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 Five main points of being kind in life Xiaoao's workplace communication circle

   date:2020-09-18 17:10:31     read:22   

Five main points of being kind in life

Xiaoao's workplace communication circle

People are not easy in society. What should we do? Be modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness, always calm and lenient

------Zhuge Changqing (Lingyi)

In the modern workplace, when people are "in contact" with each other, there are often many endless variables - appreciation and disgust, praise and slander, cooperation and competition, support and demolition, comedy and tragedy... So, as white-collar workers in the workplace, how to face their own work and communication circle, and how to benefit from the competitive and challenging modern career with a good attitude and the best way? Now I want to give some good advice to white-collar workers for your reference.

1. Let silence reveal your meaning.

In the workplace communication, perhaps most people will think that language is their main way of communication, but I think silence is an effective means of communication besides language. Because silence is more rational, intelligent and meaningful than language. For example, when you are subjected to unjustified accusations and malicious slanders from others, and you cannot clarify your true source with a frank statement, at this time, you might as well keep silent, because silence is golden, and silence is a power. When you keep silent, the other party often feels infinite pressure because he doesn't know your bottom card, and then his will will will be shaken or even defeated without fighting; If you resist and argue at this time, your foolish behavior will give the other party an opportunity to take advantage of it. In this way, not only will you not get any friendly outcome, but you will further fall into a passive and embarrassing dilemma, and at the same time, you will greatly undermine your perfect image. As the "Wisdom Book" said, "A heart of openness is like a letter spread out in front of everyone. There should be a hidden city in the chest. The huge space and small gullies can make important things precipitated and hidden. The implication comes from self-control, and the real victory is to be silent."

If there is a greater truth than language, it is silence. All the meanings will be hidden in a look, a smile, or even a blank expression, which is exactly the expression of our real intention. Therefore, wise people often deeply understand the value of silence, so as to show their deepest connotation in the best way.

2. Let modesty show your wisdom.

"Modesty makes people progress, and pride makes people lag behind". This is a wise saying left by the great leader Chairman Mao. Modesty is a person's ideological cultivation. Its core is to be good at discovering their own weaknesses and the strengths of others, and be willing to use their strengths to make up for their own weaknesses. Among the traditional virtue stories in ancient China, there are many examples: Zhou Gongyan taught himself about modesty, Confucius talked about breaking man, Yan Yingqian bowed, and the coachman corrected mistakes. They are all using vivid and vivid examples to reveal the true meaning of modesty in life. Now, as a professional career, it is all the same. However, in real work interactions, there are often some people who think they are highly intelligent and ignore the opinions of others. They always like to talk loudly and pretend to be experts and wise people. Such overconfident people are undoubtedly annoying. Maybe they are really powerful, but they are rarely respected and appreciated by others. They are doomed to live alone. So here, I would like to advise all white-collar workers in the workplace: at any time, don't let yourself become an expert in all aspects, let yourself always deal with others with a humble and scholar attitude, even if your knowledge is better than the other party, you should also show three points of euphemism, so that you can not only win the appreciation and respect of others, but also show your talent and wisdom. For example, a bunch of flowers, when it is in full bloom, you will naturally associate with its exhaustion and fragmentation; When it is in bud, you will naturally be full of a beautiful vision and expectation for it.

3. Let Jingyan show your efficiency.

Precise words, as the name implies, are a kind of essential language, which will express its profound meaning in very short sentences. This is not only a manifestation of conciseness, but also a manifestation of work efficiency. On the contrary, it is chattering and gushing. There are some people who will make you feel very painful. Often when they open their mouth, others will lose the right to speak. They can never express their views concisely, never know what to say and what not to say, always say what they think, incoherent and unclear. Until you lose patience, they still can't close their mouth.

Zeng Guofan once said: "There are two factors of bad things in life, one is pride, the other is more words, more words are boring, more words cause disaster, more words lead to failure, and more words are useless." So, white-collar workers, please remember the truth that more words must be lost, more words are better than less words, less words are better than words, more words are better than more knowledge, even if thousands of words, it is not as impressive as a fact. "A lot of words is a symbol of vanity, because those who are generous in their words must be mean in their actions. Those who have morality should not speak much; those who have faith should not speak much; those who have talent and wisdom should not speak much."

4. Let humor show your charm.

Some people think that humor is "fun" and "joking", which is difficult to get on the stage. I have different views on this. In my opinion, the intense and busy work is like a piece of pale paper. The lack of vitality will make people feel a kind of infinite depression. A bit of humor is appropriate, and some gorgeous colors are added to the pale paper, which will make people feel a sense of visual beauty and mood relief. Therefore, I think that moderate humor is also a very important auxiliary means in modern communication. It will not affect the progress of work, on the contrary, it can also play some effects and functions that cannot be achieved by "being honest and resolute". For example, when you have conflicts with others, use a little humor, which can clear up the gap between you and others, and turn sorrow into joy; In a serious meeting, a little humor at the right time can ease the tense atmosphere, thus mobilizing the good state of the participants and improving the effectiveness of the meeting; When you are in an awkward situation, use a little humor, which can help you get out of the dilemma and achieve the purpose of self-deprecating... In short, as a white-collar in the workplace, you should skillfully use your humor, let laughter add harmony to our communication, and let laughter add efficiency to our work.

In interpersonal communication, people often say things in a serious way, which inevitably makes people feel depressed. Even if you only say for three minutes, it will make people feel that you have said for an hour; If you can use a little humor to make people laugh, even if you speak for an hour, it will make others feel as short as three minutes, which is the charm of humor.

5. Let tolerance show your grace.

"The violet leaves the fragrance on the feet of the people who tread on it, which is tolerance." The above famous saying comes from the famous American writer Mark Twain, who skillfully reveals the philosophy of life in modern interpersonal communication with very short words.

As the saying goes, "No one is perfect". Most of us will have such shortcomings as arbitrariness, stubbornness, jealousy, jealousy, fear and arrogance. Facing these shortcomings, as a party in the world, if we blindly complain and blame, it will not solve the root of the problem, but will expose these weak points of human nature and promote a more tragic result. This is determined by the nature of human nature. When we make mistakes, it is not that we are unaware of our mistakes, but that we stubbornly refuse to admit them temporarily because of a mask of vanity and pride. Therefore, at this time, if you accuse him of his shortcomings and mistakes in a very inappropriate way, you will inevitably hit his stubborn iron wall, and there will be no good result; If at this time, you can maintain a good attitude, appreciate each other with understanding and tolerance, and tactfully make the other party aware of their mistakes, this is a means of communication full of wisdom. Therefore, as a white-collar in the workplace, being kind to others can be kind to yourself. When you treat others with benevolent heart and courtesy, you will certainly be understood and respected by others, so as to promote a more harmonious and friendly workplace communication circle, and fully display your charm and style!

In short, in the changing modern workplace, there may be "enemies" in one way or another for various reasons, but in my opinion, the biggest "enemy" is you, because only you are the source of change; Only you are the magician who changes all this. The white-collar friends in the workplace, please use your own way of communication, let reason bloom harmonious friendship, and let wisdom bloom colorful rings!





                         ------ 诸葛长青(灵毅)















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