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 Chanting Buddha: what are the benefits of chanting Buddha?

   date:2020-09-18 18:35:38     read:51   

Chanting Buddha: what are the benefits of chanting Buddha?

[阿弥陀佛], Dehong Wan, reciting a Buddhist title with immeasurable merits. Where should we start from? Every day, in the morning and evening, you would sincerely chant the misty South [阿弥陀佛] (Na Mo a mi Tuo fo) for 20 times, and in the future, you would have to experience it in the following fo years All good things would come quietly. There are also some people who suddenly have a dream of vomiting black things. Many of my friends have this experience. In fact, that's because the bad information on your body has begun to be removed, and the perception of the barrier has been eliminated. Praying for Buddha is really amazing



Chanting Buddha could help him get rid of 80 life and death crises.

The word "[阿弥陀佛]" was the amitayus light, the amitayus lifespan, and the amitayus consciousness.

It was unbelievable.

What kind of merits and benefits could Buddha get?

Please have a look:

1. he had to be protected secretly by all the gods

All the gods in the heavens respected the Buddhism. When they saw the Buddha, they were happy and praised, and they would protect him in the dark. Therefore, those who worshiped Buddhism didn't ask for forgiveness, but naturally avoided it; He didn't want his family to be safe, but his family was naturally safe. The Buddha worshipers said that it was just a small benefit from their appearance. To the gods, it was also to accumulate merits and benefits for both sides.

2. all the Bodhisattvas are always guarded at will

The task of a Bodhisattva was to pray for the Buddhism and transform all living beings. Therefore, the Avatar was often boundless, swimming ten directions and spreading the area. The Buddha and the Bodhisattva were destined to be together. In the sea of life and death, all living beings called their names one by one, and it was a cry for help from the Buddha and the Bodhisattva. Therefore, he said, "in the life and death sea, Buddha is the most powerful.". It was called the cause of distress, and the Bodhisattva sought help from the God of suffering was fate. As the God of destiny combined with each other and telepathically communicated with each other, the evil would turn into good, and the bitter would be happy. This was the result. In ancient times and modern times, many living beings had been called reputation because they were suffering from misfortune, and because they were called reputation, they had turned into safety, and because they had obtained the benefits of the Buddha, they had believed and made their wishes, seeking a pure land of life, and heard the Buddha. "The first step is to use the desire to seduce others, and then order them to enter the Buddha's mind." this was the ingenuity and convenience of a Bodhisattva to transform into life.

3. he often received the protection of the [阿弥陀佛] day and night

He often received the protection of the Buddha: protection, protection; Miss, miss. The Amitabha Scripture said, "all good men and women are protected by all the Buddhas. They can't escape from the three statues of the three Buddhas.". Those who were praying for the Buddha were protected and cared by all the Buddha. Because the power of the Buddha's protection and care was inconceivable, their cultivation hearts could never retreat until they obtained the Buddha's wisdom - the three Buddhas despised the three Buddhas. In this way, even if this life could not be reincarnated to the happy world, since they had already planted a good root, they would not retreat. One day, they would definitely be reincarnated to the pure land and see the Buddha and hear the method.

[阿弥陀佛], the Buddha of light: [阿弥陀佛], also called the amitayus Buddha. The light of Buddha's wisdom spread across ten directions, surpassing space. The light of the Buddha was hundreds of billions of times brighter than that of the sun. The light of the sun was cut off by a wall. The Buddha's light could be seen everywhere, and nothing could block it. "Amitabha" was the limitless light lifespan, the divine body of Buddha, and also everyone's own Buddha nature. Those who chanted Buddhism had their karma removed, and they were both physically and mentally clean; Peace of mind means Buddha. That was to say, he had to show his real strength.

4. those who chant Buddha, light candles (illuminating), forty miles away (far), can't harm all evil spirits; He would not take any snake or dragon poison.

