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 Chapter I of "The Supreme Emperor's Induction"

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Chapter I of "The Supreme Emperor's Induction"

● The Supreme Master said: 'There is no way to disaster or fortune, but people call themselves.'

Tai Shanglaojun said, 'People's misfortunes and blessings have no certain way to go. They are all brought by themselves!'

● The reward of good and evil goes hand in hand.

The retribution of good and evil is like the shadow following the body; When people get there, the shadow will follow there and never separate!

● It is based on the god who has made mistakes in heaven and earth, and according to the seriousness of human offenses, it is based on taking others.

For in human life, there are gods who are in charge of human evil; According to the seriousness of each person's crime, take away the life of each person. (If it is three days, those who commit minor offenses will take less, and those who commit serious offenses will take more.)

● Reduce poverty and consumption, and meet more difficulties.

The life span of people has been reduced because of their mistakes, and they will also be punished for living in poverty and wasting family resources; We often encounter sorrow and disaster!

● Everyone hates it.

Everyone hates people who do evil things!

● The criminal disaster follows.

When they have done evil, punishment and disaster will follow.

● Avoid auspicious events.

When he has done evil things, good luck and happiness are far away from him.

● The evil star disaster.

Evil spirits and evil stars also bring disaster to those who do evil.

● If you count all, you will die.

After reducing the life of the wicked, the wicked will also die!

● There are also three Beidou Divine Kings, who record people's sins on their heads and seize their discipline.

The three stars, the Big Dipper, always record the sins of each man on his head, and take away his life according to his sins.

● There are also three corpses in the human body. On the day of Gengshen, he often attains Tiancao and talks about people's sins.

There are also three corpses, who live in the human body. The heart, mouth, meaning and language of all people can not be concealed from the three corpses; On the day of Gengshen, the Three Corpse Gods went up to Tiancao to report people's sins.

● On the dark day of the moon, so is the Kitchen God.

On the last day of every month in the lunar calendar, the Kitchen God is the same!

● Ordinary people have mistakes. If they are big, they will seize discipline, and if they are small, they will seize calculation.

Anyone who has committed a sin cannot escape the inspection of the gods; Those who commit major crimes will be deprived of life expectancy of 300 days, and those who commit minor crimes will be deprived of life expectancy of three days. This is the right decision.

● There are hundreds of things too big and too small. Those who want to live long must avoid them first.

There are hundreds of big and small evil things. Those who want to live long must avoid these evil things first!

● If you are on the road, you will go forward, and if you are not on the road, you will go back.

For the monks in the world, if they want to do a thing, they should first think about it, which is inhumane; Go ahead and do it; If you don't agree, you will retreat.

● Do not follow the evil path and deceive the dark room.

All places that are not serious should be regarded as evil paths. Even in a dark room, where others can't see or hear, is the boundary of talent between good and evil. In this way, we can be honest and sincere, and are not willing to deceive people at all.

● Work hard.

Accumulate virtue, gradually accumulate, gradually more; Work hard, gradually build, gradually high.

● Be kind to things.

Extend compassion to all things!

● Loyalty and filial piety.

We must be loyal to our country; We must be filial to our family.

● Friendship.

If you are a brother, love your brother; If you are a brother, respect your brother.

● Normalize yourself.

We should correct ourselves and persuade others to do good together.

● Be aloof and compassionate, respect the old and cherish the young.

Be merciful to the orphan and bring him up; To provide for the widow and help her; Respect the elderly, so that they can enjoy respect and peace; Take care of young children so that they can be nurtured and protected.

● Insects, plants and trees can not be injured.

Although it is a small insect, grass and trees, you can't hurt it!

● Be merciful to people's evil and happy to people's good.

Fierce people often do evil and bring disaster. We should pity him, persuade him and influence him so that he can turn evil into good and turn evil into good. Good people, who often do good deeds and bring good returns, should rejoice and praise for him, encourage him, and make him more active in doing good deeds!

● Help people in emergency and save people in danger.

When encountering other people's urgent needs, for example, when they are ill, they need medicine urgently, when they are dead, they need to be buried urgently, when they are hungry and cold, they need clothes and food urgently, and so on; We should try our best to help in time to meet the urgent need; In the event of other people's disasters, such as floods, fires, car accidents, broken homes, and so on, we should use our own strength to rescue others and make them turn the corner.

● See what you get from others, as you get from yourself; See the loss of others as your own.

When you see that others are lucky and proud, you are just as proud as yourself, and you need to support them; When you see that others are unlucky and frustrated, you should be rescued as if you are frustrated.

● Don't show off others' shortcomings and show off their own strengths.

Don't publicize the shortcomings of others, don't show off your strengths, hide your strength and cultivate your virtue.

● Suppress evil and promote good.

We should discourage others from doing evil, so as not to let them run amok and others suffer; In addition, we should praise good deeds, so that good people can do good tirelessly, and others will also be guided by him.

● Push more and take less.

Whether brothers share property or friends share money, we should make concessions. Give the more part to brothers or friends, and take the less part.




凶狠的人,常常作恶而招来灾祸,应该要怜悯他、劝导他、感化他,使他能够改恶向 善,转祸为福。善良的人,常常行善而招来福报,应该要为他欢喜赞叹,鼓励他,使他更能积极的行善啊!

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