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 Sixteen famous business quotes

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Sixteen famous business quotes

1. Build your reputation

If you want to be a businessman all the time, you must establish your own credibility. Although you can not care about the disputes from the outside world, and even you can create disputes, you cannot lose your credibility, otherwise you will not be a businessman, but a liar.

Reputation specifically includes that if you make an appointment with others, you have no reason to break the appointment, arrive too early or be late too late, and your self-restraint is reflected in the attitude and tolerance towards the other party's unpunctuality and breaking promises. In case of traffic jam or accident, you must notify the other party in time.

2. Don't trust the contract easily

You can promise only if you confirm what you can do, but don't exaggerate. Even if the contract is read by your lawyer and notarized by the notary office, you should not easily believe it. Even after the customer has remitted the money to your designated account, you must confirm whether you can take it out and move it.

3. It is better not to do business that may not be able to afford

Before doing any business, you must consider clearly whether you can afford to lose if you lose, rather than what you will do if you win. It's better not to do things that can't afford to lose. When considering the scope of loss, don't only consider money. As a businessman, you can never afford to lose something, including the woman you love, your family, your Jianghu status, and your reputation.

4. Leave enough cards for yourself

Don't show all the cards in your hand, because the card game will stop halfway at any time, and the other party will also play new cards at any time. It is better not to show the most important cards in your hand until the last critical moment, because the last winner is the real winner.

5. Do something or not

There is a good saying in Caigen Pond that "don't do good because it is small, and don't do evil because it is small". It is the truth of life, and business is the same. Don't do it because it is less profitable, and don't do it because it is less risky.

6. Choose partners carefully

Whether as a team or as an individual, many times we are eager to have a golden partner who can join us to fight the world, but close comrades-in-arms must be carefully selected. He and you must have fought together in a trench for at least one year. He must be a real and practical person. He considers more of your common interests, which are higher than personal interests.

7. No family members in the team

Because the team with you as the core accepts you, not your family members. No matter who your family members are, how capable they are, or how much help they can bring to your team, they cannot be the reason for your family members to become members of the team.

8. Learn to avoid taxes reasonably

It is better not to issue invoices with big head and small tail. Business tax and other taxes should be paid as much as you should, and value-added tax should not be used in your mind. Personal income tax and corporate income tax can be paid less reasonably.

9. Stick to the Internet and remember to watch the news broadcast

To grasp the economic situation, we must pay attention to the political situation. The network news is illustrated and vivid, and is actually the best barometer for businessmen; If you really don't have time, at least watch the "news broadcast", which includes the national economy and the people's livelihood.

10. Don't care too much about money and profit

Remember that there is gain, there is loss, and there is gain when there is loss. Money can be earned when there is no money. There are endless money and business opportunities in the world. So why not be generous with money and interests? What's more, bigger business opportunities are waiting for you to seize.

11. Don't overshadow yourself with money

Although face is very important to you, compared with your own personality charm, famous cars, villas with swimming pools, golf and brand clothes will all be insignificant.

12. Don't let people know how much say you have

It is right to care about the capital that belongs to you and the capital that you can control. Even what you should care about includes your bad debt, cash income and cash flow, but these should not be let too many people know; When you get a huge fortune by accident, you should not learn to tell others the news. Men's money should always be as secret as women's age.

13. Be good at summarizing the success and failure of others

Don't envy others' success, let alone despise others' failure. What you should do first is to learn to analyze and summarize the essence behind the phenomenon, find out all the reasons for others' failure or success, take advantage of their strengths to make up for their weaknesses, and do what you should do.

14. Don't use black-and-white rules to solve business conflicts

Business is always business, and business has its own rules of the game, so even if you are really a gangster, you can't use the gangster rules to solve business conflicts casually; Similarly, even if you have a good background and resources, you cannot easily use these resources to solve your conflicts in business. Since you have chosen a businessman, you must abide by all the rules of the game in business. If you are willing to gamble, you must admit defeat.

15. Don't go after everything personally

Don't make yourself have no time to communicate with friends. The most important thing is not to let yourself have no time to relax and think. Therefore, you should learn to let others help you with your business and business. However, you must firmly grasp the core part of the business; Similarly, you should consider and prevent the risk of handing things over to others.

16. Leave yourself a way to prevent people from betraying each other

You can recover after many years of silence in the Jianghu, but you can't stop rising after you fall down. You must leave yourself a path of your own. The way back includes hiding the money for the comeback, including a house that is not in your name in the legal sense, and a friend who doesn't come and go often, but is very helpful, and you have given him a lot of help. Lanshan Hongyun Communication




























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