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 Be careful with your pen when you are a reporter editor!

   date:2020-09-18 18:32:27     read:43   

Be careful with your pen when you are a reporter editor!

I used to be a reporter, editor, and editor-in-chief of a magazine. I really understand how influential the editor's words are! If you promote the good, everyone will develop towards the good. If you promote the bad, everyone will be easy to dance. How to be a good reporter editor? The best way is to write more positive articles to guide people to be positive and do more good deeds, instead of writing articles on murder, pornography and other aspects to mislead people to do evil and go evil. Such karma is very powerful

-------Zhuge Changqing

Once, a reporter (Gu Yinqi's name), who is known as the largest newspaper in China, called the author and said that he was deeply moved by the various charitable organizations and the deeds of some of them in helping others described in the book after he accidentally saw the book "The Incredible Cause and Effect Phenomenon". He said that when he opened the newspaper at present, it was full of reports of corruption, murder, rape, fraud, counterfeit loans, etc, In particular, the social news page is neither black nor yellow, which is shocking and really makes people feel infinite. However, after reading my book, I feel that our current society has a bright side besides darkness, a good side besides evil, and a touching story of doing good silently in addition to crime. These lovely deeds and respectable characters are just as refined and fresh as lotus in the mud, which makes people feel infinite admiration and yearning. He said that in order to understand these characters and true images, he decided to come to Jiayi from Taipei. In addition to meeting and talking with the author, he also wanted to visit the protagonists in these books in person.

Two days later, the reporter came as expected, and after meeting with the author, he talked about many of his own views and experiences. He said that he did not believe in the theory of cause and effect at first, but because of his mother's repeated reminding and teaching, as well as many results of personal experience, he had to admit that there was probably a wonderful phenomenon called karma in the world. He said that he had lived in the family village since he was young, so he was familiar with all the people in the village. He later carefully observed that all the families in the family village who liked to play cards and gamble, had bad moral integrity, had poor integrity, and even committed corruption and law, not only often made a lot of trouble afterwards, their families were broken, and even broke down and ruined, but more obviously, their descendants were often defeated. They are either physically and mentally unsound, or their studies are not up to date, or they are just fooling around with bad teenagers all day long, or they even have bad habits such as whoring, gambling, and drug abuse. Finally, they take risks and become more and more trapped and unable to extricate themselves. On the other hand, if the parents are honest, law-abiding, thrifty, well-behaved, honest, and even secretly help others and are enthusiastic about public welfare, their families are not only kind and filial, everything is smooth, often in harmony, and enjoy the happiness of human relations, but also their descendants seem to be outstanding and have great achievements. He said that his family is a good example. His mother has always believed in Buddhism. Therefore, he often urged all the people in the family to do things with conscience, not harm others, and to forgive and tolerate others as much as possible, especially to do good deeds to accumulate evil virtue. It turns out that several of his brothers and sisters seem to be doing very well in their studies. They all found good jobs after graduation from college, so they are able to buy some decent houses outside, and then move away from the narrow and short "voice and voice" village, which is "crowded" with many "things". The original neighbors can't help but express their envy when they see their "achievements".

In addition, he found that if a person gets improper income intentionally or unintentionally, he will often lose the money or suffer various adverse consequences under unexpected circumstances. For example, after buying things several times, he found that the shop assistant had changed more money. At that time, he thought it was only small money, so he didn't return it. But almost every time I took out the money, I either fell on the ground and couldn't find it, or fell in the ditch and had to give up. One thing that made him deeply unforgettable all his life, and what he took as a warning was that once he managed to interview a very touching story of filial piety. Unexpectedly, after the news was published, the letters of sympathy and donation flooded into this unfortunate family as a result of the general sympathy of the society. According to its statistics, the family received 800000 yuan in just a few days, and then even reached 1 million yuan in relief donations.

In order to express gratitude to the reporter, the family once paid him 50000 yuan. At that time, he thought that he had helped the most and deserved it, so he accepted it. Shortly after that, a colleague happened to have an urgent need. When he knew it, he introduced the colleague to this family to change his position. The result was that he changed his position by 200000 yuan. Unexpectedly, soon after these events, he had a series of very unpleasant events and suffered a very heavy blow. He was almost broken his job, and even had a serious accident. So in retrospect, I felt very regretful. At the same time, I also felt that the bad luck was probably condemned by God on purpose. After this lesson, this reporter also felt that a person should always be cautious about fear and be vigilant, and never do anything wrong, or have a bad idea. Otherwise, one day he will inevitably suffer from bad consequences and retribution. At this time, it will be too late to regret. Professor Yunhe




                  ------- 诸葛长青





    这一家为了向这位记者表示谢意,曾经拿了五万元给他酬劳,当时他认为这件事他自己的帮助最大,应该受之无愧,因此也就加以接受。不久之后有一位同事刚好有急用,他知道后就介绍这位同事前往这一个人家调头寸,结果竟然调了二十万元,没想到这些事情过后不久,他便发生一连串非常不如意的事件,遭受非常沉重的打击,差一点就被打破了饭碗,甚至差一点就发生了严重的意外。因此事后回想起来感到非常的后悔,同时也感到这些霉运很可能都是上天故意给他的谴责。经过这一次的教训后,这一位记者也就觉得一个人无论如何都应该随时戒慎恐惧、自我警惕,千万不要作亏心事,也不可有非分之想,否则有一天必然会自食恶果,遭受报应,这时再后悔就来不及了。 云鹤教授

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