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 Interpretation of the 25th Judgment Cause of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

   date:2020-09-18 19:04:18     read:43   

Interpretation of the 25th Judgment Cause of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

The 25th cause of trial

——Assess the situation

If the power of human beings is used to fight against evil, then the Yellow Emperor can't fight for power; If we win by force, we can't compete with each other. If it can be judged and won, then the heroes of thousands of men will be able to win, and the heroes of the world will be restrained.


If we can comply with the wishes of the people to fight against the evil forces, even the Yellow Emperor can't be compared with such acts. If we can use the strength of the people to achieve victory, then even the Shang Tang and King Wu of Zhou can't be compared with such contributions. On this basis, if we judge the situation and subdue others by virtue, all the heroes will yield to such a general, and all the heroes in the world will be willing to be restrained.


This article discusses the principles of military deployment, and proposes that military deployment should be "judged by reason" and "victorious". The so-called "trial of causes" means to adapt to the current situation and become famous. According to the current statement, it means to fight a just war. Only by starting from a famous school and fighting a just war can we win the support of the masses. "Victory" requires that those who are generals should be good at winning by virtue of the advantages of the mass force formed by the support of the masses. If a general can meet the requirements of "judging the cause" and "winning", he can become a great general and a hero who conquers the world.

Extension example

Jiang Ziya attacked Zhou and destroyed Shang

The last king of the Shang Dynasty, King Zhou, was a famous cruel, tyrannical and wanton monarch in history. He killed the royal minister wantonly and poisoned the whole person. He delights in killing the people. Some loyal ministers repeatedly remonstrated, but King Zhou did not repent. Instead, he became angry with anger, killing and driving. Some ministers had no choice but to abandon their posts and run away angrily. Jiang Ziya, a famous minister under King Zhou, is one of them.

King Wu of Zhou was determined to send troops to destroy the Shang Dynasty and overthrow the brutal rule of King Zhou. He first secretly sent people to the business to check the situation and understand the situation. Before long, the person sent sent a message saying, "The Shang Dynasty is in danger and the people are in turmoil." King Wu thought that the time to attack the Shang Dynasty was not yet. Later, King Wu received a report saying, "Shang, now the bad guys are in charge, the patriarchal clan is alienated, and a big riot is brewing.". Finally, the person sent sent another message saying, "The people of the Shang Dynasty were just angry in their hearts, and they didn't dare to speak, but gnashed their teeth." At this time, King Wu felt that the time was ripe to attack the merchants. So he joined forces with the eight vassal states to launch a general offensive against the Shang Dynasty. The fatuous King Zhou thought that he had many soldiers and sent 170000 troops to fight. However, he never expected that after the two armies met, the slave soldiers of the former army of the Shang Dynasty suddenly revolted and turned back, killing the entire army of the Shang Dynasty. King Zhou fled to Lutai and burned himself.

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