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 Interpretation of the 19th chapter of Juntong in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

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Interpretation of the 19th chapter of Juntong in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

Junjing 19th

——Hidden dangers in the military

During the trip of the three armies, there was no trial, and the beacon fire was lost; In the later period, we should not seize the opportunity to disrupt the master and apprentice; Before and after, do not alloy drum; The upper part is not considerate of the lower part; Privately favoritism, not caring for hunger and cold; Non-speaking evil words will lead to bad luck; Nothing is noisy, and the general officials are shocked; Courage is not constrained, but rather dedicated; Invade the treasury and give it money without authorization. These nine are the enemy of the three armies.

Worm moth


When the army acts, there are several situations that can directly lead to the collapse of the whole army: first, the reconnaissance of the enemy's situation is not careful and accurate, and the information feedback is not carried out according to the regulations, which is not consistent with the actual situation; Second, the failure to comply with the order delayed the time of assembly, hindered the entire military operation and lost the aircraft; The third is disobedience to the command, disobedience to the dispatching, and chaos; The fourth is that the generals are not considerate of the lower level and only know how to collect and scrape; Fifth, they engage in malpractice for selfish ends and do not care about the lives of the soldiers at lower levels; Sixth, superstitious slanders, ghosts and signs, and random speculation of good or bad luck; Disrupted the morale of the army; Seventh, the soldiers did not keep order and were noisy, which disturbed the general's decision-making and implementation; Eight is to disobey orders and make claims without authorization; Ninth, corruption is serious, encroaching on state property and doing everything.


This article points out nine major taboos of military use. Here, Zhuge Liang uses the "bark beetle" as a metaphor to illustrate its harm vividly and accurately. A kind of worm of "bark beetle", which specially bites books, clothes and wood from the inside and destroys these things. Now Zhuge Liang compares the nine mistakes in military use to the "beetles" in the army, which shows that they are the internal factors that destroy an army. They are really exquisite, excellent and thought-provoking. In actual military use, there are countless cases of failure or even total annihilation due to committing one or more of the nine taboos. Zhuge Liang's ability to sum up these lessons into nine taboos and name them as "military junks" is of great help to any general. They should keep in mind that they should never be jealous!

Extension example

Zhuge Liang is burning Bosheng

Cao Cao appointed Xia Houdun as the commander, Yu Jin, Li Dian, Xia Houlan and Han Hao as the deputy generals, and led 100000 troops to Bowangpo to act according to the situation. Xia Houdun, however, could not listen. He only regarded Liu Bei as a "rat" and Zhuge Liang as a "straw", and set out proudly.

Zhuge Liang asked Liu Bei to recruit militiamen. Three thousand people were recruited, and Zhuge Liang taught them to practice the array from morning to night.

Suddenly, Cao Cao sent Xia Houdun to lead a hundred thousand soldiers to Xinye. Liu Bei asked Zhuge Liang to discuss. Zhuge Liang was afraid that the generals would not listen to the order, so he borrowed the seal and sword from Liu Bei, and then gathered the generals to deliver the order. Zhuge Liang said: "There is a mountain on the left of the Bowang Slope, called Yushan, and a forest on the right, called Anlin. These two places can ambush troops and horses. Yunchang can take a thousand soldiers to Yushan to ambush, wait for the enemy to come, let them pass, don't fight; their supplies must be in the back, only wait to see the fire in the south, then let the soldiers attack and burn their food and grass. Yide takes a thousand soldiers to ambush in the valley behind Anlin, as long as he sees the fire in the south, he can Go out and set fire to the old grain depot in Bowang City. Guan Ping and Liu Feng led five hundred soldiers, prepared for the fire, and waited on both sides behind the Bowang Slope. At the beginning of the shift, the enemy soldiers set fire as soon as they arrived. " He also ordered Zhao Yun to be recalled from Fancheng, and ordered him to be the front, not to win, but to lose. Finally, Liu Bei was asked to take a team of people as backup. Command the crowd: "We must work according to the plan, and we must not make mistakes!" Cloud said: "We all go out to meet the enemy, but we don't know what the military division does?" Zhuge Liang said: "I will sit in the county seat!" Zhang Fei laughed and said: "We all go to fight, but you sit idle at home, so comfortable!" Zhuge Liang said: "The sword is printed here, and those who violate the order will kill!" Liu Bei also said: "Haven't you heard of 'in the process of planning a strategy, winning a victory thousands of miles away'? Two brothers, you can't disobey the order." Zhang Fei left with a sneer. Yunchang said, "Let's wait to see if his plan comes true. It's not too late to ask him again then!" Xia Houdun led the troops to Bowang and divided half of the elite soldiers as the front team, while the rest protected the grain truck. It was autumn, and a strong wind slowly blew up. Cao Jun was on his way when he saw dust flying in front of him. Xia Houdun put the horses aside and asked that there was Bowangpo in front and Luochuankou in the back. He let Yu Jin and Li Dian detain the rear array, and went out to the front of the array in person. When he looked at the enemy, he laughed and said, "I laughed at Xu Yuanzhi who boasted of Zhuge Liang as an immortal in front of the prime minister. Now when he used his army to fight me with such an army horse, it was like driving a dog and sheep to fight with a tiger and a leopard! I boasted in front of the prime minister that I would capture Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang alive, and I would certainly realize my promise today!" Then I jumped forward, He scolded Zhao Yun: "You follow Liu Bei, just like a lonely soul following a wild ghost!" Zhao Yun was furious and jumped into the Malay War. After a few rounds, Zhao Yun pretended to lose. Xia Houdun followed from behind. After running for more than ten miles, Zhao Yun returned to fight again. After a few rounds, he ran away again. Han Hao reminded Xia Houdun to beware of ambush. Xia Houdun said, "Even if such an enemy army is ambushed on all sides, what am I afraid of?" He did not listen to the dissuasion and ran to Bowangpo. When meeting Liu Bei to answer the battle, Xia Houdun smiled and said, "This is the ambush! I will not stop until I arrive in Xinye tonight!" He urged the troops to advance. Liu Bei and Zhao Yun fled immediately.

At this time, it was late, with thick clouds and no moonlight; The wind has been strong during the day, and it is getting stronger and stronger. Xia Houdun only cares about urging the army to kill him. Yu Jin and Li Dian rushed to a narrow place. Seeing that there were reeds on both sides, Li Dian worried about being attacked by fire. Li Dian immediately told the rear army to stop advancing. Yu Jin went to the front army and advised Xia Houdun to be more prepared. Unexpectedly, the troops went crazy, and the rear army couldn't stop them for a while. Yu Jin rushed to the front army to persuade the governor, but it was too late to return. Before he finished speaking, he shouted loudly behind his back and lit up a fire, which soon burned the reeds on both sides. At one time, fire was everywhere; The wind is stronger and the fire is fiercer. Cao's troops trampled on each other and killed countless people. When Zhao Yun returned to the army to kill him, Xia Houdun had to run away with fireworks.

Seeing the general situation was bad, Li Dian hurried back to Bowang City, but was stopped by a general. It was the general Guan Yunchang. When the two armies fought in a melee, Li Dian grabbed the road and fled. Yu Jin ran away from the path when he saw that all the food and grass vehicles were burned. Xia Houlan and Han Hao came to save the food and grass and met Zhang Fei. After a few rounds, Zhang Fei stabbed Xia Houlan to death, and Han Hao ran away. Kill until dawn. It's really killing corpses everywhere.









 东方巨龙 天下驰骋!




   蠹du 蛀虫








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