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 Interpretation of the 35th Light War in Zhuge Liang's Art of War

   date:2020-09-18 19:03:35     read:50   

Interpretation of the 35th Light War in Zhuge Liang's Art of War

The 35th Light War

——Light war is dangerous

The touch of stinging insects is poisonous; If a soldier can be brave, he should rely on his preparedness. If you are strong with sharp edges, you will fight lightly. Therefore, armour is not firm and dense, and it is the same as flesh; Shooting can't be in the same way as no vector; The middle cannot be entered, and it is the same as no time; It is the same as aimless to wait for you; The general is not brave. He is the same as no general.

Sting shi; Tan; Zu


The reason why bees are so intimidating is that they have poisonous stings; A soldier can fight bravely on the battlefield because he has excellent weapons and equipment. So, as long as you have sharp weapons and solid armor, all the soldiers can fight bravely. If the armor is not solid enough, it is like fighting with the enemy naked; If the bow and arrow cannot hit the enemy, it is like there is no bow and arrow; If you hit the target, but do not shoot in because of insufficient strength, it is like a bow and arrow has no arrow; If the reconnaissance work before the war is not careful and thorough, it is like a blind man preparing for war; If the general cannot fight bravely, it is like there is no general. It can be seen that these are several aspects that should be paid attention to in the construction of combat readiness.


This article discusses the issue of military preparation. The article discusses the need to be fully prepared before the war, and emphasizes not to fight unprepared battles, which is a supplement to the previous article. The article uses four groups of sentences to discuss the harm of unpreparedness in the form of parallelism, which is very prominent and thought-provoking. These three articles discuss the basic tactical principles of command operations from different aspects, mainly the decision-making in the face of war. Before putting our forces into combat, as the commander of the battle, we must seriously deal with these problems, and truly realize that only when the situation is clear, the preparation is sufficient, and the tactics are properly used, can we have the assurance of victory.

Extension example

Qin Shihuang, the tiger and wolf teacher, is fighting the world

The reason why Qin Shihuang unified the world was that he relied on first-class military equipment, meticulous spies and brave spirit.

His army is formidable,

Let's take a look at the equipment of Qin Shihuang's army more than 2000 years ago: take the green face figurines unearthed in Pit 2, which was buried in the tomb of Qin Shihuang, as an example (Pit 2 is a synthetic arms formation, including six arms):

1: Infantry crossbow soldiers (long-range attack arms)

2: cavalry crossbow soldiers (fast and long-range guerrilla attack arms)

3: Lancers (9m long guns! To prevent the enemy from approaching)

4: chariot soldiers (assault fighting arms)

5: halberd (close combat arms)

6: Archers (medium-range attack arms, including attacking surrounding enemies on chariots)

The above arms have a large number of mixed formations in the military formation, relying on each other

 解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 轻战第三十五






   螫 shi; 袒 tan; 镞zu











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