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 Who is China in 2007 25 most influential business leaders?

   date:2020-09-18 17:11:05     read:48   

Who is China in 2007

25 most influential business leaders?

2007 is about to pass. Who is the most dazzling corporate star in China? From this list, we can see that a number of new entrepreneurs with ideas, strength and connotation are growing rapidly, and the development of Chinese society is gradually on the right track. The future of China will be brilliant! Economic society has arrived! Future entrepreneurs will be the mainstay of controlling society

------Zhuge Changqing

On December 9, the list of "the 25 most influential enterprise leaders in 2007 (the fifth)", which was exclusively selected by the China Entrepreneur magazine of the Economic Daily newspaper group, was released. In the afternoon of the same day, the award ceremony of "the 25 most influential business leaders of 2007" was grandly promoted in the China Hotel

Out. At that time, hundreds of entrepreneurs and guests from all walks of life from home and abroad will gather together to applaud the winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award and 25 business leaders.

The top three "25 most influential enterprise leaders in 2007" are Ren Zhengfei, president of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Ma Yun, chairman and CEO of Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo Group. The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award is Wang Shi, Chairman of Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd.

"The 25 most influential business leaders in 2007" mainly examines the influence of business leaders. China Entrepreneur magazine defines "influence" as "having the ability to influence industry, capital market, society and others". We divide influence into eight specific indicators, namely: capital market influence, international influence, social responsibility, innovation, public influence, industrial influence, leadership and forward-looking. The judges are composed of business school professors, economists, investment bankers, management consulting experts, heads of financial media, CEOs of 21 Future Star Enterprises, and EMBA/MBA students. They grade 115 candidates with 8 indicators.

Liu Donghua, president of China Entrepreneur magazine, said, "From 2003 to 2007, China Entrepreneur magazine, the most authoritative business magazine in China, launched the annual" 25 most influential business leaders "for five consecutive years. The corporate leaders we elected are not only superstars in the business world, but also classic representatives of entrepreneurship. They will also become the benchmark of tomorrow's society and the global spokesman of the "Chinese Dream"

Niu Wenwen, editor in chief of China Entrepreneur, interpreted the list, "We respect business heroes and appreciate their leadership, innovation, foresight and industrial influence, but we also believe that the so-called" business leaders "need to meet higher requirements: it is not enough to drive enterprises, they must also show a sense of social responsibility, international influence and public influence."

"The 25 most influential business leaders in 2007" have three new findings:

First, the capital market. "Market value" has become a ready-made and intuitive indicator to measure the influence of enterprises and entrepreneurs. Regardless of whether there is a "foam" or not, the enterprises they are in charge of are enough to frighten the world, such as Jiang Jiemin (No. 10) of PetroChina, Jiang Jianqing (No. 19) of ICBC (8.13, -0.23, -2.75%, stock bar), Wang Jianzhou (No. 20) of China Mobile, and Li Jiaxiang (No. 22) of Air China (23.95, -0.15, -0.62%, stock bar).

Second, public utilities. "Greater ability, greater responsibility" has become the general consensus of business leaders. Niu Gensheng (No. 3), who sells milk, has become a "lecturer", Ma Yun, who engages in e-commerce, is concerned about climate change, Yu Minhong (No. 8), who does English training, has become a philanthropist, and Shi Zhengrong (No. 17), who makes solar cells, has to become an environmental fighter.

Third, the central enterprise is a giant. Central enterprises are no longer the officials dressed as businessmen in our impression. The new generation of leaders of central enterprises can speak fluent English, have received good management training, and are elegant in social occasions. In order to satisfy hundreds of millions of users, thousands of shareholders, especially the major shareholders of the government at the same time, their work may be the most complex among the Fortune Global 500 CEOs. Leaders of CNPC, ICBC, China Mobile, CNOOC, Air China and COFCO also made a collective appearance in the list.

The list of "25 most influential business leaders in 2007" and relevant special reports were published in the 23rd issue of China Entrepreneur in 2007. For more information, please refer to the current magazine.

