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 The Legend of Liu Yi and Xiao Longnu

   date:2020-09-18 17:10:15     read:58   

The Legend of Liu Yi and Xiao Longnu

It has been extolled for thousands of years and is touching

-----Zhuge Changqing (Lingyi)

Liu Yi's biography is a legend of the Tang Dynasty. He once mentioned that the title of "The Legend of Dongting Spirit Marriage", which was quoted from "The Collection of Strange Stories" in "Lei Shuo", seems to be the original title. The author, Li Zhaowei, whose life is unknown, was born in the Middle Tang Dynasty. This article describes that the Dongting Dragon Maid married Jingchuan far away and was abused by her husband, Jingyang Jun, and her mother-in-law. Fortunately, Liu Yi, a scholar, went to the Dongting Dragon Palace to deliver a family letter, and was rescued by his uncle, Qiantang Jun, and returned to Dongting. Qiantang Jun immediately ordered Liu Yi to marry the Dragon Maid. Liu Yi refused to send the message because it was urgent and difficult. He was unselfish and dissatisfied with the insolence of the Qiantang Emperor. However, Long Nu has grown in love with Liu Yi and vowed not to marry anyone else. Later, the two married.

This story is full of imagination, plot twists and turns, and structure is strict. Liu Yi's integrity, the devotion of the Dragon Lady, and the straightness and violence of the Qiantang King are quite distinct. The psychological description of Long Nv and Liu Yi is particularly detailed and true. Its style is mixed with parallel couplets and rhymes in scattered lines. The language is also quite colorful.

The Biography of Liu Yi has been widely circulated in the late Tang Dynasty. In the "Legend" written by Pei Xing at the end of the Tang Dynasty, the "Xiao Kuang" article has said that "the recent death of Liu Yi may be the story of the marriage of Liu Yi". In the "Legend of Lingying" at the end of the Tang Dynasty, the war between the King of Qiantang and the King of Jingyang has also been mentioned. Suzhou in the Song Dynasty also had the subsidiary meetings of Liu Yi Well and Liu Yi Bridge (Volume 6 "Historic Sites" and Volume 17 "Bridges" of Fan Chengda's "Wu Jun Zhi"). Later generations have performed operas according to Liu Yi's Biography by Shang Zhongxian of the Yuan Dynasty, The Story of Dragon Silk by Huang Weiji of the Ming Dynasty, The Story of Jupu by Xu Zichang, and The Mirage Tower by Li Yu of the Qing Dynasty.

Legend content:

In the years of Yifeng, Liu Yi, a scholar, went to Chang'an, the capital city, to take the imperial examination, but failed to pass it. He was ready to return to his hometown near the Hunan River. He remembered a fellow resident living in Jingyang and went to say goodbye. After walking six or seven miles, suddenly a flock of birds flew straight up. The horse (his) was frightened and ran to the side of the road. It ran another six or seven miles before it stopped.

I saw a woman herding sheep by the roadside. He felt strange and looked carefully, but it was a very beautiful woman. But her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, her face was sad, and she was wearing shabby clothes. She stood entranced, as if waiting for something. Liu Yi couldn't help asking her, "What's your pain? You have wronged yourself to this point?" The woman looked sad at first, thanked Liu Yi, and then cried, Answer: "I am an unfortunate person, and I am asked by your concern today. But my resentment is deeply ingrained. How can I feel ashamed and avoid saying it? I hope you can listen to it. I was the youngest daughter of the Dongting Dragon King, and my parents married me to the second son of the Jingchuan Dragon King, but my husband likes to indulge in debauchery, and was puzzled by the servants, and he despised and despised me day by day. Later I told my father-in-law that she doted on her son, and was not in control Stay with him. After I earnestly told it several times, I offended my parents-in-law again. My mother-in-law tortured me, drove me out, and got to this point. " After that, he wept and wept, and was extremely sad. Then he said, "Dongting is so far away from here. The boundless sky can't transmit messages. The heart is exhausted, and the eyes can't see through, nor can I (make the family) know my sorrow. I heard that you are going back to the south, and your hometown is next to Dongting Lake. Maybe I can take you with me. I wonder if I can promise?" Liu Yi said: "I am a man of loyalty. I am very excited after hearing your words. I just hate that I have no wings and can't fly to Dongting. What else can I promise or not? But Dongting is deep, and I can only travel in the world. How can I send letters in the Dragon Palace? I'm afraid that there is a difference between the world and the fairyland, and the road is blocked, so that I have failed to live up to your ardent expectations and violated your sincere wishes. What good way can you give me Is there a way? " The woman wept sadly and thanked her, saying, "I hope you take good care all the way. These words need not be said again. If there is an answer, even if (I) die, I will thank (you). (Just now) when you did not promise, how dare (I) say more? (Now) since you promised, ask me (how to get to the Dongting Dragon Palace), Dongting (the Dragon Palace) is not different from the capital of the world."

