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 Interpretation of the 17th alert in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

   date:2020-09-18 19:04:59     read:39   

Interpretation of the 17th alert in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

The 17th alert

——Be prepared

Don't be on guard before your country. If you miss a stone, you will be as far away as a thousand miles away. You will be defeated by the enemy! Therefore, when there is adversity, the monarch and the minister must eat and plan for it, and choose the right person to do it. If you live in peace and don't think of danger, and if you arrive without fear, this is called Yan Nest on the screen, fish swim in the tripod, and die before it's too late. The legend said, "If you are unprepared, you can't learn." He said, "If you are unprepared, you can't learn." He also said, "If you are unprepared, you can't learn. You can't rely on it.". So he said: Be prepared. Therefore, the three armies should not go unprepared.

Ng â n: It's late in the evening; The scorpion is a kind of poisonous insect


The most important thing of the country is national defense. A slight deviation in the issue of national defense will lead to the demise of the country and the ruin of the country. This is the most terrible thing! Therefore, once the country is in danger, the monarch and his ministers should work together, forget to eat and sleep, and work together to plan, select competent people as generals, and command the three armies to meet the enemy. If you can't be prepared for danger in peace, even if the enemy has hit home, you can't be alert, just like the swallow's nest built on the curtain of the door, the fish game in the boiling pot, and the day of death is not far away. "Zuo Zhuan" said: "If you have no plans for things and are not prepared to make no mistakes, you cannot send troops!" Good governance was advocated in ancient times. He also said: "Small insects such as bees and scorpions use venomous stings as defense tools, let alone a huge country." If a country neglects national defense construction, even millions of people are not terrible, so it means to be prepared. It can be seen that the officers and men of the three armies must be prepared before going out.


This article discusses the issue of a country's constant preparedness, and points out that a country's primary task is nothing more important than defense. The article discusses the importance of strengthening defense in many aspects, and draws the conclusion of "being prepared". This is true for a country and for an army. The article emphasizes that: "The three armed forces should not go unprepared." From the detailed discussion in the full text, it is not difficult to understand that the way to use troops in a country is not to use troops to fight, but the most important thing is the daily defense, which is the fundamental to ensure national security. The article uses an image metaphor to make the problem very prominent and thorough: "If you can't be prepared for danger in peace, and the enemy doesn't know how to be vigilant when it comes, it is like a swallow building its nest on the door curtain, fish swimming in the pot, and the day of death is only in the twinkling of an eye!" Think about Zhuge Liang's aphorism, and you should understand it without saying more.

Extension example

Wei Jiang

During the Spring and Autumn Period, one year the State of Zheng attacked the State of Song, which caused dissatisfaction among the eleven countries in the Central Plains. They jointly sent troops to support the State of Song and defeated the State of Zheng. The State of Chu took advantage of the fire and sent troops to force the State of Zheng to surrender to him. Zheng had no choice but to agree. In this way, the twelve countries, Qi and Wei, led by the State of Jin, were dissatisfied. They jointly discussed Zheng. Zheng was unable to resist and had to ask for peace talks with the State of Jin. In order to please the State of Jin, Zheng sent a large number of gifts. Musicians, singers, musical instruments, military vehicles, and the Duke of mourning of Jin accepted the gifts and were elated. When several singers were presented to the meritorious minister Wei Jiang, he kindly said, "You have been planning for me for many years, and everything has gone smoothly. Although you and I are monarchs and ministers, we are in tune like music. Now Zheng sent the gifts, let's enjoy them together!"

Wei Jiang politely declined the gift from the monarch, and advised him: "The security of the Jin State and the clearness of the imperial government owe the first line to your ability, and the second is the concerted efforts of the ministers. I am personally meritorious. How can I deserve to be rewarded without merit? I remind you that while enjoying a happy life, do not forget that the country still has many things to do. Be prepared for danger in times of peace, and be prepared for danger..."









 东方巨龙 天下驰骋!




gân:天色晚,晚上; chai:蝎子一类有毒的虫子



  国家最重要的事务是国防,在国防的问题上稍有偏差,就会导致国家的灭亡,使全国覆没,无可挽回,这是最可怕的事情啊!所以,一旦国家出现了危难,君臣应齐心一致,废寝忘食,共同谋策,挑选有本领的人担任将帅,指挥三军应敌。如果不能居安思危,就是敌人已打到了家里也不能警觉,如同燕子的窝巢搭筑在门帘上,鱼儿游戏在沸鼎里,灭亡的日子已经不远了。《左传》说:对事物没有计划,不准备到毫无差错的地步,不能出兵!”居安思危,妥善安排,防止可能出现的灾难,这是古代推崇的善政”。还说: “象蜜蜂和蝎子一类的小昆虫都以毒刺作为防御的工具,更何况是一个庞大的国家呢?”如果一个国家忽视了国防建设,即使有百万之众也不可怕,所以说有备无患,就是这个意思。可见,三军将士在出征之前,一定要做好准备。






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