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 Zhuge Changqing: According to the Shurangama Sutra, you can't become a Buddha unless you get ri

   date:2022-11-24 16:20:31     read:18   

Zhuge Changqing: According to the Shurangama Sutra, you can't become a Buddha unless you get rid of immorality


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Happiness comes from stopping evil and doing good.

To have a good destiny, we need to do good deeds and accumulate virtues.

... Zhuge Changqing

How should I spend my life?

Zhuge Changqing believed that we should learn from the sages in life, and strive for self-improvement and be virtuous.

Zhuge Changqing saw that many achievers throughout the ages are people who do good deeds and accumulate virtue.

The Chinese culture is broad and profound, and the classics are vast and impressive.

For example, the Shurangama Sutra is a Buddhist classic that exhorts people to do good deeds and accumulate virtues.

It warns people to observe the precepts and do good deeds.

Among them, the Shurangama Sutra specially points out that if you don't get rid of immorality, the chance of becoming a Buddha is zero.

The Great Buddha Upholds the Tathagata and cultivates the secret causes to prove the Ten Thousand Headed Shurangama Sutra of Bodhisattvas, which says:

If the minds of all living beings in the six worlds are not immoral, they will not follow their life and death.

You cultivate Samadhi. It is hard for you to work out of the dust. You can't get rid of the lust and dust. No matter how wise you are, before Zen meditation, if you continue to have sex, you will fall into the Devil Way, the top grade Devil King, the middle grade Devil People, and the bottom grade Devil Girl. Those demons also have disciples, each of whom is called the supreme way.

In the end of the Dharma after I died, many demonic people flourished in the world, widely practiced the knowledge of lust for good, and made all living beings fall into love and see the pit and lose the Bodhi Road.

You taught the world to practice Samadhi and break the mind first. It was the first time that the Buddha, the famous Buddha, decided to be pure and enlightened.

So, Ananda, if you keep practicing meditation, like steaming sand and stone to make a meal, you will only be known as hot sand after thousands of times. Why? This is not a rice book. It is made of sand and stone.

You seek the wonderful results of Buddha with your lewd body. Even if you get the wonderful enlightenment, it is all the lewd root. It becomes obscenity at all, and the three turns of painting must not come out. What is the way to repair the Buddha's nirvana?

It will break the mind and body of the prostitution machine, and there will be no breaking nature. It can be hoped by Buddha and Bodhisattva. If I say this, it is called the Buddha Theory, rather than the Bo Xun Theory.

amitabha. I wish that the world can keep calm and get rid of the evil heart.

[Zhuge Evergreen Chinese Dream]

Learn from sages and carry forward virtue

Revitalizing China for the benefit of the world

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That is to say, with this merit and virtue, we should solemnly observe the Buddha's net ten. Report four blessings and save three hardships. Those who wish to see and hear,Know and send Bodhi Heart. To live in a state of bliss

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