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 SME brand Short-term quick "rule of alligator"

   date:2020-09-18 18:32:34     read:42   

SME brand

Short-term quick "rule of alligator"

There are saplings growing in Uncle City, and Mount Tai is made up of tiny soil. Small and medium-sized enterprises can one day become giants. It only needs patience and strategy, but also attention to attack power and reaction speed

-------Zhuge Changqing

In the market competition, small and medium-sized enterprises have no choice but to withdraw because of their weakness and often encounter heavy encirclement. Even the small and medium-sized enterprises that can survive can only stay in a corner, and the ones that do well can engage in OEM, while the general enterprises are desperate to win orders at low prices, thus falling into a vicious circle of development. This kind of dilemma without its own brand or its own brand appeal is too limited for small and medium-sized enterprises, so how can many small and medium-sized enterprises climb out of the market quagmire and go to the downwind road? From the successful experience of dozens of small and medium-sized enterprises supported by the author, the "Crocodile Rule" is a scientific rule more suitable for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises at present. The enterprises that follow the survival of crocodiles have become regional strong brands.

The first rule of the crocodile path is not to be a whale in the sea, but to be a bully in the ditch

Like crocodiles, small and medium-sized enterprises should know how to choose their target markets and professional fields. Crocodile is not as capable as whale, so it is not greedy for perfection. It just uses its local advantages and core competitiveness to become stronger and bigger in small areas, becoming the leader in the ditch and No.1 in local areas. Galanz microwave oven is the most classic case. In an era when enterprises generally believe that diversification is the only way to make money, Galanz only specializes in microwave oven, and has established low-cost and technical advantages with large-scale advantages. As a result, Galanz microwave oven has made great strides. Up to now, Galanz microwave oven has occupied more than half of the global microwave oven market.

The strong brands distributed throughout the country accurately target the needs of local consumers and adopt targeted local combat tactics, so that the industry-leading well-known brands can only be ranked behind in the local market. For example, Henan Huahuaniu Dairy Co., Ltd., because it did not have the strength to impact the national market at the beginning, made great efforts to lay the channels in the province, so that Huahuaniu was completely laid from the city to the countryside, thus laying the leading position of Huahuaniu in Henan and laying a good foundation for its future development.

The second rule of the crocodile path: have keen insight and covet your own goals

The crocodile's eyes are close to those of pigs, emitting a kind of light of death and stupidity, but it has extremely keen insight. The crocodile keeps its eyes out of the water, like an indefatigable periscope, coveting everything that can be imported. Whenever it finds the target, it can decisively and successfully poach.

In the market competition, the market is always full of opportunities and threats. Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises need to have keen insight and master keen "poaching" skills to seize opportunities. For example, adding soy sauce to Hong Kong will seize the opportunity of Hong Kong's return in 1997, and people will pay close attention to Hong Kong, making it famous in the mainland; The most classic strategy in history is the positioning strategy of "non cola" of 7Up, which makes 7Up from an unnamed product to a segmented product in the beverage market alongside Coca-Cola, thus achieving rapid development; However, there are still many cases of rapid progress of small and medium-sized enterprises, such as Wang Laoji's "fire prevention", which has made them break through successfully from many drinks and quickly become the leader of the industry segment; Sankeshu's "healthy" paint, when people are looking at the color of the paint, starts with the "health" that people are most concerned about in their hearts, and successfully occupies the concept of healthy paint, so that consumers can get rid of the color temptation of the paint market and become a national famous paint brand. Admittedly, many small and medium-sized enterprises have seized the market opportunities in their respective fields, not only become regional strong brands, but also spread the battlefield across the country.

Rule 3 of Alligator Way: absolute competitive advantage in local areas: instant powerful attack

The crocodile is too powerful. For example, a 54kg crocodile has a bite force of 700kg. Therefore, they can easily break the hard armor. No matter what kind of animal, as long as it enters their mouth, it is hard to escape.

At the beginning of small and medium-sized enterprises, even if they have precise market strategies and objectives, if they can not quickly conquer this target market with strong attack force, it is undoubtedly an opportunity for their rivals to fight back. However, some enterprises have grasped the starting point and have rapidly risen in the industry. The event of "Fuya drinking paint" is a classic case of the rapid rise of Fuya paint company in the industry.






                      ------- 诸葛长青












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