Everyone's true heart was like a big round mirror, which could illuminate the heaven and earth and have boundless light. But it was blinded by more dust and dim light. A Buddhist title was a kind of purifying agent to dispel the illusion. After the illusion was dispelled, the light in the heart was revealed, and the body could be as bright as forty miles away. It was true. According to the selection of the masters of lotus root, in Tongcheng County, Anhui Province, there were two people, one of whom went out for business, and the other one died of illness and came to a foreign country. Another man buried [安] and took his belongings back to his wife. How could a wife suddenly die as her husband was young and strong? She suspected that Party B was a murderer of wealth. B felt wronged, but it couldn't be proved. Then she went to the tomb and cried out her grievances. Suddenly, a man whispered in her ear, "you're so kind to me. My wife wronged you. I can attach myself to you. Go home and explain it clearly to her." so B returned. Along the way, a talked to him as if he was alive. But he could only hear the sound, and his figure could not be seen. Once, B accidentally slipped and almost fell down. She couldn't help calling out "[阿弥陀佛]"! At this moment, a man said in a frightened voice in the distance, "how can you scare me with the light?" B heard that Buddha would light up, so he chanted a few more times. As a result, a's voice was farther away from him. He said, "when you pray, your chest radiated a dazzling light, and I can't get close to you. Please go back and tell my wife to come to the tomb. I will explain it clearly to her." B did as he said. Through this matter, B felt that the Buddhist power was inconceivable, so he abandoned business and started his own business, concentrating on cultivation. Later, he became an eminent monk. In 1948, when a day passed by the East Gate Bridge of Chengdu, [杨昌平], a senior, stepped on a stone and almost fell down. He unconsciously called out "[阿弥陀佛]"! In a [一梦] that night, there were five beautiful women who asked him to go with them. He was tempted, so they went together to a street number. They went in and waved at him. At this time, an old man with white beard stopped him and said, "you are a Buddhist. Don't go." when he was still desperately drilling into it, he suddenly woke up. Yang felt that the dream was strange. The next day, he went to a street and asked the master about the scene in his dream last night. The master said, "no five beauties came. My mother gave birth to six paparazzi last night, five female flower dogs, and one male dog died after birth. Hearing that, Yang was in a cold sweat. He thought that if he didn't call the Buddha, he would become a dog. Therefore, he was more loyal to the Buddha and didn't often report this matter to others. The above is Colin, who is 89 years old and lives in the Buddhist nursing home of Lezhi temple. He personally heard from Yang in 1996.

All the demons and ghosts were afraid of the light and the Buddha's name. According to the book, there are Yaksha [罗刹] everywhere in the three thousand [大千] lands. It is a dangerous place. When those evil spirits heard him call him Bodhisattva, they didn't even dare to look at him, let alone harm him. All the evil dragons, snakes and beasts would not be harmed. "If the evil beasts surround you, the sharp teeth claws are terrifying. With the power of the meditation, you should run away quickly." "the venom from the yuan snake and the viper is ignited. With the power of the meditation, go back to find the sound (smell) and avoid it." as for the poison, There was also a clear explanation: "the poison of the Zhuge clan is intended to harm the body (you want to use it to harm others), the power of the [观音菩萨] of the other side, and also to yourself (you want to harm others and eventually kill yourself)." the above were all personally declared by the Buddha. Although it was called the name of the [阿弥陀佛], it was the same to chant it.

5. water and fire wronged thief, blade and arrow jailed, life wronged, no one can accept it

All the living beings in the five turbid evil world had all kinds of sufferings. There were water disaster, fire, enemies, robbers, gunshots, even today's gunshots, which were all murderous weapons. Blade and arrow disaster, including war disaster, were listed in the jail, as well as being wronged to die or fall into the evil path. In fact, the disaster was far more than that.

The three poisons, greed, reproach and obsession, were the root of all evil and disaster. For those who worshiped Buddhism, their mind could remove the three poisons and troubles. They didn't expect to be free from disasters, but naturally, it was difficult to be invisible. Normally, if we can be focused on praying for the Buddha, at a critical moment, our own Buddha will heal the creatures in his heart and turn good luck into good luck. If she didn't pray at ordinary times, it would be difficult for her to remember praying when a disaster was imminent. Besides, the secret of praying for Buddha was that [至诚] was respectful. The master of printing light said, "if you are respectful, you will not be guilty and will be blessed; if you are respectful, you will not be guilty and will be blessed!" you must remember it!

6. eliminate all the homework first. As for the people who had killed the enemies, they would be relieved and have no obsession.

Our evil deeds are endless. If the sin had a shape or a size, it couldn't be held in the void. Therefore, they had to endure the long tribulation and couldn't leave. Master Miao named the forty-eight cultivation methods: "to save the pain of a moment is to hurry up; to save the suffering of a thousand tribulations is to pray to Buddha." the Buddhist Scripture said, "to pray to Buddha is to be able to atone for eight billion life and death crimes." for the wronged lives that had been killed in the past, we should sincerely call them the Buddha's name, so that they can be blessed with Buddha's mercy and be reincarnated with good will. Naturally, it would turn revenge into kindness and misfortune into fortune, invisibly eliminating the evil of revenge.

