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 Interpretation of the 18th exercise of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

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Interpretation of the 18th exercise of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

Practice the 18th

——On the Education and Training of the Army

Without practice, the husband's army is not one in a hundred; One can be used as a hundred. Therefore, Confucius said, "To fight without teaching is to abandon it." He also said, "A good man can teach the people for seven years, and he can also become a military commander." However, the military commander must not teach it, teach it with courtesy and righteousness, teach it with loyalty, admonish it with punishment, punish it with punishment, and punish it with rewards. The old people know how to persuade, and then learn it, or divide it by array, sit up, walk and stop it, walk and stop it, separate and combine it, disperse and gather it. One person can teach ten people, ten people can teach a hundred people, a hundred people can teach a thousand people, a thousand people can teach ten thousand people, can teach the three armies, and then the enemy can win by training.


If the soldiers of the army do not receive the education and training they deserve, then a hundred soldiers are not equal to one soldier of the enemy; If the soldiers receive the proper education and training, one soldier can withstand the attack of hundreds of enemies. So Confucius said, "The common people go to fight without education and training, which is to send them to death." "Let virtuous people educate and train the people in seven years, and they can fight immediately, and all of them are brave and good at fighting!" This means that if you want the people to fight, you can't educate and train them before you go out. When training, you should make the people understand what is etiquette and what is righteousness, you should train and teach them to have a loyal mind, you should clarify the boundaries of rewards and punishment, and use rewards and punishment to restrict and urge their behavior, So that they can make progress consciously. Then carry out basic skills training: line up and disband, sit up, move forward and backward, disband and assemble, so that they can be orderly and orderly. If one teaches ten, ten teaches hundreds, hundreds teaches thousands, thousands teaches thousands, the whole three armies can be trained, and finally the soldiers can be trained in tactics to defeat the enemy on the battlefield.


This article discusses the issue of military training. The article first discusses the importance of peacetime training from both positive and negative aspects, and quotes Confucius' words: "Let soldiers go to war without training, which is to send soldiers to die!" clearly explains the necessity and importance of peacetime training. The article not only discusses the importance of training, but also describes the training methods. Among the training methods described by the author, there is an opinion that is particularly worth putting forward. This is what the author said: "One person can teach ten people, ten people can teach hundreds of people, hundreds of people can teach thousands of people, thousands of people can teach thousands of people, and can teach the three armies." This is consistent with the mass training method we now say. First train the backbone, then train others by the backbone, gradually expand, and learn from each other.

Extension example

Gou Jian encouraged his troops to destroy Wu

Gou Jian, king of Yue, was defeated by Fu Chai, king of Wu. The doctor Wenzhong walked forward and said to the king of Yue: "I heard that a wise businessman should prepare goods for winter in the summer, and prepare ships when walking on the dry road. That is to say, whatever you do should be fully prepared in advance. When the country is stable, you should choose wise people to manage national affairs and make the country rich and strong. It is too late for you to think of this when you have lost the war."

In order to motivate himself, Gou Jian, the king of Yue, slept on the grass every day. He also hung a gall bladder on the top of his bunk and tasted it every morning, noon and evening, which meant to remind him not to forget the pain of national subjugation.

After the war, the country of Vietnam was small and sparsely populated. For this reason, Gou Jian formulated a series of population development policies: women must marry at the age of 17, and men must take a wife at the age of 20, or their parents will be punished; The state will reward women for giving birth to boys and girls; Countries with multiple births will give more generous subsidies. In this way, after 10 years of efforts, the population of Vietnam has increased significantly.

He also cultivated the field himself, collected grain as his ration, and asked his wife to weave cloth to make his own clothes. No tax will be levied on the people for ten years. In this way, people have enough food in their homes for three years. Over the past 20 years, the people have become rich and the national treasury has been enriched.

He took turns to carry out military training for men, so that every man of the right age is healthy and knows how to fight.

The country is rich and the people are strong, but the people have not forgotten the humiliation of the country. They asked Gou Jian, the king of Yue, to send troops to attack the State of Wu and revenge. But Gou Jian, the king of Yue, said, "It's my fault to defeat the war in the past. I'd better not fight!"

The people said angrily, "At present, the people all over the country respect you very much, just as they respect their parents. Now, all the sons want to avenge the killing of their parents, and all the ministers want to avenge the humiliation of the king. When the war starts, who can not do his best? King, lead us to fight!"

Gou Jian nodded, He said to the people excitedly: "I heard that the ancient Ming Jun was not worried about the shortage of troops, but about the inconsistency of the will of all of us. Today, we are all of one mind and one mind. What else do I worry about? Although there are 100000 soldiers in Fuchai now. However, they do not have a unified will, and are vulnerable to attack. I just hope that you will obey the command, observe discipline, and fight bravely. Those who are brave to move forward will be rewarded, and those who are cowardly will be punished. I hope you will remember. "

The soldiers set out. Their parents encouraged their children, their brothers encouraged their brothers, and their wives comforted their husbands; "Our great king is a wise man. You should follow him faithfully and fight bravely for the motherland. Go ahead and defeat our enemy! The war started and the State of Wu was defeated.

 解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 习练第十八











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