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 Interpretation of the 27th victory and defeat of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

   date:2020-09-18 19:04:05     read:37   

Interpretation of the 27th victory and defeat of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

The 27th winner or loser

——On the Habitat of Talent and Morality

The three armies are happy, the soldiers are afraid, they talk to each other with courage, look at each other with majesty, and persuade each other with punishment. The soldiers are lazy and slow. The three armies are surprised. They are rude and believe. People are not afraid of the law. They are afraid of the enemy. They talk to each other for benefit. They tell each other good and evil. They are confused with evil words.


The conditions for the army to succeed in its first division are: the truly talented and virtuous people hold important positions, the people without talent and virtue are demoted to the lowest position, the soldiers of the three armies are in high spirits, united and united, the relations between the upper and lower levels are harmonious, the soldiers obey orders, brave and good at fighting, the military looks majestic and majestic, and the law and discipline are strict. The bad start of the army is bound to be accompanied by the following symptoms: soldiers are lazy and lax, do not observe military discipline, the whole army is very afraid of fighting against the enemy, the soldiers are not faithful, do not fear punishment, overestimate the strength of the enemy, internal disunity, the common topic between each other is matters related to interests, like to guess the good or bad luck of things, and attach all kinds of nonsense, the gossip in the army is prevalent, and the morale of the army is scattered.


This article talks about the signs leading to victory and defeat from both positive and negative aspects, which is an important reference for the general to make the judgment of putting into battle. The so-called "no uncertain war" is to judge the certainty of victory before we can fight! Among the many signs, Zhuge Liang particularly emphasized that "talents should be top", and listed letting virtuous people hold important positions as the most fundamental condition to win. Fundamentally, this is still a matter of employment. Only by appointing a virtuous person to a key position can the army unite, maintain a correct military style, maintain high morale and ensure victory.

Extension example

Zhuge Liang said that Wu fought against Cao

Before the Red Cliff War, the northern Cao Cao was the most powerful and in an offensive position. Sun Quan and Liu Bei are in a weak and defensive position. In particular, Liu Bei was driven south by Cao Jun after losing the battle. When Cao Cao led the army south, Sun Quan and Liu Bei had to prepare for the battle in the face of Cao Cao's millions of soldiers. The decisive battle between the two armies needs to do all kinds of work, and it is very important to clarify the internal and external environment. Internally, we must have a unified understanding. Liu Bei Group is relatively consistent and determined to fight against Cao Cao. The Sun Quan Group is fighting and disunity. Zhuge Liang said to Liu Bei, "It's urgent. Please send me to ask Sun Quan for help." Liu Bei agreed to his request, and Zhuge Liang took orders to go to Soochow.

At that time, Sun Quan was stationed in Chaisang, watching Liu Bei and Cao Cao fight. Zhuge Liang came here, Said to Sun Quan: "Since the chaos of the world, you have risen to occupy the east of the Yangtze River, and Liu Bei has also recruited troops south of the Hanshui River to compete with Cao Cao for the world. Now Cao Cao has leveled the army, basically calmed the north, and recently conquered Jingzhou, which has shaken the reputation of the world. Liu Bei has no place to live, as if Yingxiong has no place to use, so he went to Xiakou. General, you should measure your strength to cope with the situation: if you can't rely on the strength of Wu and Yue To compete with Cao Cao in the Central Plains, it is better to lay down your weapons, tie up your armor and pay tribute to him earlier. Now you pretend to obey Cao Cao on the surface, but you are hesitant in your heart. You have other plans. You can't make a decision at such a critical moment. The catastrophe will soon come to Sun Quan and ask, "If you surrender without strength as you said, why doesn't Liu Bei surrender to Cao Cao?"

Zhuge Liang replied, "Tian Heng was just a brave man of the State of Qi. He could still keep his integrity without humiliating and surrender. Besides, Liu Bei, as a descendant of the royal family, has unparalleled talent. Many wise men admired him and rushed to his door, just like water flowing into the sea. If his career failed, it was fate. How could he surrender to Cao Cao because of temporary setbacks?"

Sun Quan was a little upset and shouted, "I will not surrender to Cao Cao! How can I take the whole land of Soochow and 100000 soldiers to be controlled by others? Now no one can resist Cao Cao except Liu Bei, but Liu Bei has just lost the battle. How can I compete with Cao Cao again?"

Zhuge Liang said: "Although Liu Bei lost the battle in Changban, there are now more than 10000 soldiers who have returned to the army, plus Guan Yu's navy, and no less than 10000 soldiers under Liu Qi. Cao Cao Cao's army came from a long distance and was exhausted. It is said that the cavalry who chased Liu Bei walked more than 300 miles a day and a night. Their current situation is like 'the arrow from a strong bow cannot penetrate even the thin silk produced by Lu at the end of the range' It is already fragile. This practice is taboo in the art of war. Moreover, the northerners are not accustomed to water wars, and the people of Jingzhou are forced to belong to Cao Cao. These are all favorable conditions for defeating Cao Cao. Now, if you can send a powerful general to command tens of thousands of troops and work with Liu Bei, you will surely defeat Cao Cao. After Cao Cao's defeat, he will inevitably return to the north. In this way, Liu Bei's Jingzhou and your Soochow will strengthen their power and divide the world into three parts. Success and failure are now. "

Sun Quan was very happy to hear Zhuge Liang's words. He sent Zhou Yu, Cheng Pu, Lu Su and others with 30000 troops to fight against Cao Cao with Liu Bei.

Sun and Liu solved the internal and external environmental problems, which created conditions for them to fight with Cao Cao wholeheartedly and intensively. Finally, we won the Battle of Red Cliff.

 解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 胜败第二十七












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