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 The first step for Chinese products to enter foreign countries What should I do?

   date:2020-09-18 18:36:39     read:56   

The first step for Chinese products to enter foreign countries

What should I do?

What should Chinese products do in the first step? Public relations companies should be hired to understand the local political, commercial, social and cultural information, so that they can land and blossom smoothly. Why are foreign enterprises so popular in China? Public relations also

-----Zhuge Changqing

The brand of Chinese goods has gone through a similar path to that of Japan. Mr. Hazawa Minghao, an expert of the Japanese Brand Strategy Research Institute, said in an interview that Japanese brands were not achieved overnight. He has two suggestions for the development of Chinese national brands, one is to focus on innovation, and the other is to establish norms. He said that China has a vast territory and rich cultural resources, and should have more sources of inspiration than Japan. But without basic norms, innovation and development are difficult to achieve.

Kazuo Nakano, a professor of the Department of Business at Kobe University, is a famous business expert in Japan. He stressed that Japan's international brands have been built through intensive cultivation for a long time. If China wants to build a brand, it must be patient and slowly accumulate experience. It is unrealistic to succeed quickly in a short time. He also suggested that Chinese entrepreneurs read Max Weber's Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism. "This book tells people that to succeed in the market economy, we need strict ethical concepts and firm faith.".

Speaking of Chinese brands, Professor Wagner, a brand expert at the German Institute of World Economics, told reporters that at present, only seven or eight brands such as Lenovo, Konka and Haier have certain popularity in the German market. He said that Koreans have spent 20 years making Samsung, LG and Hyundai products widely known in Europe. If Chinese brands want to reach this level, they must suffer a lot of setbacks during the period, but within 10 years, there will be at least 10 brands known to Europeans in China. Professor Wagner believes that as a "novice in the global economy", Chinese enterprises should create brand competitiveness, not just focus on products.

Lloyd's Public Relations in London, UK, is very optimistic about helping Chinese enterprises promote their brands in the UK. The company's president, Joanna Lawson, said that many Chinese enterprises considering entering the UK market did not include public relations as an important part of the plan. These Chinese enterprises have prepared financial personnel and lawyers overseas, but have not hired public relations personnel. He suggested that Chinese enterprises who want to enter the UK market should first find a public relations company to conduct market research for them, monitor the development of the market, and provide information so that they can throw good shots. To succeed, brands need to invest in advertising and public relations, rather than hold one-time activities to solve the problem.





                                   ----- 诸葛长青









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