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 The tortoise repaid his kindness and was saved from drowning

   date:2020-09-18 19:05:39     read:62   

The tortoise repaid his kindness and was saved from drowning

The original wish sutra of the Earth Treasure Bodhisattva said: 'There are countless ghost kings in the world, each with different tasks and responsibilities They have different interests or harmers. But they do not reward and punish people according to their own likes and dislikes, but perform tasks completely according to the karma of the world's good and evil. ' So, as the author of the article said, how can a tortoise fool be so psychic? The reason why it has the opportunity to repay its benefactor should be that the gods manipulated it. The ancient books record the stories of cattle, horses, tigers, deer, chickens, birds, fish, snails, eels, flies, and ants saving people. The reason is the same.

Xiao Yu

The following is a story about the turtle saving people that my grandmother told me. My grandmother told me this:

When I was a child, my family lived on the bank of a big river, and all my neighbors were fishermen who made a living by fishing. Each family had two or three small fishing boats, which set out early and returned late. One summer, one day was particularly hot. When the fishing boat went out fishing in the early morning, the clear sky and cloudless sky was a good weather. Unexpectedly, at about three o'clock in the afternoon, the dark clouds gathered together, the lightning flashed, the rain fell in torrents, and the thunder rumbled even more, Seeing many small fishing boats spinning in the waves, and then several fishing boats turned into the white waves of the river, it was a tragic day. The fisherman's family all gathered to the river to try to save them. Under the heavy rain, they cried loudly. Some of the fishermen were saved, some were lost. The old grandpa Zhang sank into the river in the fishing boat, and there was no news. His wife and several children cried, Everyone also thinks that God has not opened his eyes, and such a loyal old man has also sunk into the river bottom.

'Look! What is that big black idea that is fluctuating? ' Someone looked into the waves at the confluence‘ Yes! I see it too. What is that? ' All eyes focused on the black spots that were gradually drifting. The rain stopped, and the waves also decreased. There was a rainbow hanging in the sky. There were more and more people along the river bank. Everyone pointed and looked at the black thing floating in the middle of the river.

'What about a person? Mom! ' The eldest daughter of Master Zhang rushed down from the bank of the river like crazy‘ Who is it? It's not your father! Be careful, Xiao Feng! ' Granny Zhang shouted behind Xiao Feng‘ Mom, my sister is right. It's a person! ' The second sister, Youfeng, also looked at the distance and said aloud, 'Yes, that's a person!' Now you can see clearly that it is indeed a person. Then there was another commotion on the river bank. The voices of the people were also loud‘ Who is that man? ' Someone is asking questions‘ right! Let me see, who is that? ' A young man also ran down the river‘ We went out for seven boats, and five people didn't come back! ' The old people are shaking their heads and sighing‘ Look, that's really a person! Now it's close, and you can see it more clearly! ' The young man came up again to tell everyone. He pointed at the thing floating in the river.

'Mom! Mom! That's Dad! ' Xiaofeng also ran up and told Grandma Zhang excitedly, and everyone gathered around to ask questions‘ Look clearly! Blessed by Bodhisattva! If only it were your father! ' The old lady was bowing to the sky while wiping her tears‘ Strange! How do people float on the water? '‘ Yes! It looks like someone is holding it. It's so strange! ' After a while, the thing drifted close, and everyone rushed down like a swarm to see what happened. Even Grandma Zhang, supported by Youfeng, ran down after everyone.

This is really a wonder in the world! It was Grandpa Zhang who floated in. It was a huge bird turtle that came back with a big back like a small round table. Everyone dragged Grandpa Zhang to the bank. The big turtle was not afraid of people, but also climbed to the bank, nodded three times to Grandpa Zhang, and then slowly climbed into the river.

Several young people carried Grandpa Zhang home with boards. Grandpa Zhang slowly woke up. He changed his dry clothes and drank a few drinks, and his spirit recovered. It is strange that he was not hurt at all.

The story about the tortoise saving people spread among the neighbors. People who knew and didn't know rushed to Grandpa Zhang's house from far and near to inquire. The Zhang's house also ran in and out of the place to entertain guests with a smile like a wedding. On the third night, the neighbors hosted a sumptuous banquet and set it up in the house of Zhang's house. They were celebrating Grandpa Zhang's rescue. Everyone entered the table in high spirits. Grandfather Zhang and Grandmother Zhang could be the guests at the table to accept their congratulations. After three rounds of drinking, Grandfather Zhang stood up with a beaming face. On the one hand, he thanked everyone for their hospitality, on the other hand, he said:

'Everyone, I Zhang is the second person. I want to thank you for your kindness to me! I would like to borrow your wine to thank the turtle who saved my life. ' He paused, took a look and said:

'In that huge wave, the boat overturned, and I fell into the bottom of the river in a daze, sinking! Sinking, I only realized that I was really a drowned ghost. Unexpectedly, at that time, my body slowly floated up involuntarily. Only when I floated out of the water did I know that it was a big tortoise that carried me up. Later, I looked carefully and saw that there was a red silk thread tied to the big tortoise's foot. At that time, I was confused and didn't think carefully. Now I think about it, I suddenly realized that I and the tortoise can have a story of fate. Now I want to report it to my hometown relatives -- 'He drank another large glass of wine and continued:

'That's a long time ago. I was only eight or nine years old at that time. One day when I came home from school, I saw several children burning fire by the river. I went curiously to ask them what they were doing with the fire? They said they were going to burn the tortoise to eat. I saw that there was a little tortoise with a red silk thread tied to its feet. I squatted down to look at the poor little tortoise. It also looked at me with open eyes. Suddenly, tears came out of its eyes! I felt even more sad. I thought I had to save the poor little turtle. So I discussed with the children about not burning the little turtle. However, no matter what I said, they wouldn't agree. The fire was getting bigger and bigger. I was in a hurry. I grabbed the little turtle and ran desperately to the river. When they were about to catch up with me, I reached out and threw the little turtle into the river. This time, I was beaten by several of them, my head was broken, my clothes were torn, and I ran home and was scolded by my parents, saying that I should not fight with the wild children. Although I was beaten and scolded at that time, I didn't say a word about saving the little turtle. Now, after decades, the little turtle has grown up and saved my life, which is really a reward! I hope you can do more good deeds, and there will be good returns in the future. '

After my grandmother's story was finished, the night was getting late. I looked at the shining stars in the sky. I was moved to think that I would never play the cruel thing of catching turtles again. (The Republic of China 58, 6, 20, Issue 26 of Cihang Quarterly)


















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