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 Reproduce Zhuge Liang's "Eight Diagrams Array" and Shenyang's proposed Eight Dia

   date:2020-09-18 19:03:28     read:53   

Reproduce Zhuge Liang's "Eight Diagrams Array" and Shenyang's proposed Eight Diagrams City

Today, we suddenly find that the things of our ancestors really span time and space.

-----Zhuge's Evergreen Inscription

"It covers three parts of the country and is called the Eight Diagrams." Du Fu's famous sentence describes the Eight Diagrams Array carefully arranged by Zhuge Liang.

Now there will also be such a "Eight Diagrams Array" in the south of Shenyang, which is a commercial cultural square combining traditional culture and modern culture.

This project, which is still unique in Shenyang at present, was first introduced during the current South Korean cycle. 20000 businessmen from Shenyang and South Korea have the honor to see it first, and can take the lead.

The eight living areas are named according to the Eight Diagrams

The "Nanshi Bagua City" is located in the golden section of the business street in Heping District, within 7 hectares of Nansijing Street in the east, Nanwujing Street in the west, Shierwei Road in the south, and Shierwei Road in the north. Shenyang will, according to the layout characteristics of the buildings in the region and according to the orientation of the Bagua, carry out retro packaging and reconstruction of the original buildings, and form an archaize building group with passages between buildings and alleys that can be unblocked and accessible in all directions.

It is reported that there will be eight living quarters in the "Bagua City". Each living quarter will be named according to the Bagua: Qianyuan District (No. 1 South Wujing Street), Genyong District (No. 2 South Sijing Street), Xuncong District (No. 1 and 9 Yunji South 1st Lane), Kunhou District (No. 41 South Wujing Street, No. 4 12th Wei Road), Kansheng District (No. 32 Yunji East Lane), Duijin District (No. 36 and 38 Yunji East Lane), Zhendong District (No. 23 Yunji East Lane, No. 9 Yunji East 1st Lane, No. 2 Yunji South 1st Lane) Liming District (31 and 33 Yunji East Lane).

What about getting lost in the "Eight Diagrams City"? Don't worry, there will be eight distinctive commercial streets connecting the districts: Charming Women (Yunji West Lane), Cultural Corridor (Yunji South Lane), Cyberspace (Yunji North Lane), Financial Services (Yunji East Lane), Real Estate Trading (Yunji West Lane), Fengwei Snacks (Yunji South Lane), Fitness and Entertainment (Yunji North Lane), and Colorful Life (Yunji East Lane).

Through the above planning and design, "Bagua City" will eventually form a characteristic commercial street integrating shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment and culture, focusing on the sense of leisure and entertainment, creating a rich cultural consumption atmosphere and convenient shopping.

The total investment of the project will reach 1 billion yuan

According to the designer of the "Bagua City" project, the whole building is both personalized and harmonious, fashionable and mysterious, echoing the ancient folk customs and full of modern flavor. It will strive to create a brand with cultural characteristics of the commercial street, and become a very distinctive commercial and cultural square in Shenyang and even in the Northeast.

The relevant person in charge of the Heping District Government said that the total investment of the project would reach 1 billion yuan, and its integrated development would drive the development of a series of related industries and help attract more foreign investment. In the process of investment and construction, great attention will be paid to the repair and maintenance of the original buildings, which not only protects the cultural resources, but also injects new vitality into them.

Be confident and persevere. Come on!




                                  -----诸葛长青 题记
















(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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