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 Chapter V of "Supreme Sensation"

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Chapter V of "Supreme Sensation"

● Eight sections of execution.

During the eight festivals (the beginning of the spring, the spring equinox, the beginning of the summer, the summer solstice, the beginning of the autumn, the autumn equinox, the beginning of the winter and the winter solstice), death sentences are executed or prisoners are tortured.

● Stare at meteors, refer to rainbow, often refer to three lights, and look at the sun and moon for a long time.

Spit at the meteor, use your fingers to rainbow, often point at the sun, moon and stars, and look at the sun and moon with your eyes for a long time.

● The spring moon sets fire to hunting.

In spring, we burn mountains and forests to hunt.

● Abuse the North.

He cursed the north.

● Kill turtles and snakes without reason.

Kill tortoises and snakes without reason.

● If it is such a crime, the commander should follow his order, seize his discipline and count, and die if he is done. Death has more responsibilities, which will affect his descendants.

For all the sins mentioned above, the god of command will take away the life of the man according to the seriousness of his crime; If the life span of a person is taken away, the life span of three days will be taken away; And if you deserve to die, it will affect your descendants!

● Those who take people and money from others in an arbitrary way are taking advantage of their wife's family, and gradually die; If you don't die, there will be water and fire thieves, dead objects, diseases and other things, so that you can take the value in vain.

There are also many people who take advantage of their power to steal other people's money, and most of them are calculating for their wives and families; Gradually, when the life of the evil is over, you will not be free from death; Fortunately, if the crime is less serious, and it is not enough to die or die, there will be many disasters, such as floods and fires, theft and robbery by thieves, lost objects, diseases and medicine, oral lawsuits and so on, so as to take the total amount of money from others.

● The murderer is also killed in vain.

There are people who kill people unjustly, just like changing swords!

● Those who take unjust wealth, such as missing the breast to save hunger, drinking poison to quench thirst, are not satisfied for a while, and die.

Those who are greedy for unjust gains are like eating the meat soaked in the leaking water of the house and drinking the wine soaked in the poisoned bird hair. Not only can they not get drunk temporarily, but also they will be poisoned and die soon!

● The heart of a man starts from the good. Although the good has not been done, the good has followed; Or the heart starts from evil. Although evil has not been done, the evil god has followed.

This heart has a good idea. Although the good has not yet been done, it has moved the auspicious god and followed the guard; Or evil thoughts arise in the heart. Although evil has not yet been done, it has moved the evil god and followed the supervision.

● He once committed evil deeds, then repented, and did nothing wrong. All good deeds will be performed for a long time, and he will be lucky. It's called turning evil into good.

If someone has done evil deeds and later repents and repents, he must cut off all evil deeds and pursue all good deeds. If he does so for a long time, he will be able to obtain good luck, which is called turning evil into good!

● Therefore, good people, good words, good eyes, good deeds, three good deeds in one day, and three blessings in three years; The murderer, who speaks evil, regards evil and acts evil, has three evils in one day, and three disasters will happen in three years, so he should not hesitate to do it!

So encourage a good man to do all kinds of good deeds, because his words are good, his eyes are good, and his deeds are good. In one day, he has three good deeds; When he is three years old, God will bless him; He is often the murderer of all evils, because his words are evil, his eyes are evil, and his actions are evil; Do three evil deeds in a day; When he is three years old, God will surely bring disaster to him. Why don't you encourage him to do all kinds of good deeds to turn the disaster into a blessing?



●又诸横取人财者,乃计其妻子家口以当之,渐至死丧;若不死丧,则有水火盗贼, 遗亡器物,疾病口舌诸事,以当妄取之值。
●其有曾行恶事,后自悔改,诸恶莫作,众善奉行,久久,必获吉庆,所谓转祸为福 也。
●故吉人,语善、视善、行善,一日有三善,三年天必降之福;凶人,语恶、视恶、 行恶,一日有三恶,三年天必降之祸,胡不勉而行之!

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