25 most influential business leaders in 2007

Lifetime Achievement Award: Wang Shi

1. Ren Zhengfei, President of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

2. Ma Yun Chairman and CEO of the Board of Directors of Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd

3. Yang Yuanqing, Chairman of Lenovo Group

4. Chairman and President of Niu Gensheng Mengniu Dairy Group

5. Ma Weihua, President of China Merchants Bank

6. Yin Tongyao, Chairman and General Manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd

7. Robin Lee, Chairman and CEO of Baidu Online Network Technology Co., Ltd

8. Yu Minhong, Chairman and President of New Oriental Education and Technology Group

9. Ma Huateng, Chairman and CEO of Tencent Group

10. Jiang Jiemin, General Manager of China National Petroleum Corporation

11. Guo Guangchang, Chairman and CEO of Fosun Hi-Tech Group

12. Zhang Jindong, Chairman of Suning Electric Appliance Group

13. Tan Xuguang, Chairman of Weichai Power Co., Ltd

14. Chen Tianqiao, Chairman and CEO of Shanghai Shengda Network Development Co., Ltd

15. Chairman of Ninggaoning China Grain, Oil and Food (Group) Co., Ltd

16. Li Shufu, Chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd

17. Shi Zhengrong, Chairman and CEO of Wuxi Suntech Solar Power Co., Ltd

18. Fu Chengyu, General Manager of China National Offshore Oil Corporation

19. Jiang Jianqing, Chairman of ICBC

20. Wang Jianzhou, President of China Mobile Communications Group

21. Chairman of the Group Board of Directors who enjoys fitness

22. Li Jiaxiang, General Manager of China Airlines (Group) Co., Ltd

23. Wang Jianlin, Chairman and President of Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd

24. Shi Yuzhu, Chairman of Giant Network Group Co., Ltd

25. Chairman and CEO of Jiangnanchun Focus Media Holdings Co., Ltd




                    ------ 诸葛长青






  “2007年度最具影响力的25位企业领袖”主要考察企业领袖的影响力。《中国企业家》杂志将“影响力” 将“影响力”定义为“拥有可以影响产业、资本市场、社会以及他人的能力”。我们将影响力分解成8个具体的指标,分别是:资本市场影响力、国际化影响力、社会责任感、创新力、公众影响力、产业影响力、领导力、前瞻性。评委由商学院教授、经济学家、投资银行家、管理咨询专家、财经媒体负责人、21未来之星企业CEO、EMBA/MBA学员组成的评委团,为115位候选人进行8项指标的打分评价。











  • 1.任正非 华为技术有限公司总裁

  • 2.马云阿里巴巴(中国)网络技术有限公司董事局主席兼CEO

  • 3.杨元庆 联想集团董事长

  • 4.牛根生 蒙牛乳业集团董事长兼总裁

  • 5.马蔚华 招商银行行长

  • 6.尹同耀 奇瑞汽车有限公司董事长兼总经理

  • 7.李彦宏 百度在线网络技术有限公司董事长兼CEO

  • 8.俞敏洪 新东方教育科技集团董事长兼总裁

  • 9.马化腾 腾讯集团董事会主席兼CEO

  • 10.蒋洁敏 中国石油天然气集团公司总经理

  • 11.郭广昌 复星高科技集团董事长兼CEO

  • 12.张近东 苏宁电器集团董事长

  • 13.谭旭光潍柴动力股份有限公司董事长 

  • 14.陈天桥上海盛大网络发展有限公司董事长兼CEO 

  • 15.宁高宁中国粮油食品(集团)有限公司董事长 

  • 16.李书福浙江吉利控股集团有限公司董事长 

  • 17.施正荣无锡尚德太阳能电力有限公司董事长兼CEO 

  • 18.傅成玉中国海洋石油总公司总经理 

  • 19.姜建清 中国工商银行董事长

  • 20.王建宙中国移动通信集团公司总裁 

  • 21.何享健 美的集团董事局主席 

  • 22.李家祥中国航空(集团)有限公司总经理 

  • 23.王健林大连万达集团股份有限公司董事长兼总裁 

  • 24.史玉柱巨人网络集团有限公司董事长 

  • 25.江南春分众传媒控股有限公司董事长兼CEO 

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