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 Interpretation of "Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Yuan"

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Interpretation of "Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Yuan"

After the 31st

——General must have staff

If it is difficult to make a plan, it is more than fine. Use it first and then use it. Punishment is better than no punishment. This is also the wisdom of military use. The master and the apprentice have been listed, the army and the horse have crossed, the strong crossbow has just arrived, and the short soldiers have been picked up again. The enemy is in a hurry by taking advantage of the Wei Buxin. This is the ability to use the army. When I hit the target, I won the battle for a while, and the success or failure was not divided. I hurt the other and died.


If we can turn a dangerous situation into an easy one, we should make preparations in advance before it turns into a complex one, and take countermeasures before it becomes out of control. We should set up strict punishment in the army but not use punishment as the ultimate goal. This is the best strategy for military use. Such leaders are wise men. When fighting with the enemy, the generals and soldiers have arranged their formations, and the two sides are crisscrossed and close to each other. At this time, if the generals and commanders can take the opportunity to expand their influence with all kinds of prestige, and make the enemy confused and lose their way, they can be regarded as good soldiers. On the battlefield, the general braved the fire and bullets to rush into the battle, but only used his power for a moment. The two sides lost a lot but were even. This is the best strategy in the war.


This article discusses the strategic thinking of military use. The full text divides the level of military use into three levels. It advocates the use of wisdom, the emphasis on planning and then moving, and not fighting uncertain battles. The opposition is based only on the courage of blood, rushing and bumping, and it is listed as the inferior in the use of force. This is indeed the opinion of military experts, not the opinion of a warrior. "Zhuge is cautious all his life", so he can win every battle and turn the corner under extremely unfavorable circumstances.

Taking a comprehensive view of these four articles, Zhuge Liang elaborated the strategic thinking and basic principles of military use in detail, and revealed the essence of military use. These discussions are the summary of his experience and lessons, and are an important part of his strategic thinking, which is worthy of in-depth study.

We should consider why Zhuge Liang can win with fewer soldiers?

Extension example

Stay behind

During the Warring States Period, Meng Changjun, the prime minister of the State of Qi, raised many diners in his home. One of them, Feng Yuan, had no special skills, so he came for a long time and didn't attract Meng Changjun's attention.

Once, just as no one was at home, Meng Changjun sent Feng Yuan to Xue Di, the fief of Meng Changjun, to collect the debt. Before leaving, Feng Yuan politely asked Meng Changjun if he would bring anything back. Meng Changjun said, "Whatever you want, take whatever you think you should bring back."

Feng Yuan came to Xuedi, gathered all the creditors, collected the debt deeds, and burned all the debt deeds in public. Then he said to everyone, "Monsieur Mengchang asked me to forgive all your debts, and you can live and work in peace and contentment in the future!" People were very happy, cheered and kowtowed.

When Feng Yuan came back, Meng Changjun asked him what he had brought back? Has the debt been collected? Feng Yuan replied slowly, "You said let me see what I should do. If I think I should bring back what I should bring back, I think the most important thing to bring back to you is' virtue ', so I will bring back' virtue 'to you. So I will burn all the debt deeds of Xue Di and forgive the debt." Meng Changjun was very happy to hear that, but he thought that the wood is finished, and he said nothing.

A year later, Meng Changjun was removed from his position as prime minister by the King of Qi, and he had to return to Xuedi. When the local people heard this news, they helped the old and the young to welcome him on the road. It was strange that Meng Changjun welcomed him so warmly to the people. Feng Yuan said to him, "This is the verification that I bring back to you the 'virtue'." Meng Changjun suddenly realized that he really understood Feng Yuan's intention and thanked him very much. Feng Yuan then said, "The cunning rabbit has three holes to save his life. Now you only have one hole. You can't sleep well and have a good sleep. In case the King of Qi is bad for you, there must be another place to stay. So we have to dig two more holes." So Feng Yuan asked Meng Changjun to let him go to the State of Wei to lobby.

Feng Yuan came to the State of Wei and said to the king of Wei, "Mr. Meng Chang is famous all over the world. If you can invite him to the State of Wei to be your prime minister, the State of Wei will be rich and powerful." The king of Wei just happened to have an empty face, and could not find the right person, so he sent someone to hire Mr. Meng Chang with heavy money. When Feng Yuan left, he told Meng Changjun that this was just for the king of Qi to see and not to accept the invitation. So Wang Wei was refused three times.

Sure enough, the King of Qi heard that the State of Wei was going to invite Meng Changjun to be prime minister. He was so frightened that he immediately sent someone to take the gold and float with him, and invited Meng Changjun back to his original post with great courtesy.

In order to show his sincerity, the king of Qi asked Meng Changjun what else he needed. Feng Yuan secretly told Meng Changjun, "Ask the king of Qi to build a temple in Xuedi, and then give a share of the sacrificial vessels left by the former king to ensure the safety of Xuedi."

The king of Qi agreed to Meng Changjun's request. On the day when the temple was built, Feng Yuan said to Meng Changjun, "Now that the three holes have been dug, you can sleep safely and safely."

 解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 后应第三十一













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