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 Interpretation of "Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Yuan"

   date:2020-09-18 19:05:35     read:45   

Interpretation of "Zhuge Liang's Art of War. General Yuan"

Will be the eighth

(General should have "five good" and "four desires")

There will be five good and four desires. The five good people are good at knowing the situation of the enemy, the way to advance and retreat, the reality of the country, the time and the people, and the dangers of mountains and rivers. The four desires, the so-called war desire to be strange, the plot desire to be secret, the public desire to be quiet, and the heart desire to be one.


The requirement for the general's military practical ability is "five good and four desires". The five good points are: good at observing the enemy's force deployment, good at correctly judging the time of attack and retreat, good at understanding the strength of the belligerents, good at taking advantage of the favorable opportunities for their own side, good at taking advantage of the rugged and dangerous terrain of mountains and rivers. The four desires refer to: winning by surprise in battle, careful planning, numerous people and complicated affairs, pursuing calm and steady, maintaining the unity of the whole army and working together to fight the war.


This article discusses the general literacy. The article adopts the direct method, and puts forward the requirements of five good and four desires clearly and concretely. Among them, the "five good" is the requirement for the general's military literacy and knowledge, while the "four desires" is the requirement for command ability and cultivation.

For an excellent general, these requirements are not demanding. Only by achieving the "five goodness" and "four desires" can he command freely and invincible. Zhuge Liang's country of Shu is the weakest of the three countries, but he can control the situation of the three countries and make the country of Shu stand still. It is precisely because he has achieved the "five good" and "four desires", and can win repeatedly, even in defeat.

Of course, it is not easy to truly achieve the "five good" and "four desires". We must be knowledgeable, willing to study, good at summarizing and pay attention to self-cultivation. If you want to become an outstanding general and achieve something, you must do it. Aspiring people should take this as a standard to regulate themselves and sharpen themselves.

Extension example

Lv Meng read books and offered clever ideas

During the Three Kingdoms Period, there was a famous general in Wu State, named Lv Meng. He was born in the army and had no chance to read and practice calligraphy. His family was poor when he was young. Apart from practising martial arts, he did not have access to the works of various schools of thought.

One day, Sun Quan, the Lord of Wu, invited Lv Meng and said to him with concern, "Now you are a man of both fame and power in the imperial court. You can't have no knowledge. It's not enough to talk about martial arts. You should read more books and increase some knowledge to live up to the expectations!"

Lv Meng was embarrassed and said, "I am busy in the military camp all day, and I have unfinished military affairs. Where can I still read books?"

"No," Sun Quan patiently enlightened him, "It's unreasonable not to read books on the pretext of being busy with military affairs. Am I not busy? The imperial court, internal affairs and foreign affairs, which don't bother me, but I still take time to read. Of course, I don't want you to immerse yourself in books all day and don't ask about military affairs, but just want you to see the experience left by your predecessors, expand your horizons, and enrich yourself, which is very beneficial for you to lead the army in the future..."

"You are right. I heard that Emperor Guangwu was also a diligent and studious man. He never left his books in the chaotic military life... I will take him as an example and study hard!"

Lv Meng was a general who did what he said. From then on, he insisted on reading every day, sometimes late at night. I have read more books and improved my knowledge.

Before long, Lu Su took the place of Governor Zhou Yu. The two often discussed important military and political issues of the country. One day, Lu Su went to Lvmeng's station to see him, and Lvmeng treated him warmly. During the banquet, Lv Meng asked Lu Su, "What are your strategies for guarding Lukou and neighboring Guan Yu?" Lu Su casually replied, "Oh, let's talk about it then

Lu Su listened to Lv Meng's five secret strategies and was surprised. He said happily, "I only knew you had martial arts before, but now I know you have extensive knowledge. You are not the old Amun!"

Lv Meng also laughed: "After three days of separation, you should treat people with new eyes. You can't look at people with old eyes!"

 解读《诸葛亮兵法.将苑》 将善第八













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