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 Beneficial to others Is beneficial to oneself

   date:2020-09-18 17:11:20     read:45   

Beneficial to others

Is beneficial to oneself

The unit gave me a sum of money to buy a good car, but I changed it into five ordinary cars, so I directly subordinate "Everyone has his own car"; The unit gave me 1.08 million annual salary, and I also gave it to everyone. A small victory depends on wisdom, and a big victory depends on virtue This is Niu Gensheng. After selecting his successor, Niu Gensheng is mainly engaged in strategic planning and itinerant preaching. And the main occupation is to preach ideas. He is turning an entrepreneur into a thinker, Many of his thoughts are worthy of study and reference. For example, he proposed that to be a big enterprise, we must be honest. Honesty, the passport of China in the 21st century

--------Zhuge Changqing (word Yunlong)

This is his speech at a conference

Ladies and gentlemen

Today we can hold such a conference because planning is changing our times. The state should plan, enterprises should plan, and individuals should also plan. The three classic words, "whether there is life or not", "turning a stone into gold", and "four or two shifts a thousand pounds", have written all the charm of planning. Many people of insight put forward that "planning is also productivity". As the person in charge of the enterprise, it is unexpected to participate in such a planning award.

However, we cannot fail to see that planning also has "two sides". Good people can use it, and bad people can also use it. Planning is sometimes abused, misused and reversed, and becomes a synonym for "speculation". Some people even said that they looked around and were worried: either they planned others or they were planned by others.

I am also a person who has experienced great ups and downs. After so many years of ups and downs, my heart has been bitter and bitter. I have a deep understanding: small victory depends on wisdom, big victory depends on virtue - the highest level of planning is integrity!

The real vitality of planning is not "smart", nor "intelligent", but to hold out a heart, take out a passion, breathe with others, share the fate, "three people one heart, loess into gold". If you only want to win, you can have a little IQ; If a plan pursues "ultimate victory", it is absolutely impossible without integrity. Haier's home appliances are easy to use, Mengniu's ice-cream is delicious and milk is delicious. Only good products can attract so many repeat customers. If there is not enough integrity in design and production, how can there be so many customers! No matter whether you are producing clothing, use, or food and drink, consumers have the most say.

As long as there is "force", there will be "reaction force", which is the basic principle of physics. Since no one wants others to be dishonest, why don't I take the lead?

When I was in the original enterprise, the rule was "everyone first, then the family". The unit gave me a sum of money to buy a good car, but I changed it into five ordinary cars, so I directly subordinate "Everyone has his own car"; The unit gave me 1.08 million annual salary, and I also gave it to everyone. As a result, after I left the original enterprise, three or four hundred people dared to start from scratch with me, and the old and young dared to bet 10 million yuan on me. Today, Mengniu takes the money of international investors to handle the affairs of Chinese dairy farmers - it is impossible without honesty. In a sense, planning is a kind of resource integration. Resources come uninvited. This is management without management and planning without planning. I have taken advantage of honesty. My own experience is that the basic rule of human society is "exchange". As long as you are sincere, you can get honesty. Honesty is both a world view and a methodology, and "great honesty" is actually "great wisdom".

The biggest learning in today's society is to act according to objective laws; The biggest learning of running an enterprise according to objective laws is "what is beneficial to others is beneficial to oneself".

How to do this?

My experience is: honesty, honesty, honesty again!

Ideas determine the way out,

The layout determines the outcome,

Tonnage determines status!

Finally, I wish China's planning industry a thriving day! I wish the conference a complete success!





   单位给我一笔钱,让我买辆好车,但我换成五辆普通车,于是直接部下“人人有其车”;单位给我108万年薪,我也拿出来分给大家。小胜凭智,大胜靠德 ......这就是牛根生。现在的牛根生选出了接班人后,主要从事战略规划、巡回布道两大任务。而且主要的职业是宣讲思想的布道士。他正有一个企业家向思想家转变......,他的许多思想是值得研究和借鉴的。譬如他提出,要想作大企业必须讲诚信的问题。诚信,中国21世纪的通行证.......

                              -------- 诸葛长青(字云泷)

























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