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 Master Xuanhua explained the cause of the disease

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Master Xuanhua explained the cause of the disease

If we learn Buddhism, we won't be annoyed or hurt others, so the Buddhist should be vegetarian, because eating meat will hurt the lives of other living beings.

If an animal was prepared for people to eat, then who would the person prepare for?

If we want to really disinfect the world, we have to be vegetarian instead of eating meat.

All the evil diseases, such as malaise and cancer, were controlled by ghosts, making the five organs in the body dislocated. The four major diseases were all caused by the evil spirits. People were born with karma, and when time came, ghosts would come to collect their debts. It was also because this person's masculine energy was insufficient, and the sun was flourishing, so no one could get it. If you can often have no worries and wisdom, ghosts will have no spare time. Once a person had a desire, it would be easy for ghosts to come in. And so on, the eighty-four thousand diseases all had cause and effect. Even if a mosquito bites you, a bee stings you, and everything that happens to you in this world is due to karma. If people understood this truth, they would not dare to do anything wrong. Once they did something wrong, they would suffer retribution.

If you can repent and turn over a new leaf, know your mistakes and untie the knot of sin, then the sin will be eliminated and there will be no more. It's like when you have a disease, you sweat all over your body. Gradually, the disease will heal and there will be no disease.

The Buddhist University of the rule world, which was affiliated to the Buddhist University of the rule world, had organized a visit to the South Sea to carry forward the Buddhism. Before I set out, I knew there would be all kinds of obstacles, because wherever I went, I would definitely be envied and hindered. Why? Because I'm too straightforward and I won't collude with others, so I'm envied. But I'm sure that evil can never prevail over justice.

I'm confident that the Buddha and the Bodhisattva can always protect me. Although I encounter great obstacles wherever I go, it doesn't work and there won't be any unexpected problems. Everything goes well and everything goes well. This is the support of the Buddha and the Bodhisattva.

Wherever I go, there are many sick people coming to ask for treatment every day. All the sick people had heavy karma. If there was no karma, he would not suffer from strange diseases. All the people who come to see me are suffering from strange diseases. Both Chinese and Western medicine are helpless and incurable.

In the past, most people who were suffering from strange diseases were greedy and unwilling to suffer losses; Or he was too stingy, unwilling to give anything, helping the poor, thinking about everything for himself, not for everyone, selfishness and forgetting righteousness when it came to profits. As a result, his bad karma became worse and worse day by day, and he finally had a strange disease.

Moreover, people with strange diseases had slandered [三宝] and even the [大乘] Scripture in the past, so they fell to hell and suffered. After they came out of hell, they would turn into beasts, birds or beasts. After being a beast, one would turn to a human being. However, when one was a human being, there were many flaws, such as blind, deaf, dumb, or lame. In a word, one was not physically healthy. This kind of person had done evil deeds in the past, so he was punished in this life.

People who were revenged should have felt guilty and done more good deeds. Unfortunately, they not only didn't realize it, but also loved money as much as their lives. She begged me to cure her disease and wanted to take advantage of it. She hoped that she could cure her disease without spending money. After he recovered, he generously gave a red envelope as a nourishing gift. There was only one dollar in the red envelope (Singapore or Malaysia), or two dollars, at most five dollars. They wanted to find a bargain with the monk. How poor they were!

Why should I tell you this? This is to remind everyone to be vigilant and careful. Don't make evil deeds. Don't slander [三宝] in Buddhism, don't slander the [大乘] Scripture, don't doubt or cultivate, and don't lie to others. If he did such a bad thing, he would definitely go to hell in the future. At that time, as a master, he could do nothing to help. I'll make a statement in advance, in case you blame master for not saving you out of hell.

Master Xuanhua's name was [安] CI. He was from Shuangcheng County, Jilin Province, and his surname was Bai. Xuanhua was the name given by master Yun when he was appointed to be the successor of the ninth generation of Weiyang sect.

When the master was eleven years old, he saw the dead and suddenly understood the impermanence, determined to cultivate. He looked through the scriptures of the three sects and attended the "moral meeting" to serve the crowd. The old man was filial to his parents, and the villagers called him Mr. Bai. When he was nineteen years old, his mother died. He bowed to the wise old monk of the three elements temple, and made a cottage beside the tomb. He guarded the tomb and meditated day and night. He had sat there for more than twenty days without eating anything. After he made the eighteen wishes, he finally realized that he had spent all the six living beings in the three worlds. Evil and dreadful. Every time the patient asked for something, he would feel it and heal without any medicine. After the two world wars in 1946, the domestic traffic recovered. Master went to the [南华] temple in Guangdong province to visit the old monk, Xander, who he had heard a lot about, and received a ring by passing the Mount Putuo. At the sight of this, elder Xu knew it was a divine weapon and was appointed as the [主任] of the school of discipline of [南华] temple. In 1949, he went to Hongkong and established the West Amusement Park Temple, the Buddhist temple and the Buddhist lecture hall.

Master, you only want to carry forward the Buddhist doctrine in the world. In 1961, he went to Australia, and the more he went to the United States, the more he established the golden sacred temple in San Francisco. It was time for the disaster of war to burn her eyebrows. She had been on hunger strike for five weeks, hoping for world peace. In 1968, there were dozens of young college students in the United States. They wanted to find the right goal in their lives and came here. The master talked about the stunned strict Scripture and held the meditation for seven times. The next year, there were five monks, a man and a woman. Since then, more and more monks came out one after another, and there were many talented people. Therefore, in 1973, an International Buddhist translation school was established, and a large number of [大乘] scriptures were translated into English, such as the simple explanation of the Buddha Scripture, the lotus Scripture of the May method, the simple explanation of the Buddhist scripture at the top of the Buddha, and so on.

In 1976, by chance, master Feng bought the property of the government, which covered an area of four hundred and eighty acres, one hundred and ten miles away from San Francisco. It was called the ten square Taoist temple of the world Buddhist Center, the blessed Buddha city, and the headquarters of the Buddhist Association of the legal world. In the city, the Buddhist University, the Pei de middle school and the Yu Liang Primary School were all managed. The blessed Buddha city was not only focused on commandment and cultivation, but also actively carried forward the Buddhism.

The master gave an imperial edict, "no matter how many audiences there are, listen to me every day." the six goals that everyone in the city must abide by were: no strife, no greed, no request, no selfishness, no self-interest, and no falsehood.

The Buddhist Association of the legal world had branches all over the United States, including the blessed Buddha city in yoga City, the golden mountain temple in San Francisco, California, the Golden Wheel temple in Losangeles, the Golden Buddha Temple in Vancouver, the glorious holy temple in Canada, and the international translation school.

In recent years, his lordship had been invited to spread the law to the South Sea several times. In 1988, he was appointed to preside over the Buddhist Prayer board for the protection of the country and the prevention of disasters in Taiwan. In 199 O, he was invited by a British Master, Scott, to spread the law to England, Poland, France and other places. Wherever the master went, the crowd swarmed.

Master Zhang and the Buddhist were united, trying to break the prejudices among the sects and [小乘], and to combine the southern and Northern teachings. Therefore, for several times in the blessed Buddha city, master [小乘] and master Zhang were in charge of the city and taught the three jars of great rings. I can see that you are not selfish or selfish.

































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