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 Interpretation of the 23rd heavy sentence in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Yuan

   date:2020-09-18 19:04:23     read:51   

Interpretation of the 23rd heavy sentence in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Yuan

Twenty-third severe punishment

——Enforce the legal system

The oriental dragon gallops around the world!

Wu Qi said: drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum drum; The flag is so majestic; Prohibit punishment, so Weixin. The voice of the ear must be clear; We should not be confused about the size of our eyes; The heart is powerful and the punishment should not be lax. If the three do not stand up, the scholar can be slack. Therefore, it is said that when you command it, you will move your heart; What he refers to is dead.

The drum in the ancient army

A large bell used in ancient times to announce political and religious decrees or when there is war


Wu Qi said, "The purpose of beating the drum drum and the gold front in the army is to arouse the soldiers' acute attention in hearing, obey the command, and wave the flag, so as to focus the soldiers' attention in visual aspects. The purpose of various laws, prohibitions and penalties is to manage the soldiers and control their actions." In the army, the voice is used to attract the attention of the soldiers. When the soldiers are required to obey the command, the vocal instruments must be clear and loud; When commanding soldiers to fight with flags, the colors of the flags should be bright and eye-catching; When using punishment and prohibition to restrict the actions of soldiers, the law enforcement must be fair and strict. If we fail to do the above three points, the military appearance will be disordered, and the soldiers will be lax and lax. Therefore, when it comes to commanding the troops, we should reach such a level that as long as the commander's command flag is waved and waved, the subordinates will march forward bravely, and as long as the commander's command is given, all the soldiers will share a common hatred and fight to the death to serve the country.


This article discusses the issue of strict military management, which is a topic that everyone knows. However, Zhuge Liang has his own uniqueness in this common topic. At the beginning, he quoted the words of Wu Qi, an outstanding military strategist, and put forward the idea of "Wei Er, Wei Mu, Wei Xin". Then, from these three aspects, he deeply discussed the idea of strict military management from the outside to the inside, which is not universally understood. In particular, the discussion of "Weier" shows the author's wisdom; An army requires not only strict military appearance, strict orders and prohibitions, and clear rewards and punishments; Moreover, we should pay attention to the external "drum drum drum drum and gold front", which is majestic, which not only inspires the morale of the army, but also controls the courage of the enemy. Such an army,

Of course, we can achieve the goal of "moving your heart when you command it, and dying when you point to it". What Zhuge Liang said is the essence of military governance.

Extension example

Strict reward and punishment play magic effect

At the end of the Spring and Autumn Period, a large firewood fire in the north of the capital of the State of Lu caught fire. The sky blew north and the fire spread southward, threatening the capital. Duke Ai of Lu put out the fire himself, but there were only a few attendants beside him. Many people went to catch up with the beasts driven out by the fire, but did not go to put out the fire. Duke Ai of Lu was very angry. He summoned Confucius and asked him what to do. Confucius said, "Those who chase the wild animals are happy and unpunished, while those who fight the fire are laborious and have no reward. That is why there are few people fighting the fire." Duke Ai of Lu said, "Your opinion is very good, and you should have clear rewards and punishments." Confucius said, "Now is a critical time, and it is not time to reward those who fight the fire. In addition, all those who save the fire should be rewarded, and the cost of the country will be very high. You only need to use punishment to manage.", Duke Ai of Lu ordered: "Those who do not fight the fire are the same as those who surrender in the war; those who chase wild animals are the same as those who enter the forbidden area without permission." After the order was issued, the fire was soon put out.

解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 重刑第二十三







 东方巨龙 天下驰骋!



  pí 古代军队中的小鼓 

 铎duo 古代宣布政教法令时或有战事时用的大铃








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