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 CKGSB: Cultivate world-class entrepreneurs for China

   date:2020-09-18 18:34:44     read:43   


Cultivate world-class entrepreneurs for China

Mr. Li Ka-shing issued graduation certificates for EMBA graduates

As a well-known management expert, Xiang Bing is known as the "brainwashing professor of reverse thinking" and has been advocating the "New Westernization Movement" for many years. He once proposed to "buy Wal-Mart", which was called "the boldest business idea in 2005" by the industry.

As an educator, Xiang Bing's ideal is to "build world-class business schools for China and cultivate world-class entrepreneurs for China". The Cheung Kong Business School, which he serves as the dean, is achieving an ambitious goal: to become a leading business school in Asia within three years and a world-class business school in ten years. He believed that the "Three Kingdoms" of Europe, America and Asia would be staged in the field of management education.

A few days ago, Cheung Kong Business School held its first graduation ceremony in the Great Hall of the People, awarding degree certificates to more than 300 EMBA and MBA graduates. Li Ka-shing, who invested in the establishment of Cheung Kong Business School, came to the scene and delivered a speech entitled "The Promise of the Strong". On this day, Xiang Bing was very excited. He proudly announced that CKGSB was the first and only business school in China to implement the new management system of "professor management".

"Looking at the earth from the moon, looking at China from the world" has almost become a mantra of Xiang Bing. In his view, only with a global perspective can we better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the existing top business schools, and it is possible to determine the leapfrog development path of China's business schools.

The core of the development strategy established by Xiang Bing for CKGSB is to "take advantage of the situation, clarify the way and improve the skills". The so-called------

Taking advantage of the rapid development of China's economy, taking Chinese national enterprises as the most important customers, and cultivating a group of business leaders with international vision for them:

"Mingdao" means that the students trained should not only understand the essence and essence left by Chinese ancestors, but also understand the western humanistic spirit, so as to truly make foreign things serve China and the past serve the present:

"Excellent technology" refers to the courage to surpass on the basis of learning advanced western management experience.

"To become a powerful country, China must have a group of powerful enterprises; to have a group of powerful enterprises, it must have a group of entrepreneurs who can compete in the global market; to have a group of world-class entrepreneurs, it must have several very good business schools." The typical "Xiang Bing language" is logical and compelling.

At the beginning of the establishment of Cheung Kong Business School, Xiang Bing made an analysis of the global business schools. He believes that although most of the world's top business schools are concentrated in the United States, there are at least three major weaknesses in American business schools:

First, the vision is too American to understand the economy and enterprises in Asia.

Second, we are familiar with "positional warfare" - competition and cooperation in developed markets, but we have little research on "guerrilla warfare" that often occurs in emerging markets.

Third, it is relatively lack of humanistic spirit, so it has cultivated a number of entrepreneurs with international competitiveness, but sometimes not very "soul".

The main weaknesses of Asian business schools are:

First, there is a lack of world-class professors. Without world-class professors, world-class management ideas cannot be produced;

Second, the vision is too local and there is no global vision;

Third, the source of students is too single, lacking the opportunity to communicate and collide with western students.

Xiang Bing is increasingly aware that the cultivation of humanistic spirit is essential to cultivate a group of world-class entrepreneurs with strong sense of social responsibility. In this respect, European business schools have unique advantages, because the environment in which Europeans live since childhood makes them have this awareness. In Europe, even the design of streets reveals artistic value and humanistic atmosphere everywhere.

"The humanistic spirit is a balance in the human mind and a kind of accumulation." Xiang Bing said, "The real key to China's entry into the WTO is our deep understanding of the humanistic spirit, so that people can accept you, otherwise you always feel like an 'economic animal'. In addition, without a deep understanding of the humanistic spirit, our products can only stay at the functional level forever."










  项兵为长江商学院确立的发展战略核心是“取势、明道、优术”。所谓  ------
















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