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 Interpretation of the Forty-first Self-exhortation in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

   date:2020-09-18 19:03:06     read:28   

Interpretation of the Forty-first Self-exhortation in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

Forty-first exhortation

——Follow the example of sages to encourage yourself

The sage is heaven, the sage is earth, and the wise is ancient. Pride will bring destruction, arrogant people will know misfortune, talkative people will have little faith, those who believe in themselves will have little kindness, those who are rewarded with no merit will leave, those who are not guilty will be punished, and those who are not happy and angry will perish.


Most sages advocate the law of heaven, while wise people respect the law of nature, while wise people take imitating the ancient sages as the fundamental way to stand up. The arrogant people are doomed to fail, the arrogant people are very easy to cause trouble, the boastful people have little faith to speak of, the people who only pay attention to their own boasting will be sentimental and ungrateful to others, and as a general, the reward for no merit will be abandoned by his subordinates, and the punishment of the innocent people will certainly make the people complain, and the moody people will be doomed to perish.


This article discusses that generals should be strict with themselves and guard against arrogance and rashness. It is very necessary to put forward this request to the general of the unified combat. The article also lists seven kinds of mistakes that generals are prone to make, and points out their serious consequences to warn generals.

Extension example

The paper soldier was destroyed

During the Warring States Period, there was a famous veteran general named Zhao She in the State of Zhao. His son's name is Zhao Kuo. Zhao Kuo was clever and studious since he was young. He especially liked to study military. He read a lot of military books and could recite them backwards. When talking about military strategy and tactics, he can also quote from classics and talk about it. Many people praised him and admired his talent. Zhao Kuo was elated when he heard this. He could not help saying, "It's very simple to fight. It's nothing."

Zhao Kuo's mother is also often happy with her son's talent. She praised her son and said, "If the tiger comes out of the door, my son will definitely become a great military strategist in the future." But Zhao She shook her head and sighed, "In the future, the state of Zhao will not need him. If he is allowed to lead the army, the state of Zhao will be destroyed in his hands." His wife heard this and thought he looked down on his son, very angry.

A few years later, the State of Qin attacked the State of Zhao. General Lianpo of the State of Zhao led troops to Changping. According to the situation that the enemy is strong and we are weak, he believes that we cannot fight hard, so he adopts defensive strategies and tactics in an attempt to hold down the enemy. However, King Zhao believed the rumor and fell into the counter plot of the Qin State. He believed that Lianpo was old and weak and could not resist the enemy. So Lianpo was replaced and Zhao Kuo was sent to fight against the Qin army.

Zhao Kuo came to the front in a commanding manner and redeployed his forces in accordance with the provisions of the military document, changing all the practices of Lianpo. As a result, he was quickly caught in a passive position and was soon besieged by the Qin army. Finally, he ran out of ammunition and food and was forced to break through. Zhao Kuo was shot dead by random arrows, and 400000 Zhao troops were completely destroyed.

 解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 自勉第四十一














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