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 Treasure of Wisdom: Interpretation of General Annals No. 7 of Zhuge Liang's Art of War

   date:2020-09-18 19:05:56     read:36   

Treasure of Wisdom: Interpretation of General Annals No. 7 of Zhuge Liang's Art of War

To be a general, you should have extraordinary ambitions. It is necessary to have a broad mind that is beneficial to others without any disadvantages.

---Zhuge Changqing

Original text: The weapon is lethal, and the general is dangerous. If the weapon is hard, it will be short, and if the task is heavy, it will be dangerous. Therefore, good generals do not rely on strength, do not protect the power, spoil them without joy, humiliate them without fear, see profits without greed, see beauty without lust, and die for the country with their lives.

Weapons are a kind of lethal weapon, and it is a great responsibility to unify the army. The weapon is hard and easy to be damaged. The general's task is important and therefore risky. Therefore, the real general does not rely on his strong and powerful army. When he is loved by the monarch, he does not get complacent. When he is slandered and insulted by others, he does not fear or shrink. When he sees benefits, he does not have greed. When he sees beautiful women, he does not have evil thoughts. He only knows to protect his family and country wholeheartedly and die for his job.

Analysis: This article discusses the cultivation of generals. The article starts with the weapon as a metaphor, and puts forward the argument that "the weapon is hard, but it is not enough", explaining that the general who bears the heavy responsibility must guard against arrogance and rashness. In order to avoid "lack", that is, to avoid "damage", and to strengthen their self-cultivation, Zhuge Liang put forward six aspects of prohibition, that is, not to be strong, not to be weak, not to be spoiled, not to be afraid of humiliation, not to be greedy for profit, not to be greedy for obscenity, and required the general's ambition to "die for the country, and have one mind".

Zhuge Liang's standard is quite high. According to our modern words, we should be selfless and dedicate everything to the people and the country. However, those who occupy high positions and bear heavy responsibilities must have such moral cultivation to live up to the people entrusted with heavy responsibilities.

Zhuge Liang himself is a good example. He has been cautious and loyal all his life, and has achieved the goal of "making every effort to die". Therefore, he has been admired and imitated by later generations, and has a lasting reputation.

Extension example: Guo Ziyi shows selflessness

At the end of the Tang Dynasty, when the vassal state was divided, the monarchs and ministers were suspicious of each other, and the civil servants and military generals felt threatened by themselves, and even felt afraid of private exchanges. Some people, for fear of arousing suspicion from others, would like to be isolated from the world and have no contact with anyone once they enter a deep house. Among the ministers, only Guo Ziyi, the king of Fenyang, was different. The door of Guo Mansion is open every day, and no one is allowed to go in and out.

Once, a general under his command left Beijing for his post and came to say goodbye. He was surprised to see him as casual as a servant in front of his wife and children. Guo Ziyi's sons also felt that his father had gone too far, He advised him to say, "You have made great achievements, but you don't respect yourself. You can enter your bedroom regardless of your status. Ancient sages and powerful ministers would not do this." Guo Ziyi smiled and said to his son: "How do you know what I mean? I have 500 horses and a thousand servants. If I have always built high walls, closed doors, and kept no contact with the court, and if I have personal grudges with others, and if there are jealous people who instigate me, then the disaster of our family will not be far away. Now I am honest and innocent, and the four doors are open. Even if someone slanders me, I can't find an excuse to harm."

Guo Ziyi is not only at home, but also in the court. Yu Chaoen once invited him to travel with him. Someone told Guo Ziyi that Yu Chaoen was ready to kill him. At that time, there were three hundred soldiers and soldiers who asked for protection with them. But when Guo Ziyi left, he only brought a few servants. Yu Chaoen was surprised, and Guo Ziyi told him the truth. The fish touched his chest with tears and said in fear, "Who can doubt an elder like Guo Gong?"

Guo Ziyi's practice of opening the door and bowing to the guests without being defensive against others and without being wary of everything really made the Tang Clan admire him and believe him deeply.

Nanwu Master Sakyamuni Buddha. Namo Amitabha. There is no Oriental Glazed Medicine Master Buddha in the south.

Nanwu Guanyin Bodhisattva. Nanwudi Tibetan King Bodhisattva. Nanwukong hides Bodhisattva.

Blessed life is limitless. Yuanshi Tianzun. Lingbao senior. The moral supremacy.

Taiyi saved the bitter god. Confucius, the supreme teacher of Dacheng. Jesus Christ. Mohammed.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three generations in ten directions.

All immortals in the three realms and ten directions.

All sages at all times and in all countries.

Don't do any evil, and do all good. Persistence and responsiveness.














(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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