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 Interpretation of Convenience 32 in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

   date:2020-09-18 19:03:55     read:38   

Interpretation of Convenience 32 in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

Convenience 32

——In running the army, we should accumulate grace and establish trust

Gather grass and trees to facilitate travel; The mountains and forests are heavily blocked, and the benefits are not satisfied; There is no hidden place in the front forest, so as to facilitate the lurking; To attack the public with less, and to benefit the day; To strike the widows with the crowd, to benefit the early morning; With strong crossbow and long soldiers, it is convenient to win; Beyond the abyss and across the water, the wind is strong and dark. It is convenient to fight before and after.

Mo=mu=dusk. Pseudonym


Guerrilla strategy can be adopted in operations in areas with dense vegetation; There are dense mountains and forests in which we can surprise the enemy by surprise; In the case of plain operations without any hidden objects, trench tactics can be adopted; When the enemy is outnumbered, we should attack the enemy at dusk; When we have few enemies, we should attack them in the morning; If the weapons are well equipped and the force is strong, we should fight quickly; If there is a confrontation across the shore, there is sand and wind, and the line of sight is not clear, we should adopt the tactics of front and back.


This article discusses the basic tactical strategies. Explain in detail the tactics that are suitable for use under various conditions, and inspire the generals to use tactics flexibly according to objective conditions, instead of subjectively assuming blind command.

Extension example

Subjective assumptions about the loss of street pavilions

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhuge Liang had to report to Sima Yi that he had led 200000 troops and immediately arranged to guard the street pavilion. Zhuge Liang said, "This is the throat of our army. It matters. If we lose the street pavilion, our army will be finished." Ma Su volunteered to go to guard, Zhuge Liang warned: "There are no walls and no obstacles here, so it is very difficult to defend." Ma Su said: "I have read the books of war since I was young, and know the art of war. Can't I even defend a street pavilion?"

When Ma Su arrived at Jieting and saw the terrain, he laughed at Zhuge Liang's carelessness. He expected that Wei Bing would not dare to come and put Zhuge Liang's earnest instructions aside. Wang Ping wants to go down the village at the head of the Fifth Road, but he wants to go up to Tushan to garrison troops. Wang Ping said, "What if the Wei army came to encircle us?" Ma Su laughed and said, "You are really a woman's opinion! The art of war said, 'Stay high, and the situation is as strong as ever.' When the Wei army came, I let him never return!" Wang Ping said, "I went with the Prime Minister many times, and every time I went, the Prime Minister gave his advice. I think this mountain is a Jedi. If the Wei army cut off our waterway, our army will not fight and chaos." Ma Su said: "Don't talk nonsense! Sun Tzu said, 'If the Wei soldiers cut off my waterway, wouldn't the Shu soldiers die? It can be a hundred. I always read more military books, and the prime minister also asked me everything, why did you stop me?" Wang Ping also asked to divide the troops to build a small village at the foot of the mountain, which can be echoed. Ma Su didn't even agree. At this time, the people fled in droves, saying that the Wei soldiers had arrived. Wang Ping is going to resign, but Ma Su sent five thousand soldiers to his village. The scout reported that there was a garrison in the street pavilion. Sima Yi sighed, "Zhuge Liang is really a god! I am not as good as him." Sima Yi was relieved when he heard that the Shu army was garrisoning on the mountain. Then, he went to see it in person. Ma Su still laughed on the mountain and said, "If they are dying, they will not come to encircle the mountain!"

When Sima Yi sent someone to find out that it was Ma Su's guard, he smiled and said, "Only a false name, but actually a mediocre person! How can Kongming use such a person, not to be wrong!" Then he took the army to surround the Tushan Mountain. The soldiers of Shu saw that the Wei soldiers were scattered all over the mountain, very strict, and all were scared. How dare they go down the mountain. Ma Su waved the red flag again and again. Who dares to kill Shu! Ma Su was furious and killed two generals in person. The troops were afraid, so they went down the mountain to attack the Wei soldiers; However, the Shu army retreated back to the mountain. Ma Su then knew that things were not good. He asked the soldiers to guard the stronghold and wait for foreign aid. The Shu soldiers were trapped for a day. There was no water on the mountain and the army could not eat. They shouted until midnight. The soldiers in the south of the mountain opened the gate and went down the mountain to surrender to the Wei army. Sima Yi also ordered people to set fire along the mountain, and the Shu army was in chaos. As soon as Ma Su could not keep watch, he drove the soldiers down the mountain and fled to the west.

 解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 便利第三十二







=mu =暮。通假字








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