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 Interpretation of the Fourteenth Intelligent Use of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Yuan

   date:2020-09-18 19:05:08     read:49   

Interpretation of the Fourteenth Intelligent Use of Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Yuan

Intelligent use of the 14th

——In order to win in accordance with heaven, time and people

Zhuge Changqing

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As a general, he must obey the law of heaven, according to the time and according to the people. Therefore, it is said to be contrary to the time when heaven does not do it while man does it; It is said to be against the sky when people do not do it; Heaven does it when it is done and people don't do it. The wise man is not against the sky, nor against the time, nor against man.


In order to win the battle, the generals and soldiers must take into account the weather, the fighter plane and the quality of the people, and must be in line with the weather, have the fighter plane and have the corresponding combat effectiveness. Therefore, it is against the weather to send troops when conforming to the weather and having the corresponding combat effectiveness, but the time is not ripe. It is against the weather to send troops when having the corresponding combat effectiveness, having mature fighter planes, but not having the weather conditions. It is against the weather to send troops when conforming to the weather and seizing the fighter planes, but not having the corresponding combat effectiveness of the soldiers. A wise general will never go against the weather, the time and the people when he leads the army.


This article discusses the commanding quality of the general. The article points out that the generals should use their troops "in accordance with the weather, the time and the people", which is often said to pay attention to "the weather, the location and the people". Zhuge Liang also stressed from the opposite side that we should not "go against the sky, the times and the people". This discussion on both sides puts these requirements in a very prominent position.

It is really important to stress "conforming to the weather, timing and people" in the command of the war. Cao Mengde can be regarded as an outstanding military strategist in China's history. He defeated Yuan Shao's million troops, swept the northern land, and was invincible. However, he suffered a disastrous defeat in Chibi. The important reason is that he did not understand the "timing". Cao Mengde led an army of 830000 troops, and went straight down the Yangtze River, with the potential to swallow up Sun Quan and Liu Bei. However, in the Yangtze River water war, his northern soldiers could not adapt. When he was distressed by this, Pang Shiyuan offered him a "chain plan", asking him to lock the warships together with iron rings, 30 or 50 in a row. In this way, the warships connected together are indeed very stable and not afraid of wind and waves. Cao Mengde was very happy and thought it was a safe bet. Cheng Yu, a counselor, warned: "The ships are chained up, which is stable, but if the enemy attacks with fire, it is difficult to avoid. We can't help but defend." Cao Mengde said: "If we use fire to attack, we must use the wind. Now it is the severe winter season, and there is only the northwest wind. How can there be the east wind and the south wind? We are in the northwest, and the enemy forces are on the south bank. If they use fire to attack, they will burn their own troops. What am I afraid of? If it is the early spring of October, I would have been on guard." Cao Mengde only knows the general rules, but not the special circumstances. The result is that the calculation is not as good as Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu, and there are thousands of warships in size, In an instant, the whole army of 830000 was almost destroyed.

Extension example

Adapt to the current situation and find good opportunities

There is a fable in Liezi that tells that two fathers and sons did the same thing, but the results were very different.

During the Warring States Period, there was an old man surnamed Shi in the State of Lu. He had two sons. One loved Confucianism and the other loved the art of war. Later, the one who likes Confucianism, with his profound knowledge and a set of theories of governing the country by virtue, went to lobby the King of Qi, got the important position of the King of Qi, and became the teacher of the princes. The man who loves the art of war came to the State of Chu and talked about the rule of law to the king of Chu. The king of Chu praised his views and appointed him as the minister of military affairs. The two sons are in the prominent position, and their relatives also enjoy the glory and wealth.

The neighbor of Shi Lao, Meng Lao, also has two sons, who have the same learning as the second son of the Shi family, but the family business has not been prosperous. The father and son of the Meng family envied the wealth of the Shi family, so they came to ask for advice and inquired about the way to get an official. The second son of the Shi family told the truth. The Meng family father and son heard that the matter was so simple, but they didn't think of it. I deeply regret that I gave up high office and high salary in vain. Neighbors for so many years, who doesn't know who? What the Shi family's son can do, the Meng family will never be worse! The father and son were very excited when they thought this way. Old Meng sent his two sons on the journey, just as happy as sending them to take office.

A son of Mencius went to the State of Qin to talk about the benefits of governing the world with etiquette. But the king of Qin could not listen to a word. Finally, he was angry and scolded, saying, "What is more important than military and economic affairs in today's feud among the princes? According to your opinion, governing the country with benevolence and justice, is it not that I am waiting for death?" After that, he ordered the guard to impose a palace punishment on the man, and then drove him out of the country.

Another son of Mencius came to the State of Wei and persuaded the Duke of Wei to rule the country by law and to accumulate strength to fight against the princes. Duke Wei said unhappily: "My country is relatively weak and can be preserved under the situation of the big country's war. Obeying the big country and loving the smaller country is the only feasible strategy, and it is also the reason for safeguarding the country's peace. If the big country thinks I want to fight it with force, the small country thinks I want to annex it, and make enemies on all sides, do you think I can still sit here safely? If I let you go like this, it will make other countries think I am moved by you, and will It will cause no small disaster ". So he ordered someone to cut off one of his feet and send him back to the State of Lu. The two sons of the Meng family have become useless people. When the father and son meet, they cry bitterly. Thinking of the idea of the Shi family, he immediately beat his chest and accused the old Shi father and son of cheating them.

Shilao also sympathized with the neighbors' sufferings, comforted them repeatedly and persuaded them to cry, Say calmly: "Our neighbor has been doing this kind of outrageous thing for many years, who can do it? Please listen to me and tell me why it is different. Generally speaking, when we catch the right time, we can do everything right. When the time passes, we can't do anything. Your method is the same as mine, why is the result different from mine? This is the reason for losing the opportunity, and it is not the mistake in action. Besides, there is no fixed reason for the world's affairs, and there will never be any Constant right and wrong. What was needed in the past may be abandoned today; What is discarded today may still be needed in the future. There is no difference between right and wrong. It is indispensable wisdom to adapt to the current situation, find good opportunities and deal with everything with a flexible mind. If you don't have this kind of wisdom, even if you are as knowledgeable as Confucius and as versatile as Jiang Taigong, how can you not run into obstacles everywhere? " Meng's father and son suddenly realized that the anger on his face was gone, and said sincerely, "We all understand. Don't say it again!"








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