Liu Yi asked her to talk. The woman said, "There is a big orange tree on the south bank of Dongting, which is called Sheju by the local people. You should take off your belt and tie something else. Knock three times on the tree trunk, and someone will come out to greet you. (You) just follow him without any hindrance. I hope you can tell my heart to my family in addition to the message. Don't change it!" Liu Yi said, "I will listen to you." The woman took out the letter from her lapel, (to Liu Yi) bowed again and again, and then gave it to him. (At this time, she) looked at the east and wept again. She was very sad. Liu Yi was also very sad for her. (He) put the letter in his bag, and then asked: "I don't know what your sheep are for. Do the gods want to kill them?" The woman said: "These are not sheep. They are 'rain workers'." "What is' rain workers'?" (Answer) said: "Like thunder and electricity (the god in charge of rain)." Liu Yi looked back at the sheep, and saw that they looked up, strode, and drank and ate grass in a very special way, But the size of the body, the hair on the body and the horns on the head are no different from those of sheep. Liu Yi added: "I will be your messenger. In the future, when you return to Dongting, I hope you will not avoid me." The woman said: "Not only do not avoid me, but also like relatives." After that, (Liu Yi and her) said goodbye and went east. Within a few dozen steps, I looked back at the women and the sheep. They were gone.

That evening, (Liu Yi) went to Jingyang to say goodbye to his friend. After more than a month, (Liu Yi) returned to his hometown and went to Dongting to visit. On the south bank of Dongting Lake, there is a tangerine tree. (He) changed his belt and knocked three times on the tree. After a while, a samurai appeared in the waves, saluted (to Liu Yi) and asked: "Where did the distinguished guest just come from?" Liu Yi didn't tell him the truth, but said: "I came to see the king." The samurai split the water, pointed out the way, and led Liu Yi forward. He said to Liu Yi, "Close your eyes and you will be there soon." Liu Yi followed his words and arrived at the Dragon Palace. I saw that the main halls of tall buildings were facing each other, and the number of gates was countless. There were various kinds of flowers and trees planted in the courtyard. The warrior asked Liu Yi to stop at the corner of the hall and said, "Please wait here." Liu Yi asked, "Where is this place?" The warrior said, "This is the Lingxu Hall." Liu Yi looked carefully and felt that all the treasures in the world were here. The pillars are made of white jade, the steps are paved with sapphire, the beds are inlaid with coral, the curtains are strung with crystal, the green lintels are inlaid with glass, and the rainbow beams are decorated with amber. It is inexhaustible to say the wonderful and deep scenery.

