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 Master Xuanhua said: chanting Buddha is like making a phone call (picture)

   date:2020-09-18 17:10:06     read:46   

Master Xuanhua said: chanting Buddha is like making a phone call (picture)

Master Xuanhua, a generation of eminent monks, is an example for me to learn. To salute the Venerable Master Xuanhua.

-----Zhuge Changqing

Issued on the afternoon of June 16, 1958

Read sincerely, read aloud, and feel silently;

Till the end of the mountain and the end of the river, the free and unfettered Dharma realm is in the west and east.

Can you understand the true meaning of the chant just now?

"Nian Nian Tong": The first word of "Nian" is the heart of the mind. The second thought is from the heart and from the mouth; If there is only the second thought - the "thought" of the mouth, it cannot be regarded as sincere thought, so the "heart" and "mouth" should be sincere, which is for the Buddha or Bodhisattva. We should realize the unity of heart and mouth. We should not read casually, casually, or with other delusions. If we can do this, we can call it "sincerity". With sincere thoughts, there will be induction. What is this induction? That is, the hearts of ordinary people are connected with the light of Buddha and Bodhisattva. The so-called "light shines on each other, and the holes are connected."

Why is there such induction? For example, if you call and the number gets through, the other party will say 'Hello!' So you can speak freely and get in touch. Reading the holy name of Bodhisattva is also like dialing a phone number. At that time, the Bodhisattva will ask you: 'Good man (good woman), what do you want?' So you can respond to whatever you ask. If you are not sincere, it is like five numbers. You just dial three numbers to stop. How can you get through the phone? The same is true of Nian Bodhisattva. If you read it for a while and don't read it again, it will be insincere and it will not pass. This sense of light and light can only be felt by the person who is experiencing it. For example, when making a phone call, only the person who picks up the receiver can understand what the other person is saying. Ordinary people can't see the sound waves coming with their naked eyes, so they say: 'Silent induction is in silence'.

'The end of the mountain and the end of the river' is' progress is important, and there is another day to die. ' When you reach the end of your life, you can think of it without thinking. When you are in a group, you can think of it. If we want to live in the Western Paradise, we can go to it; If you want to drive the mercy boat backward and return to all living beings, you can also go back to the Saha world in the east of the Blissful World, and even all dharma circles. You can also go back to the Saha world in the east of the Blissful World. Therefore, you can say: 'Ren Xidong', the so-called: 'All things are as you wish, all things are as you like, and all things are as you like.' So when we learn Buddhism, we should be sincere everywhere, otherwise it will be hypocrisy, hypocrisy will 'open empty flowers, no results', so when we learn Buddhism, we must remember not to deceive ourselves.

Secondly, the ancients also said, 'A gentleman asks for himself, while a villain asks for others.' We should not be dependent. We should know that induction is our own move, not from outside. Some people said, 'It is the power of Buddha that leads to the birth of pure land.' This can be said to be right or wrong. Why? Because the term "access" is only for the machine; Because the greed of all living beings is to hope that they can exert less effort and achieve greater results. It is like lending usury, releasing less money, and earning more money. Therefore, the sage responded to the situation and said the words cited by Buddha, with the purpose of urging all living beings to study hard.

In fact, they can live in the Pure Land by chanting the names of Buddha and Bodhisattva, but also by their own strength, how to say? Is Buddha chanting for you? Is the thought you read from the Bodhisattva? If it is not, how can it be said to rely on other forces? For example, Buddha and Bodhisattva shine light on you, which is also what you feel about the merits of chanting Buddha and Bodhisattva. Let's take telephone as an example. If you don't call yourself, who will answer your call? So chanting Buddha is the same. The desire to live in the Pure Land through the guidance of Buddha's power is actually greed, dependence, and it is not desirable. We need to rely on self-reliance, courage, courage and progress in our practice. We should know that the results are not given by others, so it can be said that Buddha chanting is not based on Buddha power.

The ancients also said, 'The prime minister has no seed. Men should be self-reliant.' When we learn Buddhism, we should also stand up and say, 'Buddha has no seed, and all beings should be self-reliant.' If it is not so, relying on Buddha's power for guidance all day is like relying on the legacy of his father and brother, and will eventually kill himself. Wake up!














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