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 Chapter III of the Supreme Emperor's Induction

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Chapter III of the Supreme Emperor's Induction

● Induce him by self-incrimination.

He committed a crime and refused to admit it; Instead, lead others!

● Choke recipe.

Intentionally obstructing the astrology of medicine and divination, or one skill and one skill, so that they can not use the skills they have learned to support their families and help the world.

● slander sages.

For the ancient sages and sages, they can't worship respectfully and dare to slander arbitrarily.

● Aggression on morality.

Encounter a person with morality and virtue, but invade and bully him.

● Shoot away.

Shoot birds and hunt animals.

● Sting and startle.

Discover the insects that lie dormant in the soil and disturb the birds that inhabit the trees.

● Fill the nest.

Fill the burrows inhabited by insects and ants, and overturn the nests inhabited by birds.

● Injured fetus and broken egg.

Injured the animals' twins and destroyed their eggs.

● Wishing others to lose.

We often wish people to fail.

● Destroy people and succeed.

Destroy others' success

● Danger to personal safety.

Make others take risks and only seek their own safety.

● Reduce personal benefits.

Derogate the interests of others and only seek their own interests.

● Good is better than evil.

When trading goods, they secretly exchanged bad things for good things.

● Abandon the public with private affairs.

He abandoned the axiom with his own selfish heart.

● The ability to steal.

Steal other people's skills and take them for yourself.

● Cover others with kindness.

Hide others' good deeds from others.

● The ugliness of people.

Describe the ugly things of others and publicize them widely.

● Criticize others.

Disclose the privacy of others and spread it everywhere.

● Consume people, goods and money.

Consume others' goods and wealth

● Human flesh and blood.

To cause separation or discord between the flesh and blood of others.

● Invade loved ones.

Encroach on what others like.

● Help others.

Help others to do evil and do evil together.

● Be ambitious and powerful.

Arbitrarily bully others with self-styled authority.

● Dishonor others and win.

Humiliate others to win.

● Defeat crops.

Destroy the seedlings and rice planted by others.

● Broken marriage.

Destroy the marriage of others.

● Be rich and proud.

You should not be rich. If you get rich by luck, you will be arrogant.

● Be scrupulous.

It should not be avoided, without shame.

● Acknowledge and push.

Take others' kindness as their own; Instead of blaming yourself on others.

● Framing and selling evil.

Transfer your own misfortune to others; Transfer your guilt to others.

● Sell and buy false reputation.

Sell a false reputation and make others praise you.

● Cover the risk of storage.

On the surface, he pretends to smile and be kind to others, but underneath, he hides a sinister and harmful heart.

● Defeat the person who is good at it.

Strike at the strengths of others, so that he can not play his strengths.

● Protect your own shortcomings.

Cover your shortcomings and don't repent.

● Take threats.

Use power to coerce and intimidate.

● Longitudinal and violent killing.

Indulge in atrocities and kill people.

● Cut without reason.

Cut cloth or satin for no reason.

● Illegitimate cooking.

Cook and kill livestock in violation of etiquette.

● Scatter grain.

Arbitrarily waste and discard grain.

● Labor disturbs all living beings.

To harass the people and drive them without pity.

● Destroy people's homes and take their treasures.

Destroy other people's homes to seize their treasures.

● Breaking water and setting fire to harm the houses.

The houses where people live are destroyed by flood or burned by fire.

● Disrupt the scale to defeat others.

Disrupt the scale of others' planning to undermine the success of others' career.

● Damage to people and objects for the poor.

The tools and utensils used by others are deliberately damaged so that they cannot be used when others want to use them.

● May he be demoted when he is honored.

Seeing other people's glory and wealth, I hope they will be exiled or relegated to remote places.

● See him rich and wish him to break up.

Seeing that others have more money and wealth in their homes, they are willing to let others loose their wealth and be poor.

● See his beauty and take it personally.

Seeing someone else's beautiful wife and daughter, she immediately became lustful and wanted to have an affair with her.

● Take his money and wish him death.

Be responsible for goods and money owed to others and don't want to repay them; On the contrary, if you wish him dead, you don't have to pay it back.

● If you don't succeed, you will be cursed.

If you can't get what you want from others, you will get curses and resentment.

● Seeing him lose his stool, he said he had passed.

When you see someone else's loss, you will not be satisfied with it, and you will say that it is his usual evil and the evil reward he has summoned.

● Laugh at his lack of body.

Seeing other people with four body defects or ugly images, they do not pity and protect them, but laugh at them.

● See his ability to be weighed down.

When you see the talent of others, you can praise and publicize them. Instead of praising and not publicizing them, you can prevent and suppress them.

● Bury poison and hate people.

Carved a wooden figure, wrote a spell on it, and then buried it in the ground, which was used to haunt people.

● Use drugs to kill trees.

It is to kill trees with poison.






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