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 Interpretation of the 20th core of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

   date:2020-09-18 19:04:45     read:43   

Interpretation of the 20th core of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

The heart is the twentieth

——In order to have intelligent and brave people as their confidants, ears, eyes, hands and feet

A general must have his heart, ears, eyes and claws. Those who have no stomach, like people walking at night, are unprepared; Those who have no ears and eyes, such as living in the dark, do not know how to move; Those without claws and teeth, like hungry people who eat poison, will die. Therefore, a good general must have a knowledgeable and wise man as his heart, a careful and honest man as his eyes and ears, and a brave and good enemy as his claws.


As a general, you should have your right and left confidants who can consult with you, your ears and eyes who can tell you the news, and your wings who can resolutely implement your orders. Without a confidant, it is like walking in the dark without knowing where to go. Without eyes and ears, it is like a blind man living in the dark quietly, unable to do what he wants to do, and unable to drill for a certain personal purpose; A person without claws and teeth is like a person who is starving, eats poisonous food and dies of poisoning. Therefore, a wise general must choose knowledgeable and resourceful people as his confidants, smart, cautious and confidential people with strong judgment as his ears and eyes, and brave and brave soldiers as his claws.


This article incisively discusses the reason that a general must have a loyal backbone to unify the army. The author uses image metaphors to demonstrate in many ways that the general of the unified army must have a resourceful person as the "heart", a person who can report the situation in time as the "eyes", and a person who resolutely carries out the command as the "claws", so as to grasp the situation of the whole army in time, link up and down, command effectively, and form a strong army. The author dares to openly put forward that he must have "heart, ears, eyes and claws", which is really very frank and bold, indicating that the author is open-minded and unselfish. In fact, which general controls the army without a group of loyal subordinates? The problem is that we cannot form a small group for selfish interests, but a whole that is dedicated to serving the country and the people. This point, which has been stated by the author when discussing the general's moral character, should be paid attention to.

Extension example

Meng Changjun, the State of Qin, gets out of trouble

During the Warring States Period, Meng Changjun, a doctor of the State of Qi, loved to make friends and raised many versatile disciples at home.

King Qin and Meng Changjun were highly appreciated for their talents and talents, so he sent someone to invite Meng Changjun to meet in Xianyang, the capital. Meng Changjun brought many guests to the capital. The king of Qin was very happy and went out to meet him personally, and gave him the best room in the palace.

In order to thank the King of Qin for his kindness, Meng Changjun presented a pure white fox fur robe as a welcome gift. The king of Qin knew that this was a very valuable silver fox, so he told the courtiers to keep it well.

Some ministers of the State of Qin saw that the King of Qin trusted Meng Changjun so much and worried about his position, so they secretly discussed measures to exclude him.

One day, the king of Qin was about to call Meng Changjun to be the prime minister of the state of Qin. Some ministers immediately persuaded the king of Qin, saying, "After all, Meng Changjun is from the state of Qi. If he becomes the prime minister of the state of Qin and controls the fate of the state of Qin, of course he will assassinate the state of Qin for the purpose of Qi."

After hearing what the ministers said, the king of Qin thought it was reasonable, so he decided to give up the call and send Meng Changjun back to the state of Qi. But the ministers said, "He now knows many things about our country of Qin, and can't easily let him go back..." So he put Meng Changjun under house arrest and ready to be executed.

King Qin's brother, Jingyangjun, is Meng Changjun's good friend. He was very worried when he saw that Meng Changjun had been detained for many days and could not get away. So he took Meng Changjun and his gift to see the favored wife of the King of Qin and asked him for help. The lady took the opportunity to blackmail and said, "Just let Meng Changjun go, but I also want a silver fox fur robe."

This can make people feel guilty. Only one silver fox fur robe has been given to the king of Qin, and it can't meet his order. At this time, a doorman came up with an idea and whispered to Meng Changjun for a while.

That night, the doorman climbed into the harem from the dog hole and stole the silver fox fur robe from the clothes warehouse of the King of Qin. When the doorman came out, he startled the sleepy guard, so he lay on the ground and pretended to bark. The guard really thought it was a dog, but he didn't notice. The doorman successfully retrieved the silver fox fur robe. The lady got the silver fox fur robe and really persuaded the king of Qin to order Meng Changjun to be released.

Meng Changjun and his party hurried back overnight and walked to Hangu Pass. The gate was closed before dawn. According to the regulations of the Qin Pass, the gate could only be opened by crowing. Meng Changjun and his party were very worried and panicked. They were afraid that the king of Qin would turn back and send troops to catch up. At this extremely anxious moment, a doorman who is good at learning rooster crowing secretly learns rooster crowing. When he crows, the rooster of the nearby people also crows. The soldier who guards the gate opens the gate as soon as he hears the rooster crowing, and releases Meng Changjun and his party. Meng Changjun is finally out of danger.

The king of Qin regretted it and sent troops to catch up with him. Unfortunately, Meng Changjun had already escaped from the state of Qin.

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