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 The Queen's handbag hides secret signals

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:09     read:53   

The Queen's handbag hides secret signals

What secrets are hidden in the Queen's handbag

According to the Daily Express on the 10th, Queen Elizabeth II of England likes to carry a large handbag wherever she goes. However, what exactly is contained in the Queen's handbag has been a mystery for decades. However, a new book "The Queen's handbag and other royal secrets" reveals this secret. Surprisingly, the queen's handbag has a "secret signal" function. The royal servants can quickly learn the queen's inner thoughts according to the position of the queen's handbag.

Always have a metal hook

It is reported that the new book entitled "The Queen's handbag and other royal secrets" will be published on October 15. According to British media who learned the contents of the new book in advance, the Queen's handbag does not need to carry cash, checks, credit cards or car keys, nor is it an ornament carried in her hand.

In fact, the Queen's handbag contains something that will never be missing - an S-shaped metal hook. The Queen of England will take out this hook wherever she goes to eat at the table and hang her handbag on the table to avoid falling on the floor.

The Queen also likes to carry some treasured family photos in her handbag, including a photo of her favorite Prince Andrew, which was taken after Prince Andrew survived the Falklands War in 1982 and returned home safely.

In addition, the Queen will always carry a metal cosmetic box in her handbag, which was given to her by her husband Prince Philip 60 years ago.

The handbag has many meanings

It is reported that the Queen's handbags are produced by London-based Launier Company, and she has about 200 kinds of handbags. Surprisingly, the Queen's handbag is also a "secret signal" function.

The new book reveals that if the Queen puts her handbag on the table when eating with guests, it means that she hopes to finish the meal and leave the scene in five minutes. When the royal servants see the "secret signal" of the queen, they will immediately inform the guests of the queen's idea.

When the Queen and guests are walking and chatting, if she hangs her handbag on one shoulder, it means that she wants to end the chat. At this time, a maid of the palace will immediately come forward to join the guests' chat, so that the Queen can leave quietly without disrespect.

When the Queen attends a banquet and the guests around her chat with her, if the Queen is bored, she will put her handbag on the floor and send a "distress signal" to the royal servants or maids. Usually, a maid will arrive within a few seconds after seeing the queen's "secret signal" to "save" the queen from the boring chat. However, if the Queen hangs her handbag at the bend of her left arm, it means that she feels very happy and relaxed when chatting.

Treat pet dogs like royalty

The new book also reveals that the Queen of England usually loves dogs as much as her life, and treats her eight Welsh poodles in the same way as the members of the royal family. These 8 pet dogs are under the full-time care of two loyal servants.

These pet dogs usually sleep in the wicker basket in Buckingham Palace. They also have a separate bedroom outside the Queen's bedroom. Occasionally, the Queen of England also allows them to sleep in the royal bedroom.

Servants do not rescue the Queen in danger

The new book also contains information about royal servants. According to the book, many royal servants have served for the British Queen for decades, and they are loyal and trusted by the Queen. However, few people can compare with Paul Whirlow, who has worked in the palace for 30 years. Paul is now 49 years old. The Queen of England hopes that he can stay in the palace all his life.

The reason why Paul is so popular with the Queen is that in 1982 he saved the Queen in the face of danger. At that time, a man named Michael Fagan climbed over the wall into Buckingham Palace and broke into the Queen's bedroom to meet the Queen face to face. The stunned Queen of England immediately asked Paul for help. Paul calmly talked to Fagan and even handed him a drink. He then took a chance to subdue Fagan. Since then, the Queen has greatly appreciated Paul's resourcefulness.

Sharp food cannot be served

The new book also revealed that although the Queen's personal wealth is as high as 500 million US dollars, the royal food she usually enjoys is the same as that of ordinary people. The Queen's breakfast includes cereal and cereal, but she prefers toast and marmalade. The Queen of England only drinks on special occasions. Although the royal cellar contains a lot of good wine, the Queen usually only likes to drink a little rose wine.

When the Queen of England has lunch alone at Buckingham Palace, she usually likes to eat common foods such as fish, chicken, fresh vegetables or salad. By 5pm, she likes to eat some fruit cakes, home-made scones, canned shrimps and cucumber sandwiches. According to Graham Newport, the former royal chef, the edge of the cucumber sandwich must be cut into a round shape. Newport said: "According to the royal tradition, if anyone sends sharp food to the queen, it means he is trying to overthrow the royal family."


























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