But the Dragon King didn't come out for a long time. Liu Yi asked the samurai, "Where is the Dongting King?" The samurai said, "Our king is coming to the Xuanzhu Pavilion to talk about the Fire Sutra with Taoist Sun. It will be over in a short time." Liu Yi asked, "What is the Fire Sutra?" The samurai said: "Our king is a dragon, and the dragon uses water to show the gods, and a drop of water can overflow the mountains and valleys. Taoist Sun is a man, and people can use fire to show their skills, and use a lamp to burn the house into scorched earth. However, the role of fire (water and fire) is different, and the changes are different. Taoist Sun is proficient in the principle of human use of fire, so we invite him to come and listen to his comments at the king." After that, the palace door opened. A group of attendants followed the shape like shadows, gathered like clouds, and came out with a man wearing purple robes and holding sapphire in his hands. The warrior jumped up and said, "This is our king!" He immediately reported. Dongting Jun looked at Liu Yi and said, "Isn't this a man from the world?" Liu Yi replied, "Yes." Then he saluted Dongting Jun, who also replied, and asked him to sit at Lingxu's Royal Highness. Said to Liu Yi, "The underwater palace is deep, and I am foolish. Sir, I am not afraid to come here thousands of miles away. What can I do for you?" Liu Yi said, "I am Liu Yi's hometown. I grew up near the Xiang River and went to Chang'an to seek fame. I didn't pass the exam a few days ago. In my spare time, I drove my horse to the Jingshui River bank. I saw the king's beloved daughter herding sheep in the wild, suffering from the wind, rain and dew, and looked haggard. It was very painful to see. I asked her. (She) Tell me: 'My father-in-law is not considerate of being abused by her husband, so I got to this point.' Tears of sadness filled my face, which was really sympathetic. She asked me to take a home message. I promised to come here today. " So he took out the letter and gave it to Dongting Jun. After reading the letter, the king of Dongting covered his face with his sleeve and wept, saying, "This is my father's fault. I can't see and hear clearly, so like the deaf and blind, I don't know that the weak girl in the boudoir was framed in the distance. You are an irrelevant passer-by, but you can help the emergency, and thank you for your great kindness. How dare I forget it?" After that, he sighed for a long time. Even the people nearby were moved to tears. At this time, there was a eunuch who was waiting beside him. The king of Dongting handed him the letter and sent him to the palace. After a while, I heard a cry in the palace. Dongting Jun hurriedly treated his followers and said, "Go and tell the palace, don't cry out, I'm afraid you'll let Qiantang Jun know." Liu Yi asked, "Who is Qiantang Jun?" Dongting Jun said, "It's my beloved brother. He used to be Qiantang Chang, but now he has been dismissed." Liu Yi asked again, "Why don't you let him know?" Dongting Jun said: "Because of his bravery and bravery. In the early Tang Yao era, there was a flood for nine years, which was the reason for his anger. Recently, he will not be harmonious with the sky, and the flood will flood five mountains. God forgives my brother's sin because I have some merits in my history. But he is still detained here, so people in Qiantang expect him to return every day."

Before he finished speaking, there was a loud noise. The sky broke and the earth broke. The palace was shaken and shaken, and the clouds and smoke billowed upward. In an instant, a giant dragon was more than a thousand feet long, with lightning like eyes, blood-red tongue, scales like cinnabar, mane like flame, gold chains on its neck, chains tied to jade pillars, and countless thunderbolts and lightning flew straight away. Liu Yi fell down in fear. Dongting Jun personally lifted him up and said, "Don't be afraid, it's not dangerous." Liu Yi calmed down for a while, and then said, "I'm willing to go back alive and avoid it coming again." Dongting Jun said, "It's definitely not like this. It's like this when it goes, but it's not like this when it comes back. I hope I can show my affection a little." He ordered to set up a banquet, raise a toast to each other, to show hospitality.

Before long, a gentle warm wind suddenly blew up, and colorful clouds appeared. In a peaceful atmosphere, a delicate guard of honor appeared, followed by a band playing beautiful songs. Countless maids dressed up, talking and laughing. There was a man behind her, who was born beautiful. She was wearing beautiful ornaments and silk clothes matched in length. Liu Yi came closer and saw that it was the woman who had sent him a message. However, she seemed to like and sad, and her tears fell off and on. After a while, the red smoke covered her left side, the purple cloud floated on her right side, and the fragrant wind curled around and went to the palace. Dongting Jun smiled and said to Liu Yi, "The people who suffered in Jingshui are back." (After that, he said goodbye to Liu Yi and went back to the palace. After a while, I heard the voice of complaining again, which did not stop for a long time.

After a while, Mr. Dongting came out again to drink and eat with Liu Yi. Another man, wearing a purple robe and holding a sapphire, was standing on the left side of the Dongting King. Mr. Dongting introduced to Liu Yi, "This is Mr. Qiantang." Liu Yi stood up and saluted Mr. Qiantang. The gentleman of Qiantang also bowed back politely and said to Liu Yi, "Unfortunately, my niece has been abused by that bad boy. I rely on you to be honest and keep my word. I will bring the news of her suffering from afar to here. Otherwise, she will become the dust of Jingling. It is difficult to express your kindness in words because of your virtue." Liu Yi humbly said that he did not deserve it, but agreed repeatedly. (Qian Tangjun) turned back and said to his brother, "I just started from the Lingxu Temple and arrived at Jingyang at the eleventh hour. I was fighting there at the eleventh hour and didn't return here at the eleventh hour. I arrived at Jiuchongtian in the middle to report to God. God knew my niece's grievance and forgiven me for my fault. Even the previous punishment was also forgiven. But (I) He has a strong temper. He didn't have time to say goodbye to you when he left. He disturbed the palace and offended the guests. I am ashamed and scared, and I don't know how much I have done. " Just step back and apologize again. Dongting Jun asked: "How many creatures have been hurt this time?" (answer) said: "600000." "Did you spoil the crops?" (answer) said: "It's eight hundred miles away." (ask): "Where is that ruthless boy?" (answer) said: "Eat it for me." Dongting Jun said with an unhappy look: "It's really intolerable for that boy to have such a heart, but you are also too reckless. With the wisdom of God, I can understand my daughter's strange grievance. Otherwise, how can I shirk the responsibility? From now on, you should not be so reckless!" Qiantang Jun worshipped again.