7. MAE was upright, or she dreamed that [阿弥陀佛] was more beautiful

The dream was only a dream. Those who had a heavy desire would have obscene dreams, while those who had a heavy heart would have horrible dreams. Those who worshiped Buddha had a clear mind and a stable night sleep. They wouldn't have nightmares or evil dreams. Moreover, after going to bed, he could silently listen to the Buddha's name or the Buddha's tape, which could rest and calm himself down. It could not only cure insomnia, but also remove nightmares. For example, in her dream, when she encountered a horrible scene or had a nightmare, the Buddha's name immediately disappeared.

He chanted the Buddha sincerely and worked hard to get rid of his illusion. When one's mind was pure, he would see Buddha. Buddha would appear at any time and anywhere. The clear water and moon could see the solemn and beautiful appearance of [阿弥陀佛]. However, he couldn't be happy or persistent for the rest of his life. This was not only useless, but also harmful. "Recently, there have been a lot of demonic things happening in my cultivation. It's all because of my rashness and eagerness to hope for comprehension. I should know that, not to mention that the realm that appears is the appearance of the devil, even if it is the best realm, as long as I have a desire for joy, I will be hindered and damaged."

8. joy, color, strength and auspiciousness.

All living beings were suffering. She spent most of her life in horror, resentment, sadness and pain. Only those who were praying for the Buddha had a peaceful mind. They only followed the fate of death without being transferred. His heart was full of joy, his appearance was full of radiance, and his disease was naturally eliminated; Healthy and long life without self-reliance was just a product of Buddha. Those who worshiped the Buddha were overjoyed. With the support of the Dragon sky and the growth of the good luck, what they did must be auspicious. According to the space deployer, there was a male monk in Taiwan. He was more than 90 years old, walking thirty thousand steps a day and chanting Thirty Thousand Buddhas. He was healthy, full of energy and had a straight back. When he was dying in the future, he would be able to live a peaceful life without any sufferings.

9. always respect, like and worship all the people in the world.

Those who worshiped Buddhism were quiet in their hearts, welcoming people kindly, making friends and helping others. [孔子] said, "respect is a matter of course; love is a matter of course.". It was inevitable for him to receive respect, joy and worship from people.

10. at the end of his life, he was fearless. Before he showed up, he saw [阿弥陀佛] and the holy beings holding golden lotuses to lead them to the West supreme world.

Misty South has no [释迦牟尼] Buddha. Misty South [阿弥陀佛].

There was no oriental pill refiner Buddha in the south. There was no Maitreya Buddha in the south.

Misty South Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva radia of the misty south land. There was a Bodhisattva in the misty South void.

Marvin removed the barrier. Misty South blessed Buddha. Wade was a Bodhisattva.

Supreme Lord Wilbur. Supreme Lord Mathias. Supreme Lord treasure. Supreme Lord of morality.

Tai Yi saved Supreme Lord bitter. [大成] of them were [孔子], the supreme holy teacher. [耶稣]. [穆罕默德].

Ten Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of three generations.

All the immortals in the three worlds and ten directions.

All the holy beings in the world.

It was the destructive green diamond. The antidote pill. Hanson asked for the King Kong. Pure water diamond.

The red sound Fire King Kong. It was the calamity proof diamond. It was the purple Baron diamond. The great divine diamond.

The emperor of the Dongfang kingdom. The rising king of the south.

A Western eye king. The north had heard a lot about the heavenly king.

All evil things could be done, and all good people followed. She was persistent and always responded to whatever she wanted.



    阿弥陀佛,万德宏名,念诵一句佛号有无量功德。我们初学者应该从哪里下手念佛?诸善奉行、诸恶莫作,然后,每天早上、晚上,诚心念南无阿弥陀佛(na mo a mi tuo fo )20遍,30天后(慢的三年),你体验一下......一切好事情,都会悄然来临。也有的忽然做呕吐黑东西的梦(我的很多朋友都有这个经历)实际上,那是你身上的不良信息开始去除,是消除业障的感应,念佛,真是妙不可言......

                             -------  诸葛长青


































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