xu Xuan. Xu Xuan couldn't understand his depth. When Xu Xuan was dry and tired, he never spoke again.

 解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 察情第四十四














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