That night, Liu Yi was invited to stay at the Ningguang Hall. The next day, Liu Yi was invited to a banquet at the Ningbi Palace. All his relatives and friends were invited to the meeting. A grand band was arranged in front of the hall, and wine and food were arranged on the table. At the beginning of the banquet, the Hu Jia horn was played, the war drums were sounded, the flags were fluttered, and the swords and halberds were thick. A grand square composed of 10000 warriors danced on the right. One of them came out of the team and reported: "This is the music of breaking the array in Qiantang." I saw the flags flying, the swords and halberds competing for glory, and the spirit was heroic and majestic. The guests looked at it, and the hair stood upright. Then, there are all kinds of musical instruments such as gold, stone, silk and bamboo playing in unison. The eyes are full of silk and jade. A large group of beautiful women dance on the left, and one of them comes out of the group. A recent report said, "This is the Return of the Lord to the Palace Music." Only when you hear the voiceless sound, the lingering rhyme rings, such as resentment, such as admiration, such as crying, such as crying, the guests listen to it, and they are not aware of tears. After the singing and dancing, the king of Dongting was very happy and ordered to take out the silk gauze and give it to the warrior dancer. Then, close the seats at the banquet together, and we all drank heartily and enjoyed ourselves. When the wine was drunk soundly, the king of Dongting sang with his hands beating on the mat;

"The sky is high and the earth is vast. Everyone has his own ambition. How can he think of the fox god and the mouse saint, leaning against the land and against the wall. Who can be worthy of a thunderbolt? Thanks to the moral gentleman, who has profound faith, so that my flesh and blood can be returned to my hometown. When can I forget this friendship?"

After Dongting finished singing, Qiantang also bowed twice and sang, "God cooperates with marriage, and life and death have their own destiny. This should not be his wife, and that should not be her husband. My niece is full of sorrow, in the remote corner of the Jinghe River. The wind and frost are hanging all over her hair, and the rain and snow are wet through her skirt. Thanks to Minggong, he sent a letter to reunite my family. Sincerely wish you cherish it, day and night."

After Qiantang Jun finished singing, Dongting Jun also stood up and toasted Liu Yi with a glass of wine. Liu Yi respectfully and uneasily took the wine glass, drank it dry, and then filled two glasses of wine in return for the two dragon kings. Liu Yi also sang with emotion:

"The blue clouds are lingering, and the Jingshui River flows eastward. Poor beauty, the rain sobs the sorrow of flowers. The chi book is far away, which relieves you from your deep sorrow. The grievance is indeed washed away, and you can enjoy the reunion at home. Thanks to the hospitality, the delicious food and wine, the long-departed home has become empty and it is difficult to stay here for a long time. How sad it is to leave when the friendship is lingering."

After singing, the crowd was excited, and both sides shouted "Long live!" The king of Dongting took out a jade box, which contained a rhinoceros horn that could separate the water. The king of Qiantang also took out a red amber tray, which contained a night pearl, and stood up to dedicate it to Liu Yi. Liu Yi declined for a long time and had to accept it. Then the people in the palace piled the pearls, jade, silk and satins around Liu Yi as gifts. They piled up in piles and were dazzling. At one time, Liu Yi was covered in front and behind, almost burying Liu Yi's body. Liu Yi looked around with a smile, and was embarrassed to bow and say thanks to the people around him. It was too late. After drinking, everyone was happy to the extreme. Liu Yi got up and left. He stayed at the Ningguang Hall that night.

The next day, Liu Yi was invited to dinner at the Qingguang Pavilion. The gentleman of Qiantang raised his face, made a serious appearance, and squatted casually, He said to Liu Yi, "Didn't Duke Ming ever hear that hard stones can only be broken but not curled, and that righteous men can only be killed and not humiliated? I have a worry to tell you. If you promise, everyone will be as happy as in the sky. If you don't promise, everyone will fall into the dung - all will be unlucky. I don't know what I think next."

