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 "Sun Tzu's Art of War" that small investors must know

   date:2020-09-18 19:05:12     read:39   

"Sun Tzu's Art of War" that small investors must know

Zhuge Changqing

Cultivate one's moral integrity, unify one's family, govern the country, and level the world

As in the war between venture capital and military, we should pay attention to tactics and strategies. Sun Tzu's art of war has become a classic book in the history of war by virtue of thirty-six strategies. In fact, there are also some ways to help small investors reduce investment risks in public investment and financial management. We can also regard it as "Sun Tzu's art of war" in investment.

1. Don't borrow and invest heavily

Most of the general public invest in small funds. Because the economy is relatively tight, they want to make money with this money. In the process of investment, they can only win, not lose. Therefore, when starting to invest, we should act according to our own conditions and not borrow too much. Because of the high risk of large amount of loans and the psychological pressure of entrepreneurship, it is extremely detrimental to the normal play of the operator's ability.

2. Don't blindly catch up with the trend of hot business

In the early stage of investment and entrepreneurship, many people, because they are unfamiliar with the market, often follow their feelings, see what other people do to make money, blindly follow the trend, and do not consider their own situation. In this way, the market is often oversupplied, or is not suitable for this operation, resulting in loss of money. Therefore, when investing, we should learn to take advantage of opportunities, find out the disadvantages, and achieve the goal of "I have no one".

3. Start small business and don't be greedy for perfection

When some people just invest and start a business, because they don't have the bottom of their hearts, they are itchy to see others start a company and make a lot of money. They always want to eat a fat man, and they are likely to suffer a big loss in the end. Therefore, investors who have little capital in their hands and have no business experience may as well start small business first. Although the development of small business is slow, there is no need to be afraid of losing money. It can also accumulate business experience and lay the foundation for the next big business. It is the experience of many small investors to start small business with less capital, understand the market first, wait for the time to mature, and then invest in large business.

4. Learn a technology and make money steadily

Paying some tuition and learning a professional technology is also a safe way of investment. There are many successful examples in this field at all times and in all countries. The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy. If you want to keep up with the pace of the times, you must pay attention to intellectual investment, and learn a craft well according to your own situation, so you will not worry about finding a way to make money.

5. Don't be credulous and become rich, and choose investment projects carefully

Now, some advertisements boasting that "less investment, quick results and high returns" can make a fortune overnight are overwhelming, using high returns as bait to deceive those who are eager to make a fortune. In fact, the profit rate of investment is generally fluctuating, but relatively stable. The profit of the investment project is high or low, but it will not be too high. Therefore, there must be deceit among those who boast of excessive profits. When choosing a project, investors had better consult with the local technical department and industrial and commercial department first to avoid being cheated.

6. Keep up with the market and fill in the gaps

Small investors can't stand the storm of market competition because of their weakness. Therefore, when selecting investment projects, we should consider the situation, that is, do not challenge market leaders, nor waste our energy to follow. We should choose the part of the market that others are unwilling to do or have not taken into account, and adopt the strategy of filling in the gaps. In this way, we can not only develop our own profitable "corner" market, but also avoid direct competition with powerful players to the maximum extent. However, we must do a good job in three aspects: first, we must be good at grasping and following the market; Second, we should be good at capturing business opportunities in the market; Third, we should be good at creating new markets. Zhang Wei is a piano teacher in the music department of the university. A classmate who sells piano complained to him that his piano shop is doing well, but the after-sales services such as tuning and maintenance of the piano are not up to date. The customer has a complaint. When Zhang Wei heard this, his heart suddenly brightened. Isn't this a good way to invest? As a piano teacher, I have this expertise. To open such a shop, I only need a shop and a set of tools. The investment is small, and the city is unique. A piano shop attached to a classmate opened such a shop, not worried about the market. Now, Zhang Wei's service department has a good business.

8. Concentrate on advantages and work together

Due to the weak scale and strength of small capital investment, it is impossible to attack in all directions and receive scale benefits. Through the joint efforts of several small investors, we can concentrate on our advantages to enter the target market, strive to form a comparative advantage in even a small field, and create our own characteristics, so as to develop our own strength. Of course, this alliance should do the following: First, focus on advantages, and each partner will contribute their own advantages to form a unified core advantage; Second, mutual trust, honesty, benefit sharing and risk sharing; Third, there is no need to unite for a long time. When there is an opportunity, they will gather, when the task is completed, they will disperse, and the objects of cooperation are not fixed. They will strengthen their respective strengths through joint profits.






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