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 Interpretation of the thirty-sixth terrain in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Garden

   date:2020-09-18 19:03:34     read:40   

Interpretation of the thirty-sixth terrain in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Garden

Topography 36th

——Those who make good use of the terrain win

If the terrain is favorable, the military will help. Those who seek victory without knowing the battle field have no choice. The mountains, forests, earth and tombs, and the great rivers, are the place of infantry; The mountains are narrow and the vines are related to each other. This is the place for riding; With mountains and streams, high forests and deep valleys, it is the place of bow and crossbow; The grass is shallow and the soil is flat, and the front can be the back; The reeds and bamboos mingle with each other, which is the place of spear.


A good terrain is the best help for the army to win the war. As a general, it is impossible to win the war if he cannot accurately grasp the terrain characteristics. The terrain of high mountains, steep mountains and dangerous forests is suitable for infantry combat. The terrain with high and steep mountains and overgrown vines is suitable for fighting with chariots and cavalry. Archers can be used to fight on the battlefield with mountains, rivers and deep valleys. On the flat and wide battlefield, which can move freely, you can fight with the enemy with a long halberd. In the area of interlaced vegetation, we can give full play to the advantages of spears and spears.


This article discusses how to make good use of terrain and features. The article points out that the generals who will not use the terrain and features will not win. The article also explains in detail what tactics should be used, and even what arms and weapons should be used under various terrain and features. This article is of great use to the commanders in the battle.

Extension example

Han Xin carried the water to break the enemy

In 205 BC, the Han Dynasty attacked the king leopard of Wei and destroyed the State of Wei. In October, the king of Han sent him and Zhang Er to lead tens of thousands of troops eastward to attack the State of Zhao. Zhao Xie, the king of Zhao, and Chen Yu, the commander of the Zhao army, immediately gathered 200000 troops at Jingxingkou to defend them closely.

Li Zuoche, a counselor of Zhao State, said to Chen Yu: "Han Xin has won a lot of victories along the way, which can be said to be very powerful. Now he has taken the victory expedition and tried to capture the State of Zhao, which is unstoppable. However, they need to travel thousands of miles to transport food and grass. Now our Jingxing Mountain Road is narrow, and we can't go in with horses and carriages, so the Han army's food and grass team must fall behind. So you can give me 30000 people temporarily, attack from the path, intercept their weapons and grass, and cut off their Supply, the Han army would starve to death if it did not fight. If you stick to the fortress here and don't fight with them, they can't fight before and can't retreat later. We can capture Han Xin alive in a few days. "

Chen Yu is a pedantic and self-righteous man. He doesn't listen to Li Zuo Che's words. He also said: "Han Xin's military strength is very small, and we are exhausted after arriving here for thousands of miles. We dare not fight such enemies. Don't you look down on us even more regardless of what the Congress thinks of us?" Chen Yu didn't take Li Zuo Che's opinion.

Han Xinsheng was very happy to hear this and was glad to meet such a pedantic general. So the army was encamped 30 miles from Jingxingkou. In the second half of the night, Han Xin sent another 2000 elite cavalry, each with a red flag of the Han army, climbed up the hill nearby from the path and ambushed them. Then Han Xin sent another 10000 people to carry water along the river bank and set out their positions. Carrying water has always been a military Jedi. Once carrying water, you must die. When Chen Yu heard the news, he laughed that Han Xin did not know the art of war, left no way to retreat, and killed himself.

After daybreak, Han Xin raised his flag and opened the Jingxing mouth with great fanfare. Zhao Jun immediately attacked and the two armies fought fiercely for a long time. Han Xin and Zhang Er pretended to be defeated, threw their helmets and abandoned their flags and moved closer to the riverside position. Chen Yu commanded Zhao Jun to pursue him desperately. The Han army fought bravely against the water. At this time, the 2000 light cavalry soldiers ambushed by Han Xin saw that the Zhao army had set out to attack, immediately flew into the Zhao camp, pulled out all the military flags of the Zhao State and replaced them with the red flag of the Han army.

Zhao Jun could not win the battle for a long time and could not catch Han Xin. He wanted to withdraw his troops and go back to the camp. Looking back, he saw that all the red flags of the Han army had been planted in the camp. He thought that King Zhao had been captured, so his army was shaken and fled in succession. At this time, the Han army attacked both sides, and Zhao army was defeated. The soldiers killed Chen Yu and captured King Zhao.

 解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 地势第三十六














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