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 Dongsu Banner came back to visit the "benefactor" every year after being released from the

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Dongsu Banner came back to visit the "benefactor" every year after being released from the rescued yellow sheep

Buddhist Online reported by Inner Mongolia Daily: In recent days, a group of yellow sheep can always be seen outside a border guard post in the Bayannur hilly area of Dongsu Banner. They look and look through two barbed wire fences. This is the arrival of rhubarb and Xiaohuang with their children to visit the benefactor again.

A few years ago, Li Xiaodong, a third-level sergeant in the third company of a border guard regiment, hitchhiked into the city and saw a herdsman selling two injured little yellow sheep in the vegetable market. Several hotel owners are scrambling to buy it, and the price has been raised from 600 yuan to 1000 yuan. Xiao Li accidentally turned around and found two small yellow sheep looking at him with a kind of begging eyes through the crowd. Little Li didn't even think about it. He ran over and separated the crowd. He took out his only 1100 yuan and bought two small yellow sheep.

In the afternoon, when Xiao Li came home empty-handed (his home was a couple's post), he was nervous and didn't know how to explain to his wife. The wife saw the embarrassed husband and the two injured little yellow sheep, and understood all at once. Without saying a word, she picked up two small yellow sheep and put them on the kang, and found the potion to heal the two small yellow sheep. Under the care of the couple, the two little yellow sheep quickly recovered.

The couple spent two days to build a warm and comfortable "small home" for the two small yellow sheep, and named them rhubarb and small yellow. When patrolling, Xiao Li saw the fresh grass and never forgot to cut a bundle of it for Rhubarb and Xiao Huang. In their spare time, the couple often take them for a walk in the moonlight and drink the spring water in the mountains. Rhubarb and Xiaohuang grew up under the careful feeding of Xiaoli and his wife. Until one day, a group of south-moving yellow sheep passed by the post and stayed around the sheepfold for a long time.

Seeing that rhubarb and Xiaohuang are talking to the group of yellow sheep happily through the fence, the couple can't help walking to the sheepfold, and at the same time stretch out their hands to untie the rope for rhubarb and Xiaohuang. Dahuang and Xiaohuang came to Xiaoli and his wife and looked up at them suspiciously for a long time. Then, he turned his head and ran away with the group of yellow sheep, and his back gradually integrated with the grassland. Tears blurred the sight of Xiao Li and his wife.

Like the mother who sent away the children on a long journey, rhubarb and xiao huang took away all the concerns of xiao li and his wife. All day long, their tea and rice were not delicious. At night, there was a sound in the yard. When they opened the door, their hearts suddenly stopped. It was rhubarb and Xiaohuang. They came back!

Since then, the post has become the home of Rhubarb and Xiaohuang, and they are inseparable from each other. Only when they are on patrol or on duty or on a long journey, do they put them in the sheepfold. One day, Xiao Li came back from duty late, only to find that rhubarb and Xiao Huang were missing. His honest wife squatted in front of the gate of the post and kept crying. It turned out that just after Xiao Li went out to patrol in the morning, the people of the grassland law enforcement team came and announced to Xiao Li's wife that the yellow sheep is a national second-class protected animal, and their breeding is illegal. Rhubarb and Xiaohuang were confiscated by the grassland law enforcement team. For the next two days, Xiao Li spent his time in a trance. He was always thinking of rhubarb and Xiaohuang. On the morning of the third day, he carried a bundle of grass that Rhubarb and Xiaohuang loved most, and walked to the city on foot to find the law enforcement unit. He wanted to see his Rhubarb and Xiaohuang, and he wanted to talk about it.

Xiao Li kept inquiring in the city and finally found the unit. At the gate, Xiao Li saw rhubarb and Xiaohuang, who were locked in an iron cage. As soon as they saw Xiao Li, Rhubarb and Xiao Huang tried to stick their heads out of the crack in the cage and shouted at Xiao Li. Xiao Li rushed in, opened the cage, and held rhubarb and xiao huang tightly in his arms. rhubarb and xiao huang also snuggled their heads on Xiao Li's shoulder. Their actions shocked everyone present!

It turns out that Rhubarb and Xiaohuang have been brought here for three days. They don't eat or drink, and no one can get close to it. When Rhubarb and Xiaohuang ate the grass Xiao Li fed them, the staff gathered around them. I don't know whether it is Xiao Li's feelings for Rhubarb and Xiaohuang, or whether they are close to Xiao Li, which moved the staff. They finally agreed to go through the procedures for Xiao Li's adoption. Only then did Xiao Li know that rhubarb is male and Xiaohuang is female.

The next spring, Xiaohuang gave birth to a pair of lovely children. They belong to nature. They should be allowed to return to the grassland. One night, the couple made up their minds. Early the next morning, the couple fed Rhubarb, Xiaohuang and their children and drove them out of the house in tears. Rhubarb, Xiaohuang and their sons and daughters walked back and left the post reluctantly.

One day in the autumn of the third year, Mr. and Mrs. Li saw a dozen gazellas staring motionlessly at the post on the top of the hill opposite the post. Since then, on this day in autumn every year, a group of yellow sheep will appear on the hill opposite the sentry post, honking in the direction of the sentry post, and the number of yellow sheep has increased year by year, and now there are more than ten. (Reporter Wang Jianchen)





    佛教在线  据内蒙古日报报道:这几天,位于东苏旗巴彦淖尔丘陵地区的一个边防哨所外总能看到一群黄羊,它们隔着两道铁丝网眺望着,寻找着,这是大黄和小黄带着成群的儿女又探望恩人来了。










      第三年秋天的一天,小李夫妇看见哨所对面的山顶上,有十几只黄羊面对着哨所一动不动地张望着。从此,每年秋天的这一天,都会有一群黄羊出现在哨所对面的山头上,对着哨所的方向鸣叫不停,而且黄羊群一年比一年壮大,现在已有十几只了。(记者 王建臣)

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