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 Interpretation of the 13th material selection in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

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Interpretation of the 13th material selection in Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Court

Thirteenth material selection

——Choose materials and use them to the best of their abilities

My master's trip also includes those who are aggressive and happy to fight, and those who win the strong enemy alone will gather together as a group, and they will be called the people who serve the country; Those who have the strength to cover the three armies and the material strength to be brave and victorious will gather together as a group, and are called the men of the sudden array; Those who have light feet and good steps, and walk like horses, gather together as a group, and are called Qi Qi Qi Qi Men; There are those who ride and shoot like flying and hit all targets. They gather together as a group and are called the men who fight for the front; If you shoot, you will hit, and if you hit, you will die. You will be gathered into a group, which is called a galloping man; There are those who are good at making strong crossbows, and those who are far away and in the middle. They gather together as a group, and are called those who destroy the front. The good men of the six armies are used for their abilities.


When arranging the army, the general should pay attention to the following: some soldiers are highly skilled in martial arts, like to fight against the enemy, and are willing to compete with strong opponents independently, so they should be grouped into one ranks. These people can be regarded as the soldiers who serve the country; Some soldiers have the highest morale in the third army, are energetic and skillful, so they should be grouped into a group. These people can be regarded as commandos; Some soldiers walk quickly and quickly, and are as powerful as galloping horses. They should be grouped together. This person can form a forward team; Some soldiers are good at riding and shooting, and have excellent archery skills. They should be grouped together to form a surprise attack team; Some soldiers are specialized in archery and are first-class archers. They should also be grouped into a team. These people can form a shooting team; Some soldiers are extremely powerful and can use powerful bows and crossbows. They can hit the target even if the range is relatively long. They should be grouped together to form a blocking team. It can be seen that different soldiers have different abilities and characteristics, so they should be able to give full play to their special skills, and do their best.


This article is devoted to the way of employment. The author divides the officers and men in the army into six types, describes their respective characteristics, and then puts forward his own opinion: "Each uses them according to his ability".

The ability to recognize and employ people is one of the criteria to measure the ability of a general, and it is also an important criterion. No matter how powerful the general is, it is impossible to dominate the whole country by himself. Only by organizing a strong team can we defeat the powerful enemy. It is impossible for all soldiers in the army to be the same. They must have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is difficult for one to be good at everything. However, if an army can give full play to the respective strengths of its officers and men, it can form a powerful and invincible army with all kinds of skills. A wise general is able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the officers and men in the army, use their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, and organize their subordinates into a team that is good at everything. So, even though the general is not superior in martial arts, his army is invincible. Therefore, the wisdom of an outstanding general lies in "using it according to its ability"!

Extension example

Appoint people on merit to win the world

In 202 BC, Liu Bang, the king of the Han Dynasty, ascended the throne and became the emperor, known as the Emperor of the Han Dynasty. All officials, civil and military, come forward and greet each other with great respect. This is something that the emperor, who was born as a farmer's son, could not have dreamed of a few years ago. So he set up a celebration banquet in Luoyang South Palace for three days. Everyone was drinking, talking and laughing, very lively. Liu Bang was also very happy. He said to everyone, "Dear princes and generals, today is the day of Daqing. You all have your heart in your heart. Don't deceive me. Tell me why I Liu Bang won the world, and why Xiang Yu lost the world?"

Everyone drinks a lot of wine, but who dares to talk nonsense. Everyone, you say and sing compliments one by one. General Wang Ling said better, He said, "Your majesty sent a brave man to fight in armor, and when he captured the city, he was awarded a reward. It was profitable. Your majesty can share the interests of the world, so everyone would work hard to fight for you. But Xiang Yu did not award or not reward, so he lost the world." Someone then said: "Not only do you not award, but also envy the virtuous and jealous of the virtuous. The virtuous and meritorious will also be framed and suspected!" Liu Bang laughed and said: "You are not comprehensive. The main reason why I am today is that I can use people wisely and appoint people on merit. I have three great sages. In fact, I am not as good as Zhang Liang in terms of foresight, Xiao He in terms of governing the country and the people, and Han Xin in terms of unifying the army to attack the city. But I can reuse these three heroes in the world, so I can achieve the world. But Xiang Yu has only one Fan Zeng, but I can't reuse. This is him The root of failure! "









 东方巨龙 天下驰骋!











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