Liu Yidao; "I'm all ears."

Qiantang Jundao: "Jingyang Bruce Lee's wife is the beloved daughter of Dongting Jun. She is virtuous and good-natured, and is respected by the in-laws of the nine ethnic groups. Unfortunately, she was wrongly married to a person of bad conduct, and was humiliated. This matter is now finally over. Today, I intend to ask for her to be entrusted to a person with high feelings and righteousness like you as his wife. We will become relatives from generation to generation, so that the benefactor knows who she should be entrusted to for her whole life; the person with love will tell the person he loves Express your feelings. Isn't that the truth of a gentleman's good beginning and good ending? " Liu Yi stood up seriously, With a sudden sneer, he said: "I didn't know that Qiantang Jun would be so foolish and unreasonable! I heard at first that you were crossing the Kyushu and harboring the five mountains to vent your anger. Then I saw you break the golden lock, pull the jade pillar, and generously save people from emergencies. I thought that no one in the world is as straight, wise and decisive as you are. For those who offend themselves, do not avoid the danger of death to revenge; for those who move themselves, do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to repay or redress grievances. That's really true It is the right path for a man to follow. How can he play the instrument properly and talk happily with his relatives and friends, and even ignore the truth and play the role of imposing authority on others? Is that what I hoped for? If I met you in the midst of the torrential floods and the precipitous mountains, you would make waves and make waves to force me to death, I Liu Yi would only treat you as an animal, and I would not hate to die. But today, you are wearing clothes and hats, sitting high and talking about etiquette and justice. You have talked about the five principles of the Five Principles, and talked about the essence of the hundred lines. Even the sages and heroes in the world are not as good as you, let alone the scales in the river. But you are relying on your strong body and strong temperament to use wine to make you angry and try to persecute me. Is this an act of integrity? My thin body is not enough to hide among the scales of the king. However, I dare to fight against your overbearing arrogance with an unsuspecting mood. I hope you can think about it. "

The king of Qiantang then hurriedly stepped back to apologize and said, "I grew up in the deep palace, and I have never heard honest words. I was careless and arrogant in my words just now, and I offended you. Now I want to turn around and think about it. I hope you don't get angry because of it!" And I enjoyed the dinner again that night, and the happy situation was as good as ever. Liu Yi and Qiantang Jun also became intimate friends

The next day, Liu Yi said goodbye and went home, and Madam Dongtingjun hosted a banquet at Qianjing Hall to bid farewell to Liu Yi. Both male and female servants and concubines were present at the banquet. The lady sighed and said to Liu Yi, "My daughter has received your profound kindness, but unfortunately we have not yet properly expressed our shame and gratitude to you, and we are parting like this!" She also asked the dragon lady who had returned from Jing Yang to pay her respects to Liu Yi at the banquet. The lady also said, "This separation, I wonder if there will be a day to see each other again?" Although Liu Yi did not agree to Qian Tang's request, but now when he saw the dragon lady at the banquet, he also sighed with regret. After the banquet, Liu Yi said goodbye and all the people in the palace were sad. All the people in the palace were sad. The exotic treasures that were given to Liu Yi were so strange that they were rarely called out. Liu Yi then went out of the lake and disembarked by the original waterway, only to see more than ten servants following him with their bags full of treasures, and accompanying him to his home before saying goodbye and going back.

  Liu Yi came to Yangzhou jewelry store, sold his treasures in the Dragon Palace, not yet sold one percent, and already got more than a million dollars. It turned out that all the rich families in Huaixi thought they were no match for him. He married a wife surnamed Zhang, and soon after, she died. He married another girl surnamed Han, and a few months later, she died again. He then moved his family to Jinling. Widowed and single, Liu Yi often felt lonely because he had no wife and wanted to find a new spouse. A matchmaker told him, "There was a lady named Lu, originally from Fangyang, whose father's name was Lu Hao, who had been the governor of Qingliu County, and in his later years, he liked to study Taoism and traveled in the clouds and water alone with his cloth socks and mango shoes. Her mother, Zheng, had married her to Zhang of Qinghe the year before, but unfortunately her husband died soon after the marriage. Her mother took pity on her young age and her intelligence and beauty, so she couldn't bear to see her widowed and wanted to choose a man of virtue as her spouse. I wonder if you like it?" Liu Yi agreed to the marriage, and chose an auspicious day to hold the wedding. Since both the man and the woman were from wealthy families, the wedding was extremely lavish. There was no one in Jinling who did not envy them.

