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 Dharma induction: no damage in a serious car accident

   date:2020-09-18 19:05:27     read:55   

Dharma induction: no damage in a serious car accident

Master Boiling Cloud narrates the story of Huijun

On July 27th, 69, the Fengshan Buddhist Lotus Club held the annual Jingjin Buddha VII again. On this day, people who took part in the Buddha VII fight continued to report. On the 28th, the seven rules of Buddha were taught. Among them, there were two seven guards, one was Wu Dasheng, who graduated from Fengjia, and the other was Lin Xiaopan, a teacher who taught in Fengyuan. They were both motivated to protect seven. On the 28th, a long-distance call from Taipei came to Fengshan, and the other side reported that the master seven monk, Master Cook Yun, said that the mother of Master Hui Yan (the apprentice of Master Cook Yun, who is now in the position of Zhiguang Business) was dead. Master Hui Yan was in Japan, and immediately sent a telegram to Japan to urge her to return. If she returned home soon, it would be six o'clock the next day.

On the 29th day, Lianyou, who played the seventh Buddha, was suffering from eight customs fasting. Lin Xiaolian and Wu Dasheng were going to the airport to meet Master Hui Yan. They borrowed a car from a Lianshe disciple, Zhang Caixia, a Buddhist monk, and accompanied by a student of Master Hui Yan. A Hui Rongni teacher in Fengshan Lotus Club took a nap at one o'clock in the afternoon of the same day (the 29th) and dreamed that someone was shouting on the cliff and a white car crashed. There were four people on the car, but they were not injured. Wake up is a dream, don't care.

In addition, Lin Xiaopan drove to the Taoyuan Zhongzheng International Airport to meet Master Huiyan, and then drove to the expressway. The four people were very depressed because of the loss of Master Huiyan's secular mother. They all recited the Buddhist name in their hearts. Not far from the Zhongli Interchange, Lin Xiaolian drove carefully and clearly. Somehow, a huge object (container truck) suddenly appeared in front of the car. It's too late to say, then fast, boom! At the speed of 80 kilometers per hour, we can imagine that the car crashed flat, and the miracle happened immediately - four people were not injured at all. Who will believe it? It is true that there is no damage to hair skin. What happened at night was the same as what Huirong dreamed at noon.

There is a reason for this. There are two forces that protect them: self-reliance is often chanting Buddha, and the spirit will be concentrated and unified, and emptiness can be revealed. At this time, the impact of external forces is not hitting the body, but hitting emptiness, because the spiritual force exceeds the body. In addition, the other force is to remove obstacles with the Buddha's mercy. The Buddha's dharma body is also empty and aware of the sea. With this empty force, all tangible things can be contained. Therefore, the collision should not be damaged. The car cannot chant Buddha. Therefore, the collision between objects will get the size of its loss based on the size of the force. If people chant Buddha, they will have the protection of their own two forces. This is the truth of nature. Is it beyond doubt?

Four people called for a trailer, which cost 5000 yuan, and the repair cost of the car cost 27000 yuan, which is just like the damage of the car. It's a great fortune in misfortune. No one is hurt. Amitabha! If the world is willing to chant the Buddha, the holy name of Bodhisattva, and be free from the saying in the "General Items", "to die in distress, to be able to be a parent", is true. I hope to believe, accept and practice, then 'life, old age, sickness and death are suffering, and I gradually know that the order is gone'.



煮云法师述 慧峻记






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