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 Interpretation of the twenty-second chapter of the machine form in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. Ge

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Interpretation of the twenty-second chapter of the machine form in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Yuan

Machine shape No. 22

——Follow the circumstances and defeat the enemy

Zhuge Changqing

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If a man uses foolishness to overcome wisdom, he will be rebellious; Use wisdom to overcome foolishness and be obedient; Use wisdom to overcome wisdom. There are three ways: first, things, second, potential, and third, emotion. It is not wise to do things without response; It is not a wise man who can't control the power of power; It is not brave to have an opportunity to act. Those who are good at will win by chance.


It is against common sense that stupid people can defeat intelligent people; It is a logical necessity that a wise man can defeat a foolish man; And smart people fight together, it all depends on how to master the fighter. There are three key points to master the fighter plane: first, the incident plane, second, the potential plane, and third, the situation plane. When the event has occurred, which is beneficial to oneself and not beneficial to the enemy, it is not smart to not respond accordingly; When the situation changes, which is beneficial to oneself but not to the enemy, it is not enough to find a way to overcome the enemy, nor is it qualified for a wise man; When the whole situation is clearly beneficial to our own side, it is not brave to take decisive action. Therefore, the generals who are good at commanding the army must grasp the opportunity to win according to the change of the situation, that is, to win according to the opportunity.


This article discusses the strategic thinking of military use and stresses the "victory depends on the opportunity", that is, to adapt to the situation, grasp the opportunity, so as to defeat the enemy and win. This is the strategic accomplishment of the general. In the war, the situation is changing rapidly. If the general in command of the whole army cannot assess the situation, capture the aircraft and use the force in time, the consequences can be imagined. There are brave and resourceless generals who only know that reckless generals are stupid generals.

Extension example

The defeated army pursues the enemy and wins in the plan

Cao Cao attacked Zhang Xiu, but suddenly led his troops to retreat one day. Zhang Xiu was overjoyed and led his troops to pursue Cao Cao. The counselor Jia Xu said to Zhang Xiu, "Don't chase. If you chase, you will lose." Zhang Xiu did not listen to Jia Xu's opinion, and led the troops forward to fight Cao Cao. The result was a big defeat.

Jia Xu saw that Zhang Xiu came back from the defeat, and immediately said to Zhang Xiu, "Hurry to pursue again, and fight again, and we will win." Zhang Xiu pleaded, "We didn't use your opinion before, so we have reached this point. Now we have failed, how can we pursue again?" Jia Xu said, "The battle situation has changed, and we can win if we hurry to pursue." Zhang Xiu listened to Jia Yi's opinion, and quickly gathered the defeated soldiers to pursue, He fought with Cao's army and returned home.

Although Zhang Xiu won the battle, she couldn't explain it, He asked Jia Xu, "I will chase the retreating Cao army with the best troops first, and you said that I will lose. After my defeat, I will attack the Cao army that has just won the battle with the best troops, and you said that I will win. The fact is exactly like what you predicted. Why will the best troops fail and the defeated troops win?" Jia Xu said: "It's easy to understand. Although you are good at using troops, you are not Cao Cao's opponent. When Cao Cao just retreats, he must personally hold the battle line. Although our pursuit is elite, it is not their opponent, so I know that our army will be defeated. Cao Cao did not make any mistakes when attacking you before, but suddenly withdrew. It must be something happened in China. Now that Cao Cao has defeated your pursuit, it must be light and fast forward, even if there are some left The generals are behind you, and those generals are not your opponents. Therefore, you will win even if you fight with defeat. " Zhang Xiu was very convinced.

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