  One month after the wedding, one night Liu Yi came into the room and looked at his wife, and felt that she looked like the Dragon Lady, but she was more charming and plump than the Dragon Lady. So he talked to her about the old days of passing letters. The wife replied, "How can there be such a thing in this world?" After a year or so, his wife became pregnant, and Liu Yi loved her even more. The child was born in the full moon. On the day of the full moon, his wife changed her clothes, put on a lot of makeup and called Liu Yi into the inner room, and she said to him with a smile, "Can't you remember what happened to me before you and I got married?"

  Liu Yi was a bit confused and said, "Our two families were not in-laws or friends in the past, we didn't know each other at all, why should I remember a past that doesn't exist?"

  The wife smiled and said, "I am indeed the daughter of Dongtingjun. I am grateful to you for rescuing me from the unjust suffering at Jinghe. I am deeply grateful for your kindness and vowed to repay you. Later, my uncle in Qiantang asked you to marry me, but you did not agree, so I was separated from you. My parents wanted to marry me to the youngest son of the Dragon King of Mau Jin (note: today's Jinjiang, Sichuan), but I could not change my mind about you, so I closed my house and cut off my hair to show that I had no intention of marrying anyone else. Although I was abandoned and rejected by you, I expected that I would never see you again, but the love I had for you at the beginning would not change until I died. Later, my parents were also moved by my infatuation and were ready to confess my love for you again to you quickly. It so happened that you married repeatedly, first to Zhang and later to Han. When the Zhang and Han families died one after another and you chose to come to live here, my parents were overjoyed that I would have the opportunity to fulfill my wish to repay your kindness. Today I am able to serve you and spend my life together in love with each other, so I have no regrets even if I die!

At this point, I couldn't help but sob and shed tears, and said to Liu Yi: "I didn't tell you at first because I knew you didn't have a heart for women; now I'm telling you because I know you have the intention to love me. I am afraid that a woman's low status is not enough to strengthen your love for me forever, so I want to take advantage of your love for children to send my wish to live together with you and grow old. I don't know what you think? I'm so worried and afraid that I can't console myself. Moreover, I still remember when you promised to carry the letter on my behalf, you said to me with a smile: 'When I return to Dongting in the future, I hope I will not avoid seeing you. I really don't know if you already had something in mind at that time to make up with me today. Later, when my uncle asked you to marry him, you firmly refused to do so. Did you really think it was not possible? Or was it a moment of anger? Can you tell me about it yourself?"

  Liu Yi said, "It really seems like it was destiny. I saw you for the first time in that desolate place in Jinghe River, and your haggard appearance of injustice really filled me with righteous indignation and injustice on your behalf. Although I adored you, I restrained my feelings and could not think of anything else but to convey your grievances. When Qiantang forced me to agree to the marriage, it was only because I could not justify the reasoning that provoked my anger. I thought I was originally to save people for the purpose of justice, how can I kill my husband and marry his wife? This is the first not. Moreover, I have always insisted on my own chastity as my ambition, how can I go against my own wishes and submit to others? This is the second one. Moreover, when the guests and hosts were in a state of confusion, I knew only to declare frankly what was in my heart, and to do what was right, regardless of whether it would bring me harm. But on the day of my farewell, when I saw your look of reluctance, I felt very sorry for you. In the end, I could not accept your love because of the constraints of human affairs! Ah! Now, you are the daughter of the Lu family, and live on earth, it is not the original identity of the dragon girl, and therefore married to you, will not go against my original intention. From now on, we are happy together forever, there is not a single worry in my heart."

  The dragon lady was deeply moved and cried so loudly that she couldn't stop for a long time. After a while, she said to Liu Yi; "Don't think that because you are not human, you don't have a heart, but in fact, you know how to repay. The dragon's life span is ten thousand years, and from now on it will be shared with you, and there is no place you can't go on land and water. You should not think that this is a false statement."

  Liu Yi sighed and said, "I did not expect to marry such a beautiful wife as the dragon lady and get the opportunity to become immortal and attain the Way."

  So the couple went together on a pilgrimage to see the Cave King. When they arrived at Dongting, it was hard to describe in detail the grand ceremony between the guest and the host. Later the couple lived in Nanhai for only forty years before and after, and the luxury of their residence, carriage, food and clothing could not be surpassed even by the families of noble and powerful officials. All of Liu Yi's relatives and clans also followed the glory. Although Liu Yi's age increased year by year, his appearance did not age, and there was no one in Nanhai who was not amazed.

