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 Selected enterprise management maxims

   date:2020-09-18 18:36:56     read:57   

Selected enterprise management maxims

Authorization is like flying a kite

The success or failure of authorization, in a large sense, determines the success or failure of enterprises; From a small perspective, it affects the smooth development of the work. Therefore, authorization is necessary and imperative. Lin Zhengda, a well-known international strategic management consultant, said: "Generally speaking, authorization is like flying a kite. The weak line of the subordinate should be collected and the strong line of the subordinate should be released."

1. Less management means better management

——Jack Welch, President of General Electric

2. The people who can use the wisdom of others to complete their own work are great

——Dan Piart, a management expert

3. Successful enterprise leaders are not only masters of authorization, but also masters of power control

——Management expert Peter Stamp

4. Trust is good, but monitoring is more important

——Lenin, the leader of the former Soviet Union

5. Authorization is like flying a kite. If the subordinate's ability is weak, the line should be collected. If the subordinate's ability is strong, the line should be released

——Lin Zhengda, consultant of international strategic management

6. Authorization and trust is the effective way of authorization

——Management expert Covey

8. Trust him if you use him; Don't use him if you don't trust him

——Matsushita, the god of management

9. The fewer management levels, the better

——Ben Bidwell, Chairman of Chrysler

10. Management is to simplify complex problems and plan chaotic things

——Jack Welch, President of General Electric

Within the enterprise, only cost

A fundamental task of enterprise management is to continuously reduce costs. Peter Drucker, the American management master, has a very incisive sentence about cost in "New Reality". He said: "In the enterprise, there is only cost." Strengthening cost control and management, establishing comprehensive cost awareness, and improving enterprise competitiveness are one of the most urgent and core issues for enterprises.

1. Within the enterprise, only cost

——Peter Drucker, American management master

2. There are only two ways to earn more money: either sell more, or reduce the management fee

——Li Aikoka, President of Chrysler

3. To save money is to earn money

——John Rockefeller, American oil king

4. Operation management and cost analysis should go to the bottom of the matter.

——Wang Yongqing, Chairman of Formosa Plastics Group

5. Save every penny for customers

——Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart

Love your employees. They will love your enterprise 100 times

There is a famous saying in French business circles: "Love your employees, and they will love your company a hundred times." This new concept of management has become more and more popular and accepted by more and more business managers. Practice has made them understand that nothing can motivate their enthusiasm and improve their work efficiency more than caring for and loving employees.

1. Love your employees. They will love your enterprise 100 times

——French business quotes

2. Management is a serious love

——Silos Maycock, Chairman of the International Agricultural Machinery and Commercial Corporation

3. Companies that rely on love as a cohesive force are much more stable than companies that rely on fear to maintain

——Herb Kelleher, President of Southwest Airlines

4. Emotional investment is the investment with the lowest cost and the highest return of all investments

——Fujida, Chairman of McDonald's in Japan

5. In addition to being grateful, it is not enough. You must also put your hands together and lead the staff with the devotion of worshipping Buddha

——Yukio Matsushita, the god of Japanese management

6. Always put people first and respect employees is the key to success

——Thomas Watson, founder of IBM

7. It is the employees who support the company

——Li Ka-shing, the richest man in Asia

Management is decision-making

Herbert Simon, a famous American management scientist, pointed out that "decision-making is the heart of management, management is composed of a series of decisions, and management is decision-making."

1. Management is decision-making

——Herbert Simon, a famous American management scientist

2. 85% of every 100 large enterprises in the world that go bankrupt are due to the careless decision of the enterprise managers

——Rand Corporation, a world-famous consulting company

3. The right decision comes from the wisdom of everyone

——American sociologist T. Day

4. A successful decision equals 90% information plus 10% intuition

——S. M. Watson, American entrepreneur

5. Undecision can avoid the possibility of doing something wrong, but it also loses the chance of success

——Dr. Wang An, Chinese American entrepreneur

6. Don't make any decision before different opinions appear

——Alfred Sloan, President of General Motors

7. Don't put all your eggs in the same basket

——American economist Tobin

8. A good retreat should be rewarded as a great victory

——Swiss military theorist Fermi

9. Seizing the opportunity and making quick decisions is the key to the success of modern enterprises

——Eisenhart, professor of Meistan University

10. Never make major decisions without choice

——Li Aikoka, President of Chrysler

11. If there is a project, we should first consider whether there is anyone to do it. If no one does it, we should give up. This is a necessary condition.

——Liu Chuanzhi, President of Lenovo Group

Management is communication, communication and then communication

Matsushita Yukio has a famous saying about management: "Enterprise management used to be communication, now is communication, and the future is communication." Management cannot be separated from communication, which has penetrated into all aspects of management. Just like the blood circulation in the human body, if there is no communication, enterprises will tend to die.

1. Management is communication, communication and then communication

——Jack Welch, President of General Electric

2. Communication is the concentration of management

——Sam Walton, President of Wal-Mart

3. The most basic ability of managers: effective communication

——British management scientist L Wilder

4. Not good at listening to different voices is the biggest oversight of managers

——Mary Kay, an American female entrepreneur

5. Enterprise management used to be communication, now is communication, and in the future is communication

——Yukio Matsushita, the god of Japanese management


































  2、 世界上每100家破产倒闭的大企业中,85%是因为企业管理者的决策不慎造成的

















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