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 The two events of Guanyin Bodhisattva's apparition

   date:2020-09-18 17:10:20     read:50   

Two things about the spirit show of [观音菩萨]

Master Yu personally described the two things that had happened to [观音菩萨], which were shocking

-------[诸葛长青] ([灵毅])

Speaking of telepathy, I've seen a few things about [观音菩萨]'s spirituality. Let me tell you.

In 1929, in Haicheng city of Shenyang, there was a man whose surname was Shang, who was a holy being. He believed in Buddhism very much and had to regularly chant the Avalokitesvara three times a day. He had worked for more than ten years and never stopped. One day, he went to the maid at the iron refining factory of the Qianjin village in Fushun city. Two of them carried a basket of iron and poured it into the Daye furnace. The sage of business description fell into the furnace because of his carelessness. At this time, everyone was shocked, and the business man was also frightened to death. The furnace was several feet high. When the merchant fell, he seemed to feel that someone had put him on the ground with both hands. When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on the ground, not falling into the furnace. At this time, everyone was surprised! The Japanese supervisor was also surprised! When the merchant came back home, his clothes had been blazing. From then on, all the people of the house believed in the Buddha and the Bodhisattva. They had been deeply moved and reached a high level for a while! This was a kind of test that the fire couldn't be burned as it was said in the common sect.

In 1939, when the Japanese were in the clearing town of the hot river, they first issued a notice that all bandits must resist. If there was anyone who could afford food and accommodation, they must find out that one of my nephew was clean at that time. His small temple was in the countryside of the Sun City, and he rode a motorcycle to gather. He passed through the Taoist temple, stayed overnight, and the bandits at night also went to the temple for accommodation and dinner. He left before dawn. The second morning, the Japanese army arrived. Knowing that the bandits had gone to the temple for accommodation, they tied up the Taoist priest and monks in the temple without any reason and brought them to the beach. Before the execution of the shooting, she had begged for peace and quiet that she would die after returning to the temple to be a teacher, not even the translation officer or the Japanese; Then he begged Linda to say goodbye. Therefore, they fell behind. When they were shot, the first four people were killed first, and then the dead were quiet. Three shots didn't ring, and no one died. Therefore, the Japanese were very surprised and asked him if he had any evil skills? "I don't have any evil skills. I only want [观音菩萨] to be reborn and avoid the pain in the world as soon as possible." Because the Japanese believed in Buddhism. After hearing the story, they believed that the Bodhisattva had sensed it and desperately released it, calling him the iron headed arhat. After returning to the temple, the villagers were all called iron Arhats. This man was still alive, more than sixty years old. He often chanted the magic Hua Scripture every day. When you are busy, you must recite the Bodhisattva's grade once, and everyone is welcome to raise it. This was what the people in the common sect said, "if someone is killed, he or she will be called the Bodhisattva. He or she will hold a knife stick and find a period of broken pieces to get rid of it.". Since ancient times, the sharp weapons used to kill people were different. Now they were shot to death, although it was not as bad as the section of a knife, and if they didn't shoot three times in a row, it was also equal to the section of the broken section

I have personally experienced the two things. There were so many other things that she couldn't tell him in detail. The reason why these words came out was that the two of them were robbed and beaten in the river in order to transport wood for their permanent residence in the Prajna temple. They didn't die when they read [观音菩萨].




                     ------- 诸葛长青(灵毅)

  说起感应来,我还亲眼看到几件观音菩萨显灵的事,这里不妨给大家说一说 。




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