  During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty (713-741 A.D.), Emperor Ming of Tang Dynasty was determined to become an immortal and sought people with Taoist skills everywhere. Liu Yi could not live in peace, so he returned to Dongting with his wife for about ten years, but no one knew their whereabouts. At the end of the Kaiyuan period, Liu Yi's cousin Xue Yuan, who was working as a magistrate near the capital, was reprimanded to the southeast, and passed by Dongting Lake. The boatman, standing sideways on the side of the boat in fear, said, "There is no mountain here, I am afraid it is a water monster, right?" Finger sighting at the time, the mountain and the boat is about to touch. I saw a colorful boat from the mountain came flying, and someone greeted and asked, "Is this Xue Yuan's boat?" A man on the colorful boat shouted, "Lord Liu is waiting for you!" Xue Yuan suddenly remembered and understood. He ordered the boat to sail to the mountain and hurried up the mountain with his sash in his hand. There was a palace on the mountain, just like the one on earth. I saw Liu Yi standing in the palace, with an orchestra in front and pearls and emeralds all over the back, the expansiveness of the furnishings far exceeded that on earth. Liu Yi's speech was more mysterious and his face was more youthful. He walked down the steps to welcome them. Liu Yi took Xue Long's hand and sighed, "It's only been a blink of an eye since we parted, and your hair has already turned white." Xue Long replied with a bitter smile, "Brother is a god, I am an aging mortal, this is destined by creation and cannot be compared." Hearing this, Liu Yi took out 50 pills of immortal medicine and gave it to Xue Long, saying, "One pill of this medicine can increase your life expectancy by one year. Come back to me when you reach that age, don't live on earth for a long time and suffer yourself." When the banquet was over, Xue Yuan said goodbye and left. From then on, there was no more news of Liu Yi. Xue Long often told others about this incident. It was almost forty-eight years, and Xue long did not know where he had gone.




               ----- 诸葛长青(灵毅)



















  “碧云悠悠啊,泾水东流。可怜美人啊,雨泣花愁。尺书远传啊,给您解除深忧。冤苦果然洗雪了啊,  回家把团聚快乐享受,承蒙殷勤的招待啊,佳肴美酒,久离的寒家已显得空寂啊,难以在此久留。情义缠绵时却要离别,多么令人伤感。”


  柳毅道;“ 我洗耳恭听。”
  钱塘君道:“泾阳小龙的妻子,就是洞庭君的爱女,性情贤淑,品质美好,为九族姻亲所敬重。不幸错嫁给品行不端的人,以致蒙耻受辱,这件事现在总算了绝了。今天我打算请求把她托付给您这样有高情厚义的人作妻子,我们世代成为亲戚,使受恩的人知道她的终身应该托付给谁;怀有爱意的人向自己所爱的人表达倾诉感情。这岂不是君子善始善终的道理吗?”柳毅态度严肃地站起来,猛然冷笑一声说: “我竟不知道钱塘君会愚暗不明事理到这种地步!我起初听说你跨九州,怀五岳,发泄你的愤怒。又看见你断金锁,掣玉柱,慷慨去救人急难,我以为世上刚直英明果决的人,没有谁及得上你的了。对触犯自己的人,不避死亡的危险去复仇;对使自己感动的人,不惜拼着性命去报答或打抱不平。这才真是大丈夫应有的志向应循的正道,怎么乐器演奏得正好,亲朋们交谈得正欢,居然不顾道理,耍起威风强加于人?难道是我原来希望的吗?如果我是遇见您在连天的洪水之中,险峻的五岳之间,你张牙舞爪,兴风作浪,要把我逼死,我柳毅只把你当禽兽看待,死亦无恨。可是你今天你身上穿戴着衣冠,高坐谈论着礼义,讲尽了五常的道理,说遍了百行的要旨,即使是人世间的圣贤豪杰也有些不如你,更不必说江河中的鳞介之类了。可是你却仗着魁梧的身躯,强悍的性情,借酒使气,想要逼迫我,这难道是正直的行为吗?我的瘦小身体,诚然不够藏在大王的一鳞片甲之间,然而我敢以不佩服的心情,来对抗你横行霸道的气焰,希望你好生思量思量。”









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