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 Chapter II of the Supreme Emperor's Induction

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Chapter II of the Supreme Emperor's Induction

● Don't complain about being humiliated.

Although you have been insulted by others, you should consider your own problems and work hard and never hate others.

● Be flattered.

When you get honor and favor, you should have the idea of fear and fear. You should think that your virtue and merit are not enough, and you may not be able to maintain it for a long time!

● Don't ask for reward for kindness, and don't repent of others.

Give favors to others without asking for repayment; Give it to others without regret.

● The so-called good man.

Those who can pursue all the good mentioned above are called true good people.

● All people respect it, the way of heaven protects it, and the wealth follows it. The evil is far away, and the gods guard it.

The good deeds of a real good man in his life are obedient to the heart of the people, so all people in the world respect him; He is in harmony with the Heavenly Way, so all the gods of the Heavenly Way bless him; Fortune and wealth follow him; All evils are far away from him, away from him, and dare not invade him; The wise and upright gods are always protecting and helping him.

● What you do must be done, and immortals can hope for it.

The cause of a real good man is bound to succeed, and he can also hope to become an immortal and famous in heaven!

● Those who want to be immortal should establish 1300 good deeds, and those who want to be immortal should establish 300 good deeds.

Those who want to be immortals should accumulate 1300 good deeds (one good deed a day can succeed in only four years); Those who want to seek earthly immortals should accumulate three hundred good deeds (one good deed a day, only one year can succeed).

● Acting with or without righteousness and acting against reason.

If someone violates morality and arouses evil thoughts; He did evil things against the law of heaven.

● Take evil as power.

On the contrary, he thinks he is capable of doing evil.

● Be tolerant of cruelty.

Have the heart to do things that hurt people and things.

● The thief is good.

For honest and kind people, they conspire to steal.

● secretly insulting your relatives.

For national leaders and parents, we should be loyal and filial; But secretly cheat, and do things that are disloyal and unfilial.

● Mr. Slow.

For those who preach, teach and dispel doubts, they should be taught respectfully, but they will be slighted.

● Treason.

They should not be loyal to the people they should serve, but also do things that do not keep their duties and betray.

● Take advantage of ignorance.

For many people who have no knowledge and are unreasonable, they tell lies to deceive them.

● slander students.

For many classmates and friends, they slander them.

● False falsehood.

Attack others by means of hypocrisy, framing, fraud and deception.

● Criticize relatives.

Disadvantages of attacking clans and relatives

● Strong and inhumane.

A man with strong temperament and hot temper is not kind, gentle and generous enough to treat others.

● Be ruthless for your own use.

He is vicious and violent, and likes to be headstrong and self-righteous.

● Right and wrong.

For the villain to do bad things, he is right; For a good man to do a good job, instead of saying that he is wrong, it is too inappropriate to identify right and wrong!

● Be good at your back.

We should avoid evil people and turn our hearts to them; For a good man, we should be close to him, but against him; This kind of backward is really inappropriate!

● Take advantage of the power.

Some officials dare to implement tyranny, abuse subordinates and people, and reward them with greed.

● Flatter your wishes.

Flatter the superior officer to meet his purpose.

● Be ungrateful.

Be grateful to others, but don't think of thanksgiving.

● Keep complaining.

For those who have hatred, they don't want to repay good for bad, but they hate revenge, and they still keep on thinking about it, and won't stop!

● Disdain Tianmin.

As an official, he is not only unpatriotic and loving the people, but also dares to despise and bully the people around the world at will.

● Disturbance of national politics.

Being an official, not only can't love the country and the people, but also disturbs the government affairs of the country and destroys the social order!

● Reward and injustice.

They can't reward the good and punish the evil to show the function of persuading the good and punishing the evil, and even reward the unjust villains.

● Punishment and innocence.

Punish innocent people and make them suffer wrongs.

● Kill people for money.

Kill someone intentionally to take his money.

● Employ people to take positions.

Frame others to take their place.

● Kill the police.

If the bandits have surrendered, they will kill them instead, contrary to natural law.

● Derogate the right and eliminate the right.

To relegate upright officials to remote places; Excluding virtuous colleagues made him lose his official position.

● Linggu forces widows.

Bullying orphans and forcing widows.

● Abandon the law and accept bribes.

Officials dare to abandon the law and accept unjust bribes.

● Take straight as curve and curve as straight.

Change the "straight" into "straight" and the "straight" into "straight".

● The light is the heavy.

Those who should be sentenced to light punishment were sentenced to heavy punishment.

● See killing and anger.

When I see someone sentenced to death, I don't feel sorry for him, but I will be angry!

● Don't change your mistakes.

Clearly aware of his own mistakes, he refused to repent.

● Don't do what is good.

Seeing that good deeds are in sight, they refuse to do them.





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