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 Wife Nian Buddha and husband avoid traffic accidents

   date:2020-09-18 17:10:16     read:39   

Wife Nian Buddha and husband avoid traffic accidents

Reading Nanwu Amitabha or Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva ten times in the morning and evening every day, lasting for 1-2 years, can turn bad luck into good luck. This is the simplest way to ensure peace. If you release your life and do good things, you will receive better results

-----Zhuge Changqing (Lingyi)

In 2004, the disciple became acquainted with the Buddha, and was guided by Elder Martial Brother Li, who was good knowledge, and kept chanting Namo Amitabha. In September 2006, Senior Brother Li introduced him to the Pure Land Thought of the Great Wisdom Master, and his heart was firmer to chant Buddha and pray for life. As long as he didn't talk to others, he would chant Buddha at any time, and strive to achieve the continuous Buddha name. Now I will tell you what happened to my husband in order to hope that more people who are predestined, believe in Buddha, and chant Buddha will be on the big wish boat of Amitabha and live in the Western Pure Land.

On the morning before the Spring Festival in 2007, my husband went out on business by motorcycle and carried a bodyguard Buddha card with him. On the way home, when driving to the popular intersection of Minzu Avenue, a taxi suddenly turned right and turned into the motorcycle lane. Because the car was running too fast, it was about to collide with the two cars. My husband made an emergency brake. At that moment, both the motorcycle and my husband fell down and slid out more than 3 meters. The scene stunned everyone present.

My husband came back to narrate that at that time, he felt like something was under his body, his body was very light, and his whole body was floating. After calming down, I climbed up from the ground and saw that there was no bruise or skin injury on my whole body, but the pocket of a suit I was wearing was rubbed. The motorcycle is only scratched a little, not Daya. At night, I felt some pain in my hips. At that time, I said: If you didn't have the blessing of Amitabha, you would be in great trouble today. You broke a rib in a car accident when you were young. Now you are 54 years old, weighing more than 80 kilograms, but intact. Don't you thank Amitabha quickly?

My husband had a motorcycle accident before he was 30 years old, but the situation made him break a rib. This time, because I have always believed and chanted Buddhism, my family has benefited so much. Through this car accident, my husband has a deeper understanding of Amitabha, and he also takes the initiative to chant Buddha at ordinary times.

Thanks for the mercy and protection of Amitabha, the disciples and their families are willing to recite Buddha's blessings as long as possible! Nanwu Amitabha.

Record of Lei Qinbei in Nanning, Guangxi


 妻子念佛 老公免车祸



                     ----- 诸葛长青(灵毅)










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